Rachel Proudfoot JIBS-RLUK event July 2012


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The RoaDMaP Project by Rachel Proudfoot, (University of Leeds). Presentation at Demystifying Research Data: don’t be scared be prepared: A joint JIBS/RLUK event, Tuesday 17th July 17th July 2012, Brunei Gallery at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies), London.

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  • Be part of the RDM conversation. Where are the RDM conversations and planning taking place?Who has a shared interest? How will you find them?
  • Almost everyone felt there was a subject librarian role – the difference in opinion was the extent and nature of that role.
  • What groups and opportunities already exist?Can the Library facilitate bringing together support services, researchers?
  • Rachel Proudfoot JIBS-RLUK event July 2012

    1. 1. RoaDMaP: Leeds Research DataManagement PilotRachel ProudfootProject Manager
    2. 2. About Leeds• Large, research-intensive university• Russell Group• 33,223 students, 8,240 PG• 7,543 staff• 9 Faculties• Research income 2010/11 “..world-class research, £124m scholarship and education”
    3. 3. RoaDMaP Project• JISC Funded Project in the Research Data Management Programme• Jan 2012-June 2013• DCC, F5, National Instruments (lab experiment data capture)• RDM policy, case studies, training requirements, repository and storage options• Project Director, Brian Clifford (Deputy Librarian)• Collaborative project
    4. 4. Why / how is the Library involved• UKRDS (2008), JISC Building Capacity – stakeholders• Repository work (White Rose)• EPSRC requirements – RD Working and Steering Groups• RoaDMaP – collaborative• Project – repositories, metadata, training• Understanding roles
    5. 5. Repositories / data catalogue / metadata• Build on what‟s there? Create new systems?• RoaDMaP trialling DataFlow from Oxford but keeping an eye on Eprints.• What is a trusted repository?• CRIS – linking systems together- facilitation• Metadata – split opinions• White Rose – data catalogue• (White Rose RDM event write up)
    6. 6. White Rose event feedback• “why did I have to come to York to meet my Leeds/Sheffield colleague?”• “we have relevant skills for research data management”• “we don‟t have relevant skills for research data management”• “research support should be a dedicated role”• “research support should be built in to our role – JDs”• “doing this is risky”• “not doing this is risky”
    7. 7. • “Are we trying to fill a gap in the market that doesn‟t exist?”• “Why compromise our credible, hard won relationships with academics around teaching and learning”
    8. 8. What roles?• To signpost, you need understand the landscape• Local..• Networking and communications• Picture of who is involved - RoaDMaP• Understand and build on what‟s there • systems / expertise e.g. data survey• External..• Funder requirements• Data repository landscape
    9. 9. Training• Working group• Evaluating training resources• PhD – e.g. electronic theses• Gather evidence – examples of good and bad practice, issues highlighted by researchers, data reuse, collate• Where data meets scholarly communications – data citation – journals and data – “a statement on how the underlying research materials – such as data, samples or models – can be accessed” RCUK
    10. 10. AspirationalRDM Policy
    11. 11. Be prepared• DCC• Share experience• Help others share experience• Look at different routes / scenarios• „Incremental‟• Identify and play to strengths first• Reuse• Watch out for RDMRose
    12. 12. RoaDMaP• http://library.leeds.ac.uk/roadmap-project• http://researchdata.leeds.ac.ukPicture credits• Rear view mirror andrewpaulcarr - http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrewpaulcarr/260994811/• Old MFD2 JMC photos - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jmcphotos/2131206015/• Sign post – Kay Gardens St Evan. Cavanagh - http://www.flickr.com/photos/stevencavanagh/3424640946/