Matthew Lawson - One Way or Another - Managing Support for Partners and Overseas Campuses


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JIBS Licensing event - One Way or Another - Managing Support for Partners and Overseas Campuses at Middlesex University

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  • 76 partners across the world cross the world
  • Important part of University business: 4 campuses, 3 overseas
  • Initial problems
  • No consistency
  • Familiar issue but no ideas to improve
  • Often not prepared for the discussion. Referred it upwards. Took a long time. Difficult to rely on the answers.Interpreting “authorised users”Approach of publishers differs widely-some reasonable, others looking for an excuseto lay charges
  • Contacted every publisher. Took several months as a dedicated project. To find attitude for each type of partner.Decisions changeJISC tool kit helps
  • Gave a basis for discussion with Schools and partners and publishers.
  • Very useful in demonstrating its not free and has a cost and value
  • Funded by CAPGives time and resources this work deservesConcentrates expertise in one personFull time post so can be proactive rather than responsiveTime to review publishers attitudesMove from spreadsheets to databaseEnhance comms with suppliers and partners
  • Matthew Lawson - One Way or Another - Managing Support for Partners and Overseas Campuses

    1. 1. Matthew Lawson Assistant Director, Library & Student Support, Middlesex University One way or another : managing support for collaborative partners and overseas campuses
    2. 2. Partnerships around the world
    3. 3. Four international campuses MAURITIUS DUBAI LONDON MALTA
    4. 4. • Library not involved in discussions
    5. 5. • Lack of clarity about library services offered NYC.jpg
    6. 6. Problems with past practice • Library access offered to partners on an individual basis
    7. 7. What to do? ensure-their-projects-are-successful-and-deliver-real-value/
    8. 8. Electronic resources • Publishers didn’t understand collaborative partners • Discussions were time consuming and complex • Attitude differed by publisher and type of collaboration
    9. 9. Mapping access
    10. 10. Other services available • Library can also offer:  Reference access to our libraries  Borrowing  Inter library loans  Expertise from staff  Computer access
    11. 11. Types of partnership Joint & Franchised: Validated: But there are exceptions… Overseas campuses: it varies
    12. 12. Menu of services
    13. 13. Working with the University Once we were clear of the limitations then had to explain to University- • There may be costs involved • We needed to be involved at an early stage • Consistent message from all University staff
    14. 14. Collaboration Consistent messages Expert Library staff Working with CAP Working with Schools
    15. 15. Too many cooks? 13334,_Fritz_Kampers,_Paul_Westermeyer,_Paul_Graetz.jpg • Expertise spread amongst several staff • Time consuming • Easy to lose track of projects
    16. 16. • We needed a specialist who can concentrate on only this work
    17. 17. tion.svg Transnational Libraries Liaison Manager
    18. 18. Any questions? Matthew Lawson 020 8411 4126