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  • Related topics on the right
  • NIH link and Languages on the right
  • Example: Nexium
  • Use the How effective is it link to jump to a section that will tell you if the supplement or herb has been shown to help various conditions (per medical research)
  • Definition opens in a new window. If you were to click on the red speaker icon, you would hear the word pronounced
  • Example: arrhythmias

Medlineplusoverview Medlineplusoverview Presentation Transcript

  • Finding Reliable Health Information onthe InternetOverview of MedlinePlus.govChristine Caufield-Noll, MLIS, AHIPCommunity Health LibraryJohns Hopkins Bayview Medical CenterSummer 2012
  • Where is the first place you go onthe Internet for health information?
  • When looking for reliable, high- quality health information on theInternet, the first place to start is…
  • MedlinePlus information is…• Accurate • Easy to use• Current • Mirrored in Spanish• Reliable • No ads• Reputable • FREE – no login or• Written by health registration required professionals• Available 24/7
  • Health Topics pageStart here tofind moreinformationon a diseaseor condition
  • Health topics pageThere arefour ways tosearchhealth topics:1. Body 4locations/systems2. Broad 3categories3. A-Z index4. Thesearch box 1 2
  • Example: diabetesClick on “D”to see alisting of alltopicsbeginningwith thatletter
  • Example: diabetesScroll downthealphabeticallist of topicsuntil you finddiabetes
  • Example: diabetesClick on thelink for thediabeteshealth topicspage
  • Example: diabetesHealth topicspagesinclude asummary, illustrations, medicalencyclopediaand a StartHere section
  • Example: diabetesFurtherdown thepage, themain menuorganizestheinformationand providelinks so youcan quicklyjump to thesection youneed
  • Example: diabetesMore ofthe mainmenu
  • Example: diabetesEach linkopens anewwindow, soMedlinePlusis stillavailable
  • Transition to drug informationScroll backup to the topof the pageand click onthe Drugs &Supplementsbutton
  • Drug and supplement informationClick on thefirst letter inthe drug’sname(Nexium)
  • Example: NexiumScroll downto find thename of thedrug
  • Example: NexiumClick on thelink forNexiumIn thiscase, thelink is crossreferencedwith thedrug’sscientificname, Esome-prazole
  • Example: NexiumThisinformationis like thatwhich you’dget from the Print iconpharmacyUse themain menuto navigatethe pageUse the printicon to printtheinformation, if desired
  • Example: NexiumSide effectsof Nexium
  • Transition to supplementsScroll backup the pageand click onthe Drugs &Supplementsbutton again
  • Supplement informationClick on theall herbs &supplementsbutton
  • Example: fish oil
  • Example: fish oil
  • Example: fish oil
  • Example: fish oil
  • Example: fish oil
  • Transition to encyclopediaClick on theMedlinePlusimage the atthe top ofpage toreturn to thehomepage
  • EncyclopediaScroll downthe page andclick on thelink that saysMedicalEncyclopedia
  • Example: poison ivyA goodresource forstudents orthose whoneed quickinformationor picturesExample:poison ivy
  • Example: poison ivy
  • Example: poison ivy
  • Example: poison ivyClick on animage to seea largerversion
  • Transition to dictionaryClick on theMedlinePlusicon to returnto thehomepage
  • DictionaryType in theterm andclick Go
  • Dictionary
  • Current health news
  • Current health news
  • Transition to Videos & Cool ToolsGo back tothe top of thepage andclick on theVideos &Cool Toolsbutton
  • Videos & Cool ToolsClick oninteractivetutorialsThese areslideshowswith audioon anumber ofconditions, tests andwellnesstopicsThey alsohaveprintablesummaries
  • Videos & Cool Tools
  • Videos & Cool ToolsA newwindow willopen andthere will be3 choices:Interactivetutorial;Self Playingtutorial; orTextSummary
  • Videos & Cool Tools
  • Videos & Cool ToolsThe textsummary iswritten inplainlanguageand oftenincludesillustrations
  • Thank you! Please call Christine at 410-550-0681 or email her at if you have any questions