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  • Example: Nexium
  • Use the How effective is it link to jump to a section that will tell you if the supplement or herb has been shown to help various conditions (per medical research)


  • 1. Finding Reliable Health Informationon the InternetMedication InformationChristine Caufield-Noll, MLIS, AHIPCommunity Health LibraryJohns Hopkins Bayview Medical CenterSummer 2012
  • 2. Medication Resources
  • 3. MedlinePlus.gov – Drugs, Supplements & Herbalwww.nlm.nih.gov/ Informationmedlineplus/druginformation.html
  • 4. Drug and supplement informationClick on thefirst letter inthe drug’sname(Nexium)
  • 5. Example: NexiumScroll downto find thename of thedrug
  • 6. Example: NexiumClick on thelink forNexiumIn thiscase, thelink is crossreferencedwith thedrug’sscientificname, Esome-prazole
  • 7. Example: NexiumThisinformationis like thatwhich you’dget from the Print iconpharmacyUse themain menuto navigatethe pageUse the printicon to printtheinformation, if desired
  • 8. Example: NexiumSide effectsof Nexium
  • 9. Transition to supplementsScroll backup the pageand click onthe Drugs &Supplementsbutton again
  • 10. Supplement informationClick on theall herbs &supplementsbutton
  • 11. Example: fish oil
  • 12. Example: fish oil
  • 13. Example: fish oil
  • 14. Example: fish oil
  • 15. Example: fish oil
  • 16. DrugDigest.orgThis siteincludesfeaturessuch as pillimages,interactionschecker,and a drugcomparisontool
  • 17. DrugDigest.orgClick on thelink for pillimages, under the druglibrary menu
  • 18. DrugDigest.orgType in thename of thedrug andclick search
  • 19. DrugDigest.org
  • 20. DrugDigest.orgClick on thecorrectdosage tosee the pill’simage
  • 21. DrugDigest.org
  • 22. NeedyMeds.orgThis site islike a YellowPages formedicationassistanceprogramsClick on theFirst TimeUsers link toget started
  • 23. NeedyMeds.orgTo searchforassistanceprogramsbydrug, clickon theBrandNameDrugs link
  • 24. NeedyMeds.orgUse thealphabeticalindex to findthe drugnameForexample, click on P tosearch forPlavix
  • 25. NeedyMeds.orgScroll downuntil youfind PlavixClick on thelink to see ifanyprogramsareavailable
  • 26. NeedyMeds.orgTwoassistanceprogramsare availablefor Plavix
  • 27. Partnership for Prescription AssistanceThis sitealso locatesdrugassistanceprogramsfrom avariety ofsourcesTobegin, clickon thePrescriptionAssistanceProgramslink
  • 28. PPARX.org
  • 29. PPARX.orgRead thesteps andthen click onthe GetStarted!Button tobegin
  • 30. PPARX.orgType in thename of thedrug you useand hitsearch(example:Plavix)
  • 31. PPARX.orgClick on theAdd to MyMedicinesbutton
  • 32. PPARX.orgRepeat theprocess withotherdrugs, ifnecessaryClick next tocontinue
  • 33. PPARX.orgCompletethe form sothat only theprogramsyou’reeligible forwill be found
  • 34. PPARX.orgClick next tocontinue
  • 35. PPARX.orgSelect theprogram(s)you’reinterested inand clicknext tocontinue
  • 36. PPARX.orgFollow theinstructionson how toapply for theselectedprograms
  • 37. Thank you! Please call Christine at 410-550-0681 or email her at ccaufie1@jhmi.edu if you have any questions