Site                  Category       Description                      LinkTools Not Toys:A New Look at the     Presentatio...
A Weebly Page constructed                                       to provide                                       a backcha...
Wikidot.com is the worlds                                      third-largest wiki farm,                                   ...
Share what you are doing                     Collaborative   and learning in 140Twitter              Social Media    chara...
Google Groups is a service                     Social          from Google that supportsGoogle Groups        Community    ...
An award winning podcast                         Podcast     presented by Eric LanghorstSpeaking of History      Example  ...
Audio                  Recording       An Apple Software that isGarageBand        Software        part of the iLife suite ...
Podcast       A simple rss podcastRSS Podcast Directory Directory     Directory                     http://www.rsspodcastd...
Using Screencasting forInstuctional Technology Screencast    Computer Based LearningServices                Example       ...
Vimeo is a respectful                                     community of creative people                                    ...
A feed following the                     LiveStream      escapades of a duck onBig Woods Elementary Example         school...
LivestreamMake.tv      Software       A free streaming service/host http://make.tv/en/             LivestreamJustin.tv    ...
A Getty images partner site                                    where creative people could                      Image     ...
dig.ccmixter is where people                     Sound           come to find fantastic,dig.ccmixter         Repository   ...
Masher lets you easily create                                     a video by mixing                                     to...
FeedShow is a fast and easy                                   to use RSS feed                                   reader tha...
A way to make creating high                             quality Flash                             Websites and other web  ...
Prezi lets you bring your                              ideas into one space and                               see how they...
While viewing the Quintura                                Cloud, you can visually                                navigate ...
Travellerspoints objective is                            to enrich the travelling                            experience by...
Radio Distress-Signalling and                                           Infocommunications                                ...
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Tools Not Toys Linklist


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A Linklist of the sites we may cover during my ICE 2011 session Tools Not Toys: A New Look at the Digital Playground

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Transcript of "Tools Not Toys Linklist"

  1. 1. Site Category Description LinkTools Not Toys:A New Look at the Presentation My full presentation isDigital Playground Review available online http://tinyurl.com/tntice A Searchable Directory of Web 2.0 over 3,000 categorized WebGo2Web20 Database 2.0 Utilities http://www.go2web20.net/ Feedmyapp is a Web 2.0 Directory with the best and latest Web 2.0 sites, daily updated. Classifiied web apps by tagging them and Web 2.0 creating a brief description forFeedMyApp Database each. http://www.feedmyapp.com/ Listio for Web 2.0 is a directory and product review website. Covering web 2.0 Web 2.0 applications, services andListio Database new media. http://www.listio.com ProgrammableWeb gets you the latest on whats new and interesting with mashups, Web 2.0 APIs, and the Web as Platform. Its a directory, a news source, a Web 2.0 reference guide, aProgrammableWeb Database community. http://www.programmableweb.com/Consortium for SchoolNetworking A guide for school districtsAUP (Acceptable Use laying out acceptablePolicy) Guide Standards use policies http://www.cosn.org/Initiatives/Web2/AUPGuide/tabid/8139/Default.aspx A powerful alternative toTagxedo Word Clouds Wordle http://www.tagxedo.com A primer for adhering to "The Childrens Internet ProtectionErate Guide to CIPA Standards ACT (CIPA) http://www.e-ratecentral.com/CIPA/cipa_policy_primer.pdfISTEs NETS ISTEs NETS Standards forStandards for Students Standards Students http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-students/nets-student-standards-2007.aspxISTEs NETS ISTEs NETS Standards forStandards for Teachers Standards Teachers http://www.iste.org/standards/nets-for-teachers/nets-for-teachers-2008.aspx
  2. 2. A Weebly Page constructed to provide a backchannel usingBachannel for "Tools Coveritlive.com andNot Toys" Twiddla.com Presentation Backchannel http://tinyurl.com/tntice11Blogger Blogs Googles free blog host http://blogger.com Powerful and free blogWordpress Blogs community. http://wordpress.com A free blog host based onWeebly Blogs widgets http://weebly.com The largest education blogEdublogs Blogs hosting site on the web http://edublogs.org Easyjournal is a free, easy- to-use website for keeping aEasy Journal Blogs journal online http://www.easyjournal.com/Blog.com Blogs A free blog host http://blog.com Three 10th-grade Honors English classes tumble down the rabbit hole to discoverThe Alice Project Blog Examples Alice’s journey first-hand. http://aliceproject.wordpress.com/ A blog from an AustralianMillies Marvelous Blog Blog Examples Second Grader http://ameliasblog.globalstudent.org.au/ A community of educators dedicated to sharing and discovering ways for studentsThe Tech Savvy to use technology in aEducator Blog Examples practical way http://www.techsavvyed.net/The Sam Jackson A Blog from a Yale CollegeCollege Experience Blog Examples Student http://www.samjackson.org/college/2008/04/04/how-to-find-good-student-blogs/ An Engine that searches blogBlogSearch Blog Search content http://blogsearch.google.com/ An Engine that searches blogTechnorati Blog Search content http://technorati.com/ An Engine that searches blogIceRocket Blog Search content http://www.icerocket.com/ Wikis without the learningWikiSpaces Wiki Host curve http://www.wikispaces.com/
  3. 3. Wikidot.com is the worlds third-largest wiki farm, with almost half a million users running 120,000 sites and serving about 40MWikiDot Wiki Host unique visitors per year. http://www.wikidot.com/ Wikia sites are written by community members that are passionate about subjects ranging from video games, TV shows and movies to food, fashion, andWikia Wiki Host environmental sustainability. http://www.wikia.com/WikiaWetPaint Wiki Host Wiki based on widgets http://www.wetpaint.com/ Googles alternative to theGoogle Sites Wiki Host WIKI https://www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLogin?service=jotspot&passive=1209600&continue=h A relatively new wiki host. Appear to be alligned withIntodit Wiki Host Yogile a photo sharing site. http://www.intodit.com/ FHS Wolves Den is a class wiki for my English and history classes atFHS Wolves Den Wiki Example Fayetteville High School http://fhswolvesden.wikispaces.com/ An example of how Wikibooks can be usedWikijunior:Big Cats Wiki Example effectively http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Wikijunior:Big_Cats A 3rd Grade Wiki, "Organically developed information sharing throughKing Chavez Wiki Wiki Example Wiki technology" http://kc3rd.pbworks.com/w/page/1753095/FrontPage7 Reasons, 6 Tips and3 Uses: Wikis In The Article about using Wikis http://danielespejo.com/2010/11/30/6-reasons-3-tips-and-3-uses-using-wikis-in-Classroom Blog Post effectively in the classroom the-classroom/ CollaborativeFacebook Social Media A Social Network Service http://facebook.com CollaborativeMySpace Social Media A close "cousin" to Facebook http://myspace.com
  4. 4. Share what you are doing Collaborative and learning in 140Twitter Social Media characters or less http://twitter.com Build a social destination to create a community. Foster conversations, drive Social action and earn revenue. AllNing Community in a matter of clicks. http://Ning.com Social network for those Social interested in Web 2.0 andClassroom 2.0 Community Social Media in education http://www.classroom20.com/ SocialIce Ning Community The ICE Ning http://myiltce.ning.com/Positive Learning SocialExperiences Community An abandoned Ning http://ple-ar.ning.com/?xp_search=classroom&xp_search_page=8&xp_search_pos=3 A search engine designed to help you find alternative toSimilar Sites Search Engine your favorite Web 2.0 utilities http://similarsites.comFremd High SchoolAmerican SocialStudies Ning Community An example of an active Ning http://fremdamericanstudies.ning.com/ An active grou.ps ssite that is the central hub for the Social Cheektowaga Central APThe Lower Frequencies Community Literature and Composition http://grou.ps/lowerfrequencies/home An active grouply site to view photos and videos and hear Social audio recordings of whatOtsegomusic Group Community students are doing in class. http://otsegomusic.grouply.com/ An active Google group from the Westlake High School Social Math Club and Mu AlphaWHS Math Community Theta Club. http://groups.google.com/group/whs-math?lnk= An alternative social Social community site to collaborateGrouply Community and share information http://blog.grouply.com/education/
  5. 5. Google Groups is a service Social from Google that supportsGoogle Groups Community discussion groups http://groups.google.com/ Social Module based onlineGrou.ps Community community http://grou.ps/ A Digital Corkboard allowing you to share notes, websites Social and important datesStixy Collaboration collaboratively http://www.stixy.com/ SocialEdmodo Collaboration Secure Social Learning http://www.edmodo.com/ Google Apps for Education offers a free (and ad-free) set of customizable tools that enable faculty, staff and Social students to work togetherGoogle Apps Collaboration and learn more effectively. http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/edu/ Recorded by the students, each broadcast highlights some of the Podcast exciting things wereColeyCast Example learning in our classroom. http://www.mrcoley.com/coleycast/index.htm An interview type podcast where 3rd grade students are Podcast interviewed by their teacherrMarchionda Minutes Example Mr. Marchionda http://marchionda.org/podcast/ A global collaborative Podcast podcast created by TonyOur City Podcast Example Vincent http://learninginhand.com/ourcity News from Sumner- Podcast Fredericksburg High SchoolCougarcast Example in Sumner, Iowa. http://cougarcast.podbean.com/ Podcast of short tips on Podcast classroom management andA Teachers Brain Example lesson planning strategies http://www.ateachersbrain.com/ Podcast A live Podcast by TeachersBit by Bit Example for Teachers http://www.bobsprankle.com/bobsprankle/page8/page8.html
  6. 6. An award winning podcast Podcast presented by Eric LanghorstSpeaking of History Example a history teacher http://speakingofhistory.blogspot.com/ A podcast about Chemicals and much more fromChemicals That Can Podcast teachers at Maine TownshipKill You Example District 207 http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=332992686&ign-mpt=uo% Vision 2010 - Audio only Podcast podcast featuringEdina District Example Superintendent Ric Dressen http://edina.k12.mn.us/podcast/dressen/ Podcast A Podcast from KanelandKaneland Distriict 302 Example District 302 http://www.kaneland.org/d302/about/?sect=61 A Podcast by Superintendant Podcast Dr. Sue Zook of HawthornHawthorn District 73 Example Elementary District 73 http://collab2.hawthorn73.org/users/zooks/weblog/ Podcast Snoqualmie Valley BoardSnoqualmie Valley Example Meetings http://www.podcasters.tv/episodes/school-board-work-session-9-9-2010-11972589.html Steve Dembo of Discovery Educations enlightening Podcast words of wisdom on all thingsTeach42 Example edtech http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/teach42/id73329779 A wonderful podcast by Podcast David Warlick of ConnectConnect Learning Example Learning http://davidwarlick.com/connectlearning/ A Podcast from the TechChicks talking about a variety of gadgets and Podcast websites that will enhanceTech Chicks Example classroom learning http://techchicktips.net/ A live podcast where educators meet to talk about education, technology, our Podcast practice and the contexts weEdTech Talk Example work in http://edtechtalk.com/ Audio The premier free audio Recording recording cross-platformAudacity Software suite. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/
  7. 7. Audio Recording An Apple Software that isGarageBand Software part of the iLife suite http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/ Audio RecordingAviary Software An online recording suite http://www.aviary.com/tools/audio-editor Audio An online recording Recording application to createAudio Expert Software barebones mp3s http://www.audioexpert.com/ A great place to start, offering 5 minute podcast sessions that can be recorded directly to the web or even on yourAudioboo Podcast Hosts favorite smartphone http://audioboo.fm/ Makes it easy to publish your podcast in 3 steps. No techPodbean Podcast Hosts to learn. http://podbean.com/ A very easy to use podcast service offering hosting forPodcast Machine Podcast Hosts audio and video http://podcastmachine.com/Podomatic Podcast Hosts A good place to start hosting more advanced podcasts http://www.podomatic.com/loginItunes Podcast Hosts Itunes podcast hosting servicehttp://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.htmlIpadio Podcast Hosts Unique platform to "phone in" your podcast http://ipadio.com/ Featuring the best Podcast Directory and the Top Podcast 10 podcasts, as voted on byPodcast Alley Directory the listeners. http://www.podcastalley.com/ Podcast A free service to post yourPodcastblaster Directory podcast feed http://www.podcastblaster.com/directory/add-podcast/ Browse our vast selection of Podcast free podcasts for downloadFluctu8 Directory and streaming below. http://www.fluctu8.com/ Podfeed.net is a podcast directory that helps you find podcasts, read and write podcast reviews, listen to Podcast podcasts and sharePodfeed.net Directory your podcast with others. http://podfeed.net/
  8. 8. Podcast A simple rss podcastRSS Podcast Directory Directory Directory http://www.rsspodcastdirectory.com/index.php Google PresentationGoogle Presentation Screencast Infomercial in the form of aInfomercial Example screencast http://www.screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c6Q2VljRA Mathtrain.TV is a free educational "kids teaching kids" project from Mr. Marcos & his students at Screencast Lincoln Middle School inMathtrain.tv Example Santa Monica, CA. http://mathtrain.tv/play.php?vid=247 A Student ScreencastThe Chemical Bond Screencast explaining how a chemicalLab Example bond works http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c6foFA1Gh Mr. Hurley a teacher from District 207 usingMr Hurleys AB Screencast screencasts to demonstrateCalculus Page Example concepts https://sites.google.com/a/maine207.org/mrhabcalc/chapter-2---limits-continuity-rate-of-change/f Screencast An example of turning aThe Argument Example powerpoint into a screencast http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c6fXqv1pR A screencast demonstrating Screencast how a paper can beMrs. Lenker Example corrected online http://www.screenjelly.com/watch/peyXlXZpzL8 Screencast A screencast explaining howThe Diffusion Lab Example diffusion works http://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/c61UDliHD A screencast explaining how Screencast to access a Districts parentDeerpark Parent Portal Example portal http://www.screencast.com/users/jtbloom1/folders/Default/media/58b9eb3a-37e7-4513-af0e-3e2 A before and after passage of Proposition C explanation of PropertyMehlville School Screencast Taxes in the Mehlville SchoolDistrict Example District http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stUE5TQkVNRFtXRFRYWVldXlBQ/how_property_taxes_w This screencast gives a general overview for parents of NWEA MAP testing and Screencast how to read the studentHarold Martin School Example report. http://screenr.com/WzS Screencast Nice example of Screenr as aDavid McGavock Example screencasting software http://screenr.com/user/davubu
  9. 9. Using Screencasting forInstuctional Technology Screencast Computer Based LearningServices Example (CBT) http://www.myfcoeportal.org/screencasts/i-can-do-episode-1-recall-e-mail-message Using Screencasting for Screencast Computer Based LearningOhio Virtual Academy Example (CBT) http://www.screenjelly.com/watch/gZ-6Ox6LCQ0 Screencast explaining submitting an essay or Screencast project to Turnitin inInstitute of Technology Carlow Example Blackboard http://screenr.com/0S4 Screencast The grandaddy of allJing Software screencasting software http://www.techsmith.com/jing/ Screencast A downloadable screencastWink Software software http://www.debugmode.com/wink/ Screencast Opensource video captureCamstudio Software software http://camstudio.org/ An innovative Screencast screencapturing utility in theScreenCastle Software cloud http://screencastle.com/ Screencast-O-Matic is the original online screen recorder for one-click recording from your browser Screencast on Windows, Mac, or LinuxScreencast-o-matic Software with no install for FREE! http://screencast-o-matic.com/ Cloud based screencasting (Requires Twitter Account) Screencast which allows for mp4Screenr Software download http://screenr.com/ Screenjelly records your screen activity with your Screencast voice so you can spread it viaScreenjelly Software Twitter or email. http://www.screenjelly.com/ Screencast Share and stream videosScreenToaster Software online in Flash http://www.screentoaster.com/ Screencast Host your Jing screencastsScreencast Hosting online http://screencast.com/
  10. 10. Vimeo is a respectful community of creative people who are passionate about Screencast sharing the videos theyVimeo Hosting make. http://vimeo.com/ Metacafe is one of the worlds largest video sites, attracting more than 40 Screencast million unique viewers eachMetacafe Hosting month http://www.metacafe.com/ ScreencastYouTube Hosting Join the largest worldwide video-sharing community! http://youtube.com You benefit because they share the advertising revenue with you. ScreencastRevvr Hosting http://www.revver.com/ Dailymotion is about finding new ways to see, share and engage your world Screencast through the power of onlineDailymotion Hosting video. http://www.dailymotion.com/us ScreencastGoogle Video Hosting Post your videos to Google http://video.google.com/ LiveStream Students at VanMeter visitVanMeter Students Example the Capital http://www.justin.tv/derondurflinger/b/258428190 LiveStream Students broadcasting aCHLS Pops Concert Example Pops Concert on Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7447513 Westfield High School LiveStream morning announcementsRock TV Example streamed http://blogs.wws.k12.in.us/whsvideonews/ Clara Krska, De Soto High School senior, gives her Senior formal presentation LiveStream during Wednesdays SocialSocial Studies Presentation Night Example Studies Presentation Night. http://qik.com/video/6214240 Barrett Project Interaction films created by LiveStream K-5 students. Live studentBarret Tiger TV Example programming. http://www.livestream.com/BarrettTigerTV
  11. 11. A feed following the LiveStream escapades of a duck onBig Woods Elementary Example school grounds http://www.livestream.com/stma_mallard_cam/video?clipId=pla_1ffd1654-d4a0-4c7e-829d-47f8 A physics teacher plans to cycle in his classroom for the entire 7 hour school day. His students will be treated to unique lessons about physics LiveStream principles related to bikeCycling Physics Example riding http://www.livestream.com/physicswhilecycling LiveStream Teacher demonstarting theO2Learning Example power of the Ipad http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6385091 LiveStream 2010 Bangor Area HighBangor High School Example School Commencement http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/7705154 A true broadcasting project LiveStream from the St Lucia SchoolSt Lucie County Public Schools Example District http://www.stlucie.k12.fl.us/departments/media-services/index.aspx "The Dig" Wood Middle School Gate History class goes to UC Berkeley Anthropology labs and howAlameda Unified the field trip experiance isSchool LiveStream intergrated into classroomDistrict Example work. http://www.livestream.com/Alameda/video?clipId=flv_a4389a6e-4106-4827-9ecf-ce5fff39d77a& LiveStreamEASD Board Meeting Example EASD Board Meeting streaming live on Ustream http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/8446805 This Ustream broadcast was an hour long discussion with faculty at NC LiveStream State about digital literacy,Wesley Fryer Example led by Wesley Fryer. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/6221029 A 24//7 broadcast full of LiveStream amazing technologyChris Pirillo Example information http://chris.pirillo.com/live/ LiveStream The EdTech "Movie MakingKevin Honeycutt Example Machine" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHLJI1bE3po&feature=related A project combining LiveStream screencasting andWebtopia.tv Example streamcasting http://www.ustream.tv/channel/webtopia
  12. 12. LivestreamMake.tv Software A free streaming service/host http://make.tv/en/ LivestreamJustin.tv Software Broadcast what youre doing http://www.justin.tv/ Ustream is the leading live interactive broadcast platform that enables anyone with an Internet connection and a camera to engage their Livestream audience in a meaningful,Ustream.tv Software immediate way http://ustream.tv Livestream Broadcast and livestreamFreedocast Software your own channels http://www.freedocast.com/ Livestreams mission is to build a next-generation live cable operator. One that is global, social, user friendly, reaches all devices and is accessible to anyone interested in broadcasting an Livestream interactive live videoLivestream Software experience - for free. http://www.livestream.com/ Streaming Enhancement Software to enhance yourWebcam Max Software broadcasts http://www.webcammax.com/download.html Streaming Enhancement Software to enhance yourManyCam Software broadcasts http://download.manycam.com/ Streaming Enhancement Mac software to enhanceCamTwist Software broadcasts http://camtwist.en.softonic.com/mac Streaming Enhancement Mac software to enhanceScreenflow Software broadcasts http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/video/screenflow.html Image Socially shared images underFlickr.com Repositories creative commons licensing http://Flickr.com ImageMorguefile Repositories Public Domain Images http://morguefile.com/
  13. 13. A Getty images partner site where creative people could Image exchange their photos forStock.xchng Repositories inspiration or work. http://www.sxc.hu/ The Library of Congress Image digital collection includingLibrary of Congress Repositories those Public Domain http://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html Stockvault.net is a stock photo sharing website where photographers, designers and students can share their photographs, Image graphics and image files withStockvault Repositories each other for free. http://stockvault.net/ The pixlr services is built for both non-professionals and professional users with editing needs such as editingPixlr Image Editing web images http://pixlr.com/ Splashup, formerly Fauxto, is a powerful editingSplashup Image Editing tool and photo manager. http://splashup.com/Improve Your Images Image Editing Instantly improve images http://www.improveyourimages.com/ Sounds are completely royalty free, meaning you Sound can use them commerciallySoundbible Repository without paying a cent. http://soundbible.com/royalty-free-sounds-1.html The Freesound Project is a collaborative database Sound of Creative CommonsFreeSound Project Repository licensed sounds. http://www.freesound.org/ Jamendo is the worlds #1 platform for free and legal music downloads. Available in seven languages, it offers the largest catalog of music Sound under Creative CommonsJamendo Repository licenses http://www.jamendo.com/en/
  14. 14. dig.ccmixter is where people Sound come to find fantastic,dig.ccmixter Repository liberally licensed music. http://dig.ccmixter.org/ The Free Music Archive is an interactive library of Sound high-quality, legal audioFree Music Archive Repository downloads. http://freemusicarchive.org/ Use Myna to remix music tracks and audio clips. Apply sound effects and Sound record your own voice orMyna Editing instruments! http://www.aviary.com/tools/audio-editor Sound Create your own musicJamstudio Editing online! http://www.jamstudio.com/Studio/index.htm Soundation — a powerful online music studio with recording, effects, virtual Sound instruments and over 400SoundNation Editing free loops and sounds. http://www.soundation.com/ Video Amazing YouTube VideosYouTube EDU Repository with an Educational purpose! http://www.youtube.com/education?b=400 Riveting talks by remarkable Video people, free to theTED Repository world http://www.ted.com/ A collection of videos that are searchable and released Video under a creative commonsBlip.tv Repository license structure http://blip.tv Amazing educational video database created an Video 18 year old student workingLectr.com Repository on his equivalency exam http://www.lectr.com Viddler is a platform for video Video publishers with some prettyViddler Repository interesting features. http://www.viddler.com/Jaycut Video Editing Edit Video Online http://jaycut.com/ Cut YouTube videos down to size and select only the sections you want students toTubechop Video Editing see http://tubechop.com/
  15. 15. Masher lets you easily create a video by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos all forMasher Video Editing FREE! http://www.masher.com/ Social The original socialDelicious Bookmarking bookmarking site http://www.delicious.com/ Diigo is two services in one -- it is a research and collaborative research tool on the one hand, and a knowledge-sharing Social community and social contentDiigo Bookmarking site on the other. http://www.diigo.com A place for people to Social discover and share contentDigg Bookmarking from anywhere on the web. http://digg.com/news Pearltrees is the social curation community. It is the social way to discover, Social organize and share the stuffPearltrees Bookmarking you like on the web. http://www.pearltrees.com/ The Free Library has been expanded to include a massive collection of periodicals from hundreds ofThe Free Library Reference leading publications. http://www.thefreelibrary.com/ Create your own Google Search that only searchesGoogle Custom Search Reference the sites you choose http://www.google.com/cse/ Bibliographic records of education literature, plus aERIC Reference growing collection of full text http://www.eric.ed.gov/ The Worlds Largest LibraryWorldcat Reference Catalog http://worldcat.org
  16. 16. FeedShow is a fast and easy to use RSS feed reader that provides all the features that will let you browse news or blogs in aFeedshow Aggregator very efficient manner http://reader.feedshow.com/ Not a traditional aggregator in that you can view the pages without leavingFeedlooks Aggregator Feedlooks http://www.feedlooks.com/ Netvibes is the fastest way to track your real-timeNetvibes Aggregator Web. http://www.netvibes.com/enPaper.li Aggregator Read Twitter and Facebook as a daily newspaper http://paper.li/ The Free Automatic Bibliography and CitationEasybib Citation Tool Maker http://easybib.com/ The Creative Commons copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting thatCreative Commons Citation Tool copyright law creates. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ Snap Shots makes it easier for site owners to empower their readers with enhanced hyperlinks that display previews, text summaries, videos, stock charts, MP3s, product info,Snap Citation Tool and much, much more. http://www.snap.com/Kaywa Citation Tool Generate QR codes online http://qrcode.kaywa.com/ Glogster EDU is the leading global education platform for the creative expression of knowledge and Presentation skills in the classroom andGlogster Tools beyond. http://edu.glogster.com
  17. 17. A way to make creating high quality Flash Websites and other web Presentation content faster, easier andWix Tools search engine friendly. http://www.wix.com PresentationGoAnimate Tools GoAnimate is the easiest way http://goanimate.com/ to make animations exactly the way you want. VUVOX is an easy to use production and instant sharing service that allows Presentation you to mix, create and blendVuvox Tools your personal media http://www.vuvox.com/ Dipity allows users to gather real-time sources from social media, traditional search services and RSS to aggregate them in a single, Presentation easy to use, fun to navigateDipity Tools interface. http://www.dipity.com/ With VoiceThread, group conversations are collected and shared in one Presentation place from anywhere in theVoicethread Tools world. http://voicethread.com/ VYou allows people to Presentation broadcast video structuredVyou Tools as conversations, http://vyou.com/ Listen, create and share Presentation FREE geolocalizedWoices Tools audioguides. http://woices.com/ SlideShare is the best way to share presentations, Presentation documents and professionalSlideshare Tools videos. http://www.slideshare.net/ Scribd is the world’s largest Presentation social reading andScribd Tools publishing company. http://www.scribd.com/
  18. 18. Prezi lets you bring your ideas into one space and see how they relate, helping Presentation you and your audiencePrezi Tools connect http://prezi.com Online presentations are slide sets that are completely Web-based, freeing users from the burdens and constraints of Presentation desktop presentationSliderocket Tools software http://www.sliderocket.com/ Upload, or create from scratch, beautifully simple or adventurously complex Presentation page designs and coversmyEbook Tools online http://www.myebook.com/ Easily create cover pages, add text, upload drawings or photos to illustrate your Presentation story, and you can use theStoryjumper Tools StoryJumper clipart gallery http://www.storyjumper.com/ Storybirds are short, art- Presentation inspired stories you make toStorybird Tools share, read, and print. http://storybird.com/ Search Reverse Image Lookup onTineye Engine the Web http://tineye.com Midomi is the ultimate music Search search tool becauseMidomi Engine it is powered by your voice. http://www.midomi.com/ The leading blog search engine and directory, Search Technorati.com indexes moreTechnorati Engine than a million blogs. http://technorati.com/ Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new Search way to get knowledge andWolframAlpha Engine answers http://www.wolframalpha.com/
  19. 19. While viewing the Quintura Cloud, you can visually navigate and easily refine in order to find relevant Search information faster and moreQuintura Engine efficiently! http://quintura.com/ Qwiki is working to deliver information in a format thats quintessentially human Search – via storytelling instead ofQwiki.com Engine search. http://www.qwiki.com/ Kngine is Web 3.0 Search Engine designed to Search provide customizedKngine Engine meaningful search result. http://kngine.com/ Web search engine that is focused on bringing quality results in all segments including Web, News, Blogs, Search hakia Galleries, CredibleHakia Engine Sources, Video, and Images http://www.hakia.com/ Spezify combines several Search media types into anSpezify Engine impressive visual search tool http://spezify.com/ WikiMapia is a proprietary online map and satellite imaging resource that combines Google Maps withWikimapia Mashup a wiki system http://wikimapia.org A Google Earth tour with placemarks that haveGLEARTH Project Mashup Glogs embedded in them https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1vHilSuzrKZYhQhoIQ3yx7V7UJQtIKNf3cdZplf7UnbcRick Astley vs Nirvana Mashup A video/audio mashup http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YABGdai5k&feature=player_embedded
  20. 20. Travellerspoints objective is to enrich the travelling experience by offering numerous services, content and products that have significant perceived and added value for travellersTravellerspoint Mashup worldwide http://www.travellerspoint.com/member_map.cfm#/map/919 This website provides you with helpful information about crime and policing inPolice.uk Mashup England and Wales http://www.police.uk/crime/?q=Westminster,%20London,%20UK#crimetypes Artsnacks is a network created for kids without access to art teachers might get some free art instructionArtsnacks Mashup and build their confidence http://www.essdackartsnacks.org/main/index/pending Six Authors. Six Stories. Six Weeks. Creative ways of writing stories withWe Tell Stories Mashup technology http://wetellstories.co.uk/stories/week1/ World Statistics updated inWorldometers Mashup real time http://www.worldometers.info/ Ranking U.S. cities based on the greenness ofGreener Pastures Mashup their available housing stock http://gr.eenerpastur.es/ Discogs is a user-built database containing information on artists, labels,Discogs Mashup and their recordings. http://www.discogs.com GovPulse seeks to encourage every citizen to become more involved in the workings of their government and make their voice heard on the things that matter to them, from the smallest to theGovPulse Mashup largest issues. http://govpulse.us/maps?location=St+Charles%2C+IL&commit=Change+Location
  21. 21. Radio Distress-Signalling and Infocommunications Interactive Map from Emergency and DisasterRSOE EDIS Mashup Information Services http://hisz.rsoe.hu/alertmap/index2.php*All descriptions taken directly from the About page of the site when possible.
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