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5 social media trends to watch
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5 social media trends to watch


Published on

Had the privilege to present this to the University of Kansas convergence media class recently.

Had the privilege to present this to the University of Kansas convergence media class recently.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Do you value relationships?Everyone can use social media and is a journalist
  • Via status updates, wall posts, videos, photos and other content.If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd-largest in the world; more than 400 million users.Growing in popularityMostly with women age 35+
  • Example of how people use Facebook to form community around areas of passion Owning industry, connecting people with like passions, thought leadership
  • 7% of American adults are currently using TwitterSpeakto the process, how to actually accomplish items aboveTIPS AND TRICKSCreate hyperlink: click on image, walk through how to:Share photos (TwitPic, TweetPhoto)Find friends or topics(Summize, Twitteroti) Monitor chats (TweetDeck)Connect (TweetUp, Online chats)
  • 2nd most popular search engine on the Web next to Google.
  • NT Speak to the process, how to actually accomplish items above- Show examplesTIPS AND TRICKS (cut?)Create hyperlink: click on image, walk through how to:Share photosFind friendsMonitor chatsConnect liveMake sure that they have set up a url
  • Moms make 75% of the purchase decisions in the family
  • Traditional media looks to social media for news stories – Cision89% use blogs, 65% Facebook/LinkedIn, 52% Twitter --Winter 2009, CisionFired employee who followed policyBought new guitar – jointly gave $ to charityOffered to buy video for employee trainingLeft out limeade
  • Share price plunged by 10% wiping $180 million off the company’s value! -- ITN NewsWhat United’s done right: Finally fixing Dave’s guitar Compensation $$ going to charity Asked for copy of video for training purposes
  • Not going to show the video, but do you remember it? Stop and ask how you would have handled it.
  • The limeade was waiting for these people and let me tell you story
  • We hear you, care what you think
  • What is Dominos capital value after video?Drop story in -- Limeade
  • Jeff Jarvis story for SprintRealizedhow communications was changingCulture change – change how we do our jobsNo evangelizing -- educate
  • Covered by WSJ last monthMission Control
  • Mitch JoelNew marketing – content and conversationNot so much marketing as we think about it“But now that publishing in text, images, audio and video is so much more pervasive with such a lower barrier to entry, the time is ripe to re-evaluate how much Marketing your company should be doing versus how much publishing your company should be doing.”
  • Content marketing The results speak for themselves134 million-plus views on YouTube (1 million-plus for many videos including 10 million-plus for the recent iPad clip) Numerous awards 700 percent increase in sales since the campaign started in 2006
  • Throwing business cards and proposalsAct online like you would offline
  • Justin ‘Old’ marketing math: Blast your message to 5M loose targets with the hope of actually reaching the 5,000 who are actually interested.Social media marketing based on ‘new math’
  • People define it different ways but one reason IMC is important…
  • Great message for Nike. Completely wrong message for your social media strategy.Tell story on myself -- Bunge
  • Major news outlets relying on user-generated content – can’t be everywhere all the time, expectation for latest news is immediateReporters tweeting, blogging, Facebooking (yep, a verb now) – news outlets working reporter/customer social media into sitesMedia monitoring social networks, blogs, etc. for story ideasMom2Mom, Sprint Connection – changing the way they cover news
  • Nicole
  • Transcript

    • 1. 5 social media trends to watch
      Presented for KU by Justin Goldsborough (@jgoldsborough)
      Justin Goldsborough
      Twitter: @jgoldsborough
    • 2. Who am I?
      Bon Jovi
      Kansas City Royals
      Social media
      Irish setters
    • 3. Today’s Agenda
      Social media landscape
      5 trends to watch
      Business value of social media
      Listen or lose
      Content marketing
      Reaching the right people
      Blurring of media and social media
      5 things you can do today
    • 4. Social media revolution
    • 5. Social media landscape
      345 million
      worldwide monthly viewers
      100 million
      users worldwide
      100 million
      monthly visitors
      500 million
      members worldwide
    • 6. 1. Business value of social media
    • 7.
    • 8.
    • 9. Social network use is growing
    • 10. What is it?
      Social networking site that allows real-time connection between friends and brands.
    • 11. Engagement, Customer Service
      • Create
      • 12. Profile, fan or group
      • 13. Customize
      • 14. Wall, photos, applications, custom tabs, videos
      • 15. Connect
      • 16. Events, comments, offers, customer service
    • 17. Micro-blogging platform that allows users to share thoughts, ask questions in 140 characters or less.
      What is it?
    • 18. Networking, Thought Leadership
      • Create
      • 19. Develop a handle,create bio, find follow-ees
      • 20. Customize
      • 21. Listen, Tweet, ReTweet (RT), Direct Message (DM)
      • 22. Connect
      • 23. Find related communities and network
    • Twitter chats
    • 24. What is it?
      Video sharing site where users can upload, view and share video clips.
    • 25. Thought Leadership
      • Create
      • 26. Create account,upload video
      • 27. Customize
      • 28. Film videos, tag videos, build and brand channel
      • 29. Connect
      • 30. Engage, vote, upload videos that answer customer questions/issues
      YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet…
      and it’s not a search engine.
      Just ask Rebecca Black 
    • 31. What is it?
      Social networking site that allows real-time connection between working professionals.
    • 32. Lead Generation and networking
      • Create
      • 33. Individual profile
      • 34. Customize
      • 35. Find connections you want to add to your network for personal or professional reasons
      • 36. Connect
      • 37. Join industry groups or groups your target consumers are in and listen, engage
    • 2. Listen or lose
    • 38. 2. Listen or Lose
    • 39. My favorite social media case study
    • 40. A company that specializes in pain relief finds itself in pain after its video targeted at moms backfires.
      Many influential moms begin tweeting their discontent with the brand, which has endured more than 1,000 negative tweets and ended up in the New York Time by the time it posts an apology 48 hours after the “uprising” begins.
      Case study No. 1
    • 41. Making moms mad
    • 42. Making moms mad
    • 43. A customer accuses your airline of breaking his guitar and asks you to replace it.
      After a year of contacting your customer service team to no avail, this customer creates a YouTube video explaining his situation and the viewers begin piling up…in the thousands and eventually, millions.
      Case study No. 2
    • 44. United Breaks Guitars
      10 million views
    • 45. From YouTube to CNN and ABC
    • 46. Financial Impact
      ($180 million)
    • 47. Two of your restaurant employees thought it would be funny to do some “gross” things with the food you serve in the kitchen and they filmed it, posted it online.
      The outcry online is strong and crosses multiple channels – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, blogs. Your company has no official social media presence.
      Case study No. 3
    • 48. Much worse than The Noid!
    • 49. Dominos Ramon was listening, responding
      125,000 embeds
    • 50. Then Dominos listened, responded
    • 51. Pizza turnaround campaign
    • 52. Sales on the rise
    • 53.
    • 54. Pepsi and Gatorade recognized an increased need to better monitor and engage with customers within social media on a regular basis.
      • Shifted conversation to sports performance
      • 55. Consumers turning to Gatorade for expertise
      • 56. Drove more than 700 visits to product locator
      • 57. Allows Gatorade to take a negative situation and create a consumer-education moment
    • 3. Content marketing
    • 58.
    • 59. PR distribution process changes
    • 60.
    • 61. Old Spice guy
    • 62. 3rd-party advocacy=marketing
    • 63. People share awesome
    • 64. 4. Reaching the right people
    • 65.
    • 66. Your brand here
      Reaching the right eyeballs, not all eyeballs
      New Math:
      5,000 people who sought out your message
      are more valuable than
      5 million who didn’t.
    • 67. Shifting sources of trust
      of consumers trust recommendations from peers
      of consumers trust
      Nielsen “Trust in Advertising” Survey, 2008
    • 68. The cat food conundrum
    • 69. Targeted blogger outreach
    • 70. Brand Assets
      Personal Selling
      Integrated Communications
      Sales Promotion
      Public Relations
      Direct Marketing
      Earned Media
      Paid Media
    • 96. 5. Blurring of media and social media
    • 97.
    • 98. Changing media landscape
      Source: Cision, Winter 2009
    • 99. The man who changed Twitter
    • 100. TMZ gets it right
    • 101. Tweets as sources
    • 102. Facebook too
    • 103. Evolution of Journalism
    • 104. News vs the Newspaper
    • 105. 5 things you can do today
    • 106. Implications
      Five Things To Do Today
      Check out #prstudchat and #u30pro communities and follow at least one journalist contact on Twitter.
      Check out Gini’s, Shel’s, Chris’, Mitch’s or Sarah’s blog if you haven’t already.
      Google yourself and make sure you are “listening.”
      Keep practicing your writing and storytelling.
      Network, network, network!
    • 107. Q&A
    • 108. Thank you!
      Justin Goldsborough
      Twitter: @jgoldsborough
      Social Media Strategy