Using authentic materials in ELT


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Not sure about using authentic material in your English language class? Here is a useful introduction from For the full, free voiced over presentation recording, visit

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Using authentic materials in ELT

  1. 1. Teacher training webinarsUsing Authentic Materials For free voiced over presentation visit Jo Gakonga
  2. 2. What are authentic materials?
  3. 3. What aren’t authentic materials?
  4. 4. What’s wrong with this?John: How long have you been collecting butterflies?Mary: Ive been collecting them since I entered secondary school.John: How many butterflies have you collected?Mary: Ive collected about four hundred foreign ones.John: Are there any rare ones among them?Mary: Yes, there are some. I got them in Thailand.John: My hobby is playing football.Mary: How long have you been playing it?John: Ive been playing it since last year. I can play it pretty wellnow.Mary: Another hobby of mine is cooking.John: Will you cook me a meal?Mary: Yes, of course!
  5. 5. Is this better?What kind of food does this woman like?I absolutely adore fish, particularly white fish, such as sole or haddock, cookedin a little white wine, with some garlic and lemon. Recently, I’ve beenexperimenting with Japanese recipes, particularly raw fish. Oh, and I lovevegetables such as courgettes, broccoli and asparagus and fresh green beans.But I hate them overcooked. Oh, and I’m terribly fond of pasta, but it must befreshly made!
  6. 6. So why use authentic materials?• A natural model – encourages them to be better readers/ listeners.• This is the final aim – what they will have to do eventually• Ss who read and listen extensively acquire language faster/ better• motivating if successful• topic can be topical/ interesting
  7. 7. Problems• Level – demotivating if too difficult• Work for the teacher…can date quickly
  8. 8. Solutions• Choose your material carefully…• Grade the task….
  9. 9. Solutions• Edit the text… ..shorter …lexically easier
  10. 10. Task examples - ReceptiveSkimmingScanningLooking at text organisation eg paragraphing, topic sentences, etc.Listening for gistlistening for specific information
  11. 11. Task examples - productiveSpeaking - discussion on issues arising from the text Roleplay based on the scenarioWriting - using the article as a model responding in writing
  12. 12. Task examples• Language – Vocabulary – Grammar – Discourse analysis
  13. 13. WebsitesReady to go…•••
  14. 14. Websites for more extensive reading, listening outside classListening Reading• Lyrics training • Guardian• Elllo • Daily Mail• TED • 1000 words• VYou • Storybird
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