Anatomy of a word

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What does it mean to 'know' a word

What does it mean to 'know' a word

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  • 1. Jo
  • 2. “Without grammar very little can be conveyed;without vocabulary nothing can be conveyed.” Wilkins 1972
  • 3. » Over a million» Typical NS knows about 40,000» Typical NS only uses 5,000 – 10, 000 in speech
  • 4. What problems do you have putting these wordsin order…ShortTallLankyVertically challengedPetite
  • 5. Do these words mean the same?accommodate put someone upameliorate changeagitate stir
  • 6. Do these words mean the same?Can you swim?Can you pass the salt?
  • 7. What’s wrong here? Hey there – how are you going? Good morning, sir.
  • 8. Do these words mean the same? short small big large light bright
  • 9. fan fanbow bowsteak stake
  • 10. steak stake
  • 11. bow bow
  • 12. fan fan
  • 13. » What are the issues here? through cough blow coat caution politician
  • 14. » Irregular plurals /count or non-count mouse mice mouses?» Irregular conjugations Swim swam swum
  • 15. » What do prefixes do? unlucky dishonest rewrite» What do suffixes do? careful careless carelessly care
  • 16. » Why do these sound odd? day rancid ish irth y err he ’s a str ong s oe r.
  • 17. » a e a sentence with these beginnings… I love …. I sleep…. He suggested…» What do you need to know?
  • 18. » pelling isn’t only a proble with or . How do you say these words? enough bough was last skirt pertWhat are the problems here?
  • 19. What are the problems here?Piano o0o pianist 0ooPhotograph 0oo photographer o0oo
  • 20. Receptive purposesProductive purposes
  • 21. What does it mean to know a word? An Introduction to Second Language Vocabulary Vocabulary in Language Teaching by Norbert Schmitt Acquisition; The research and its pedagogical implicationsbyPeter Duppenthaler