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  • 1. iDEA Program Passion Value MultiplierI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP www.jgiventures.com
  • 2. Give YOUR Idea a LIFE Become an ENTREPRENEUR Build the Nation Build the Economy Build YOURSELFTo Live out your DREAM iDEA Passion Value Multiplier I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP
  • 3. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR jia JAIN Insignia Hospitality Pvt Ltd. Passion Value Multiplier A JGI Venture ENTREPRENEURSHIP AS A CAREER No dream is too high to scale If you have a dream about living on your own terms, entrepreneurship is one of the best ways forward. Entrepreneurship is not just a career option, it is a way of life. Ask yourself : “ Do I want to do something that creates meaning for others ? ” The answer, undoubtedly, should be a resounding “Yes”. Entrepreneurship offers the highest probability of achieving this objective. Of course, you can follow the footsteps of countless others who live the traditional life of getting educated, maybe obtain a management degree and get employed by large organizations. The path is relatively safe, secure and predictable to a large extent, but has several limitations. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, offers an exciting array of possibilities, which, although not being devoid of inherent risks, are challenging and fulfilling to the self to a great extent. You will be able to realize your capabilities and maximize your potential, and enjoy the fruits of the initial hard work by achieving bonafide freedom. It is not simply a profession; it is a state of mind of people who want to create or alter the future for themselves and for others. You are your own master, in control of your own time and resources towards shaping your own destiny. An entrepreneur is someone who is able to observe the environment, spot an opportunity to make a difference and then plan and implement a course of action to add value by leveraging the opportunity. That someone could be you ! The scope and variety of self-generated work that is the cornerstone of entrepreneurship is unlimited. There are various definitions of entrepreneurship such as : Ÿ “ A force that mobilizes other resources to meet unmet market demand” Ÿ “The ability to create and build something from practically nothing” Ÿ “The process of creating value by pulling together a unique package of resources to exploit an opportunity” Ÿ “The freedom to chose your own rainbow”“All through my career Ive done what I can to discover new talent and give them a start.” - Steven Spielberg I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 1
  • 4. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR saket JALAN JCH Hospitality A JGI Venture JGI iDEA program is the vision of Dr. Chenraj Jain To create Entrepreneurs with requisite skills to create employment and build the nation“I did something that challenged the banking world. Conventional banks look for the rich; we look for the absolutely poor. All peopleare entrepreneurs, but many dont have the opportunity to find that out.” - Muhammad YunusI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 2
  • 5. NOT ANYORDINARYPROGRAMTodays business environment demands a new type of trainingand readiness to succeed. One cannot get this in textbooks.You have to be engaged and challenged.You need a PROGRAM that blends with your Business Idea.You need directive rooted in sound entrepreneur principles thatcomplements and delivers hands- on experience to gain theconfidence to compete in Global Business Environment.Over a period of 10 months, the program will ground you withthe "How and Why" of business venture. 8 months of ENTREPRENEURInternational Market Study Tour and Business PlanDevelopment. This is not any Ordinary Program. AS A CAREER iDEA Program Passion Value Multiplier I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 3
  • 6. “FOCUS ON YOUR DREAM AND LEAVE THE REST TO US”Former management consultant at Infosys BPO and worked with Velankani and MphasiS(HP), she has managed migration models from USA, Australia and England forcompanies like Goldman Sachs, NMS, T-mobile etc. A visiting faculty at IIM-B, memberof the CII – Womens Business Leaders Forum (WBLF), she is also assisting NASSCOM inits Diversity & Inclusivity Initiatives. “Our goal is to provide young minds an opportunity to give their ideas life and provide initial incubation support and professional assistance.” Ms. Yeshasvini RamaswamyYou have an idea. We will work with you and nurture your idea to make it a success by Anchor - JGI iDEAconverting the idea into a business plan, review it with peers, coaches and make it www.jgiidea.orgmarket oriented and competitive 4
  • 7. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR vineet AGARWAL Damask Passion Value Multiplier A JGI VentureMr. Hemachandran (Chartered Accountant, with 35 years of work experience inorganisations like HUL, TATA, Shriram group, Reliance Retail in India andoverseas (6 countries in 3 continents) Mr. Hemachandran Seshadri CEO JGI Ventures Pvt Ltd. www.jgiventures.com We are excited to initiate this program to identify and support entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses of excellence on par with global corporations. This program has a special recipe and a commitment from JGI Ventures for success. INTRODUCTION TO - JGI VENTURES www.jgiventures.comDr. Chenraj Jain, founder of Jain Group of Institutions started JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd to give shape to theentrepreneurial initiative of the JGI group. JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd is set up to support and mentor successfulentrepreneurs who will create jobs and help contribute to the economic prosperity of the country. Young ambitiousstudents from the JGI Group have been funded by JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd informally to convert their ideas in to anenterprise with close monitoring and mentorship by Dr. Jain.Some of our promising incubatees TM“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesnt matter to me... Going to bed at night saying weve done something wonderful... thatswhat matters to me.” - Steve JobsI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 5
  • 8. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR raghotama RAO Passion Value Multiplier Manas A JGI Venture FACTS & FIGURESThe JGI Ventures has set up an Incubation Centre exclusively to help you incubate your new business ideas.We will mentor you for lifetime and provide a DEDICATED TEAM OF EXPERTS to work alongside with you to achievesuccess during your startup phase. The idea is yours and the funding and effective support is ours 2011 TURN OVER VENTURES EMPLOYEES New Ventures Existing Ventures New Ventures Existing Ventures New Ventures Existing Ventures 55.4 Cr 91.6 Cr 26 20 355 1945 147 Cr 46 2300 If you have an idea and want to be a successful entrepreneur, be a part of iDEA 2015 TURN OVER VENTURES EMPLOYEES 3500 Cr* 350 10,500JGI Ventures India Pvt Ltd has invested in the startup of many small to mid-sized companies. It started with one enterprise inthe year 2004 and today it has a total of 46 successful running enterprises. The businesses which are part of the JGI VenturesIndia Pvt Ltd operate in various sectors such as Education, IT, Infrastructure, Financial services, Technology, Hospitality, etc.employing more than 2300 people. The current cumulative total turnover (2011) of the enterprises is estimated to be morethan Rs. 147 crores. * New ventures not accounted for “Small entrepreneurs wishing to generate the necessary working capital often find it difficult to open their mouth and ask for money”. - Chin Ning ChuI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 6
  • 9. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR abdul SAIT Basket Options Pvt. Ltd. A JGI VentureWith JGI iDEA, you will have the opportunity to engage with anecosystem that provides you all the knowledge value in astructured manner, an opportunity to build that value byleveraging resources and support that the program offers,paving the way for you to create and own your own businessventure that can positively alter the future for you and others. iDEA aims at preparing entrepreneurs with skill sets of business www.jgiventures.com THE INCUBATION LIFE CYCLEThe incubation centre will support you at no cost for the first one year from the start of your own venture with Business strategy, Network and learn from Sharing bestFunding requirements Regulatory and all accounting, MIS, HR the Business Champions practices on key for the business legal requirements & Marketing needs across the World success factorsYou will interact with leading professionals as coaches drawn from leading entrepreneur CEOs, consulting, venturecapitalists, banks, academicians in making your business a success.“Life isnt about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” - George Bernard ShawI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 7
  • 10. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR sanjay JALAN R & S Food & Namaste India A JGI VentureWELCOME TO iDEA I A E Incubation & Development of Entrepreneurial AbilityYou have a life choice to make. You can either choose the beaten path of getting a management degree and securing ajob, like millions of others, or you can choose to be one of the distinctive few, who chart their own destinies to becometheir own masters. You can choose to launch your own business venture ; you can choose to become an entrepreneur !Global CampusI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 8
  • 11. iDEA Program Passion Value MultiplierI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP NOT ANY BUSINESS GLOBAL BUSINESS You dont compete with an average business plan. Nor should you compete with an average preparedness. Thats why JGI iDEA program is specifically designed to help young budding aspiring minds with ideas to attain their business objectives and goals. JGI iDEA provides customized program content relevant to todays business needs and challenges so that you are not Any Business Man, but a Global Business Man. Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 9
  • 12. The iDEA Road Map Entrepreneurs 10
  • 13. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier (M.Sc.-Biochemistry, PD-HRD, AIMA: 23 years of work experience in research and corporate environment like I.I.Sc., AstraZeneca, Dr. Reddy”s and Quintiles India) iDEA is truly a differentiated best-in-class business-enabling program that aspiring entrepreneurs will certainly derive tremendous value from. M.A. Mukund Program Director www.jgidea.org iDEA ROAD MAP Anchored by Jain School for Leadership Excellence, located at the Jain Global Campus @ Bangalore. iDEA will facilitate an experience for you that will be vastly different from and superior to any other standard educational program that you would probably have undergone. The three major phases in the entrepreneurship program :Month 10th 14th 18th 24th 30th Experiential Action Incubation Learning Stabilization Growth Coursework & Launch Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Ÿ Entrepreneurship building Ÿ International Ÿ Incubation Incubation Shared Services sessions exposure Support Ÿ Entrepreneurial Excellence Ÿ International & Ÿ Business plans and support support Seminar Series India Business launch (Optional) (Optional) Ÿ Learning the trade plans Ÿ Shared Services support Ÿ CEO Satsang International PG in Entrepreneurial Leadership 11
  • 14. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR jyothi JAIN Samaavesh & Meru Stones A JGI VentureCORE PROGRAMMEA structured engagement, resulting in a certification in entrepreneurial ability, consisting of three phases: 10 month foundational course – experiential classroom-based sessions towards a firm Phase 1 grounding in business and entrepreneurship essentials. 8 months of Action Learning with International entrepreneurship exposure – you will visit countries which represent high growth developed and developing economies, followed by an intense phase of preparing a business plan, and doing the groundwork for Phase 2 setting up the business venture, so that it is ready to be launched by the end of this phase A further 12 months – launch, incubation, guidance, mentorship and support ensuring Phase 3 that the business gets stabilized and is poised for further growth and scalability.This is a business conception and development engagement with the foundation in the form of an educationalcomponent.“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” - Gautama BuddhaI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 12
  • 15. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURSCREENING AND SELECTIONThe program is open for any graduate who wishes to become anentrepreneur.Deserving candidates like you will be handpicked through aselection process consisting of Quest (psychometric tests), RealityCheck point (assessment centre), Summit (personal interview)and references to assess their entrepreneurial ambition. Having apre-conceived business idea will be a part of this process but willnot be a mandatory criteria for selection. While aptitude isimportant, the primary focus of the selection process is to assessyour attitude and passion to become an entrepreneur.Once selected into this unique program, you will be amongstthe brightest of entrepreneurs who have been picked upfrom thousands of applicants. You will have the uniqueopportunity of creating business history that India will bewitness to. 13
  • 16. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR kishore Synapse Technologies A JGI VentureADMISSION PROCESSEligibility : Bachelors degree in any discipline preferably with 50% aggregate marks. ement of w ritten stat with hand tion form e letters Applica nd tw o referenc 1 Purpose a l inclination ur fe ntrepreneuria t will assess yo Assessment o ue stionnaire tha er an online q 2 (You will answ n entrepreneu r) ward s becoming a orientation to Assessment Centre s games and exercises (You will pa rticipate in a set of busines 3 te typical situations in a bu siness environment) that simula Panel Interviews (You will meet face-to-face wit 4 whom you will be able to pre h a panel of business experts to sent your ideas and share you ambitions) r Selection 5 (You are n ow aroun your own d 18 mon business ths away venture!) from bec oming th e CEO of Student loan partner We are glad to be associated with this unique program that promises the much-required knowledge, skills and global perspective for the aspiring entrepreneurs to be successful in the rapidly changing business, social and geo-political environment. Mr. Prashant Bhonsle Country Head, Credila Education Loan An HDFC LTD Company“The entire country looks up to me and they have expectations and thats why I have to work very hard.” - Sachin TendulkarI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 14
  • 17. SEVEN COUNTRIESGLOBAL VIEW iDEA Program Passion Value Multiplier I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP GERMANY It takes time, effort and expertise to become an entrepreneur. How can we accelerate the process to HONG KONG ensure entrepreneur success is achieved with hard work, focus and sharing of knowledge and expertise. CHINA USA JGI iDEA program is specifically designed to help young budding aspiring minds with ideas to attain PHILIPPINES their business objectives and goals. The iDEA Training, International Market Study Tour along with UNITED KINGDOM Financing Options have been blended uniformly to provide the extra edge for Entrepreneur to scale and achieve success in quick time. INDIA Over the period of 10 months, the program will ground you with the "How and Why" of business venture. 8 months of International Market StudyENTREPRENEUR Tour and Business Plan Development will make you ready to take on the challenges of Global BusinessPGP WITH Environment from the day you commence yourINTERNATIONAL business operation.EXPOSURE FOR The iDEA program will play a pivotal role to incubateBUSINESS and fund your company as well as access to team of professionals to guide you through the growth ofSUCCESS your business venture. Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 15
  • 18. Program Overview Entrepreneurs 16
  • 19. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier18 MONTHS OF TRAINING + 12 MONTHS OF INCUBATIONThe first 18 months will focus on enabling the student to conceive his/her business plan through international course worktraining exposure and action learning.Incubation will span the next 12 months as soon as the business is launched in the 19th month 18 Months 12 Months Experiential International Action Market Study Incubation Coursework Learning Tour Boot Business plan Boot Camp Launch Camp preparation Germany Mainframe Subjects Review & Main Frame Mentoring Approval Hong Kong Learning the Entrepreneur Shared Services Support Trade (projects) Conclave China Phillippines In association with Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) The Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) is an established national - Dist. Gandhinagar, Gujarat resource institute that is engaged in entrepreneurship education and training. JGI has collaborated with EDI on the JGI iDEA program whereby students of the program will www.ediindia.org United Kingdom undergo some part of the foundations coursework. The institution is an autonomous body and not-for-profit entity. Set up in 1983 EDI is sponsored by apex financial institutions, such as the IDBI Bank Ltd, IFCI Ltd. ICICI Ltd and State Bank of India (SBI). 17
  • 20. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR himanshu JOSHI Insight Consultancy ServicesPassion Value Multiplier A JGI Venture PILLAR SUBJECTS Fundamentals in Strategy, Marketing, HR, Finance, Operations, IT and Research Methodology “Boot Camp”Business Fundamentals Introduction to Entrepreneurship Identifying and evaluating business opportunities Business laws Legal aspects and statutory compliance for business Creation of new enterprises Family business dynamics Entrepreneurship Business communication & etiquette Foundations Risk management Business innovation Role of technology in business Strategies for growing start-ups Asia-social, economic and political environments Strategy Financial reporting and control Entrepreneurial finance Financing start ups Finance Organizational behavior Leadership and change management Creating and nurturing a learning organization Performance management Balanced scorecard Conflict management and Industrial Relations HR Organization design and structure This subject will be taught in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDI) in Dist. Gandhinagar, Gujarat This subject will be taught at the heimerer academy in Germany This subject will be taught at the AIM Asian Institute of Management in Philippines EDI 18
  • 21. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR abhishek AGARWAL Insight Consultancy Services A JGI Venture PILLAR SUBJECTS Advanced marketing and sales for entrepreneurs - I Advanced marketing and sales for entrepreneurs - II Marketing Operations management for entrepreneurs Project management Operations Information Technology for start - ups IT Preparing and presenting business plans Business PlanAll subjects in this program will be dealt with in the context of entrepreneurship making you a truly global entrepreneur.The pedagogy has been specially designed to enable the student to reap the benefits of experiential learning, withsignificant emphasis on case studies. For example, the distribution of the pedagogy mix for a couple of subjects in theprogram, in terms of the number of hours (illustrative only) : PEDAGOGY SUBJECT ROLE SELF - LECTURES CASES TOOLS VIDEOS PLAYS LEARNING Financial Reporting & 15 30 2 12 3 3 Control Operations 7 15 6 7 2 6 Management 19
  • 22. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR pavithra Vindhya Info Media A JGI VentureTERMINAL OBJECTIVES OF SUBJECTSThe terminal objectives of each subject in iDEA has been framed and designed to entrepreneurship and not justbusiness management BOOT CAMP Finance fundamentals Marketing and sales fundamentalsEnterprise Strategy and innovation fundamentals HR fundamentals Operations management fundamentals IT fundamentals Research methodologyThe objective of the “Boot Camp” is to establish the baselines of fundamental concepts in business management across itspillars for the students of the program STRATEGY Business innovation Indian & Global business environment At the end of this module, the student should understand At the end of this subject session, the student is expected to the role of innovation and its implications on evolving & be able to comprehend a holistic picture of the Indian and enhancing a business model and creating competitive global business environment, in terms of economic, political, advantage for start-up businesses. social and technology dimensions, so that he / she can think of positioning his business idea appropriately to operate in this environment Risk management Strategies for growing start-ups At the end of this subject module, the student is expected to At the end of this subject, the student should be able to understand the concept of business risk and techniques to understand how to apply strategies to grow the start-up mitigate risk at a conceptual level, in the context of a start-up ventures and scale the business BUSINESS PLAN Preparing and presenting business plans The student, at the end of this section is expected to understand the elements of all the subjects across the various pillars mentioned above and integrate all these elements into a coherent business plan, as well as learn to present them to stakeholders. 20
  • 23. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURTERMINAL OBJECTIVES OF SUBJECTS MARKETING Advanced marketing and sales for Advanced marketing and sales for entrepreneurs - II entrepreneurs - I The objective of the course is to provide the budding Same as for Part 1 in earlier semester, with the addition of student-entrepreneur a strategic decision-making the sub-topic of "Negotiation skills for entrepreneurs”. perspective in entrepreneurial marketing and specific aspects of sales that entrepreneurs should know and apply in the context of start-up ventures. ENTREPRENEURSHIP FOUNDATION Identifying and evaluating business Entrepreneurship landscape opportunities At the end of the subject sessions, the student should At the end of the subject session, the student should be able understand basics of entrepreneurship and techniques and to understand how to identify business opportunities and processes to manage new ventures including assess their feasibility and value, to be able to apply the Ÿ role of entrepreneurial ventures in Global economy concepts while starting a new venture Ÿ processes involved in starting a new venture Ÿ processes involved in funding and investing in a new or Creation of new enterprises growing entrepreneurial venture Ÿ understand methods of organizing & managing an At the end of this module, the student should be able to entrepreneurial ventures visualize the factors involved in the creation of a new business venture from multiple perspectives, with emphasis on the critical role of capitalizing on opportunities towards converting Business laws, legal aspects and them into business models statutory compliance for business Family business dynamics At the end of this module, the student should gain a basic understanding of laws and statutory issues that will govern This course will explore the distinctive leadership strategies, structures, his / her new business venture and should be able to apply and skills required to lead closely-held and family firms through change these concepts to ensure legal compliance of the business and growth. Because of the agency relationship between ownership and management, closely-held and family firms have idiosyncratic dynamics and strategic challenges when facing change and growth 21
  • 24. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURTERMINAL OBJECTIVES OF SUBJECTS HUMAN RESOURCE Creating and nurturing a learning Organizational behavior organization At the end of this subject module, the student shouldThis course aims to educate the student on the human side of enterprise and understand how an organization, through the collectivehow human dynamics in an organizational context affect the functioning of the capabilities of its people and talent can adapt to changingenterprise business dynamics and environment and adopt a culture of learning and constant improvement, to compete in the long-The modules examine teams, individuals and networks in the context of : term.Ÿ The determinants of group cultureŸ Managing the performance of individual subordinatesŸ Establishing productive relationships with peers and seniors over whom the manager has no formal authority Leadership & Change ManagementThe modules also look at how successful leaders in action :Ÿ Develop a vision of the future The student is expected to understand the importance of thisŸ Align the organization behind that vision subject in the context of starting a business venture, especiallyŸ Motivate people to achieve the vision the demands of leadership on the individual, styles of leadership,Ÿ Design effective organizations and change them to achieve superior leadership dilemmas etc. performanceThere is also a module for strategic career management The student is also expected to understand change management concepts and how to apply the frameworks of managing organizational change in the start-up and growth phases of the enterprise in an ever-changing dynamic business Performance management & Balanced scorecard environment.The student, at the end of this subject, should be able to understand how toinstill a performance culture in the new venture, set goals, objectives, measuring Conflict management and Industrial Relationsand evaluation systems for the enterprise and staff, along with consequenceframeworks At the end of this subject module, the student is expected to understand and apply strategies and techniques to resolve and manage conflicts between people and ideas, as well as understand the concept of industrial relations and the Indian Business communication & etiquette labour context as well how IR can influence the fortunes of any conventional manufacturing-oriented business.At the end of this session, the student should grasp the techniques and nuancesof communicating with stakeholders and customers, as well as understand thevarious media, along with subtle elements of body language, posture, verbaland non-verbal communication etc. He/ she should also become consciousabout the rules of business etiquette and personal grooming. 22
  • 25. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR radheshyam HEDA R H Commodities Passion Value Multiplier A JGI VentureTERMINAL OBJECTIVES OF SUBJECTS FINANCE Financial reporting and control Business taxation The objective of this module is for the students to gain the At the end of this subject module, the student is expected to following : Ÿ An understanding of concepts and language of gain an understanding of the tax laws and rules that apply accounting so that it can be used as an effective tool for to his / her business and therefore position the finances of communication, monitoring andand control Financial reporting resource allocation the new venture to become tax efficient as well as compliant Ÿ Mastery of the vocabulary of financial statements and to the tax regime. accounting reports Ÿ Familiarity with how modern accounting and control theory is used in evaluating economic conditions and making organizational decisions Entrepreneurial finance Ÿ Standard techniques of analysis, including capital budgeting, discounted cash flow valuation, and risk At the end of this subject module. the student is expected to analysis. focus on three sets of managerial decisions: Ÿ How to evaluate complex investments. Ÿ How to set and execute financial policies within a firm. Financing start-ups Ÿ How to integrate the many financial decisions faced by firms. Ÿ How to review financial, control and investment At the end of this course, the student should be able to opportunities faced by start-ups understand how to raise funds and capital for a start-up Ÿ How to evaluate a variety of potential high growth business venture, along with how to position the business opportunities, financial benchmarking of early stage & idea to attract finance. growth enterprises IT Information technology for start-ups At the end of this subject module, the student should be able to understand how to leverage IT in his/ her business venture operations for maximum effectiveness and efficiencies across various work streams in the operations. OPERATIONS Project management At the end of this module, the student should understand how to apply the concepts of project management while starting up and expanding the venture, so as to follow a structured and organized methodology. 23
  • 26. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURLEARNING THE TRADEBusinesses exist in various shapes and sizes spanning various industries.In order to get a ringside view on how businesses operate on a day-to-day basis, you will be assigned a project in a small or medium scaleenterprise as a business apprentice. Such organizations will be selectedand aligned to the extent possible to your area of business interest. Thiswill help you sharpen your business acumen. With this approach, you willbe able to understand the dynamics of business operations. Thisexperience will be oriented to entrepreneurship. You will work under theguidance of CEOs and business leaders to experience the nuances ofbusiness strategy in practical terms. 24
  • 27. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURENTREPRENEURSHIP EXCELLENCE SEMINAR SERIESThis series is very unique aspect of the iDEA program. There will be a series ofseminars & knowledge forums during the program in each semester by eminentpersonalities in industry and academia, as well as external experiencedentrepreneurs and professionals, on various topics of interest in the program.Some of the “guest faculty” will be international management “gurus” of repute.you will not only get an opportunity to learn form them but will also get tointeract, question and deliberate your business ideas with them. 25
  • 28. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR vishal BHURAT Syncolite A JGI VentureENTREPRENEURSHIP CONCLAVE The unique feature of the iDEA program is a mega-event, a conclave on entrepreneurship, where you will witness a series of talks on the subject as well as presentations on business plans. This will be the platform where you will present your business plans that are fleshed out of the action learning phase to expert panels. Established entrepreneurs and leading professionals from the industry will speak in the conclave and share their experiences with you that will illustrate various perspectives on the subject. This will be a unique opportunity for you to meet and network with business leaders, funding agencies, HNIs, banks and established entrepreneurs across various industry sectors. Indian economy is bristling with opportunities both for home grown and www.jgiventures.com global companies.FACULTYFaculty for the JGI iIDEA program have been hand picked with great care. The course content and methods of delivery willaim for the highest standards. The faculty will consist of experienced and accomplished individuals from the academic andcorporate worlds, as well as successful entrepreneurs. They will be experts in their respective domains with several years of rich professional experience. Ÿ Corporate houses like: Reliance, Infosys, Intel, Wipro, SBI, UB Group, Velankani, TCS, Sobha Developers, Acumac Machines, The Leela, Narayana Hrudyalaya, Avalon, Polo, Asipac, Wizcraft, KPMG, N18, Ernst & Young, IBM, Goldman Sachs, Mindtree etc. Ÿ Academia from institutions like London Business School, Harvard ,Babson, Heimerer, Xian International University etc. and entrepreneurial circles. Ÿ Some of the faculty are practicing CEOs operating their own successful business ventures in areas such as financial services, information technology and consulting. 26
  • 30. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR mahaveer SOLANKI Arka Edu Services Pvt. Ltd. Passion Value Multiplier A JGI VentureINTERNATIONAL MARKET STUDY TOURiDEA program will give you an international business exposure which iscritical for success in the globalized world. Early global outlook willprovide long term multiplier business gains. iDEA has establishedworking relationship with ICGC Consulting, Germany to provide hands-on experience of international business management. iDEA incollaboration with ICGC will facilitate meetings for the studententrepreneurs with international Ventures Capitalists, Businesses who areplanning to expand to India. It will also enable student entrepreneurs toget Incubation support in Germany, China and Hong Kong.You will be a part of the first ever “student business delegation”where again for the first time as a student you have the uniqueopportunity to sign off on possible business deals! It is important to build well-rounded business mangers to help corporate redefine India’s role as a strong leader in the global www.jgiventures.com economy. Visit Germany www.heimerer.de As part of the Action-Learning phase of the program and towards international exposure to a foreign business environment, JGI has tied up with the Hiemerer School in Germany to facilitate a two month “student-visit” program, wherein you will undergo short courses in a few additional niche subjects such as “Interconnected thinking” and “Communication in crises”, as well as get an opportunity to network with German industry bodies and entrepreneurs. heimerer Campus, Germany “I never perfected an invention that I did not think about in terms of the service it might give others... I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent.” - Thomas EdisonI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 28
  • 31. iDEA BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR suhas GOPINATH Global ITES Pvt. Ltd Passion Value Multiplier A JGI Venture “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with JGI iDEA Program. We believe this is a huge platform for Student Entrepreneurs who are passionate about building businesses of excellence. We are looking forward to the students coming to Germany where we will have specifically designed program for them. This program will add great value on their entrepreneurial view of the global market." Dr. Fredrich Heimerer Director Heimerer School, Germany The Hiemerer School is one of the highly ranked private schools in Germany, being ranked among the top 3 schools in Germany for further education. There are 10 locations of the school in Germany, In the field of Business Administration/Management, the Heimerer School has about 30 years of experience and offers the highest level study program and curriculum, which is highly appreciated for its novelty. They are also located in Russia which is another strong emerging capitalistic economy. The need for preparing entrepreneurs with creativity, specialized skills and path breaking ideas assumes greater importance www.jgiventures.com now than ever before.The Hiemerer School has established excellent relationships withthe German Industry of Chamber & Commerce and works veryclosely with world renowned companies For more information, you can visit www.heimerer.deGermany has a social market economy characterised by a highlyqualified labour force, a developed infrastructure, a large capitalstock, a low level of corruption, and a high level of innovation.Since the age of industrialisation, the country has been a driver,innovator and beneficiary of an ever more globalised economy.Germany is a founding member of the EU, the G8 and the G20and was the worlds largest exporter from 2003 to 2008. In 2009it remains the second largest exporter and third largestimporter of goods while generating a trade surplus of $189.7billion. “One of the keys to thinking big is total focus. I think of it almost as a controlled neurosis, which is a quality Ive noticed in many highly successful entrepreneurs.” - Donald TrumpI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 29
  • 32. iDEA sandeep JAIN Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Arka Edu Services Pvt. Ltd. A JGI Venture Visit China & Hongkong In a globalized world, if you do not have China in your business plan, you have no business going for you at all. India and China will be the epicenter of business growth for the next 100 years. In past few decades china has witnessed phenomenal growth in services and industry. China is second largest economy with GDP of $ 5.8 trillion JGI ventures will enable business ideas to get access to expert help as well as seed www.jgiventures.com stage capital. Xian International University Campus, ChinaYou will visit China and Hongkong’s industrial hubs and specialeconomic zones, interact with Chinese entrepreneurs peopleand learn the nuances in supply chain and logistics, which Chinais well known for, as well as visit an ongoing trade fair orbusiness exhibition.You will have a unique opportunity to visit Tianjin Economic -Technological Development Area - TEDA, supported by theChinese Ministry of Economy and Foreign trade and meetsenior business persons there. You will learn about internationaltrade and shipping rules and regulations as well as logistics andgain insights into China’s global trade and EXIM policies. Likewise in Hongkong you will visit companies and Chamber ofCommerce. You will also attend a entrepreneurship program atXi’an University . “I wanted to be an editor or a journalist, I wasnt really interested in being an entrepreneur, but I soon found I had to become an entrepreneur in order to keep my magazine going.” - Sir Richard BransonI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 30
  • 33. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR abhishek JALAN The Geeky Dhaba A JGI Venture Visit Philippines The Asian Institute of Management (AIM) was established in 1968 in partnership with Harvard Business School, The Ford Foundation, and the Asian academic and business communities. AIM is the pioneer of management education in Asia You will spend about two weeks at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) in the Philippines to undergo, as part of this program, a special course called the “Asian Immersion Course on Entrepreneurship”, which will complement the international exposure component under the action learning phase of the JGI iDEA program. AIM is the pioneer of management education in Asia. Since 2001, it has consistently ranked among the Top 100 business schools, for integrating social, environmental, and ethical issues into its educational programs. It has also received the Ramon Magsaysay Award, the Asian equivalent of Asian Institute of Management, Philippines the Nobel Prize, and has been awarded ISO 14001 Certification, for environmental management, a global first for a graduate school of management. iDEA has designed its program to empower entrepreneurial talent in students www.jgiventures.com to nurture their aspirations The course at AIM seeks to prepare you to become a global CEO by: Understanding the Asian context of entrepreneurship, doing business, and governance discovering entrepreneurial practices in Asia through networking with the Chamber of Commerce, successful entrepreneurs, and potential suppliers, buyers and SMEs in the region At AIM, you will undergo a few classroom subject sessions such as “identifying adaptive business and entrepreneurship challenges in Asia”, “Valuation for Venture Capital / Understanding the Venture Capital method”, “Systems thinking”, Chaos theory and Scenario Planning”. In addition, you will visit the Asian Development Bank, the Philippines Chamber of Commerce and the Philippine Venture Capital You may also get a chance to visit Singapore, Association, among other visits. For more information on AIM, please Africa and England depending on your business visit www.aim.edu idea to get a flavor of the Global business environment.Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as survival, but thats exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. Running that firstshop taught me business is not financial science; its about trading: buying and selling. - Anita Roddick I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 31
  • 34. iDEA ankit VOHRA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Arka Edu Services Pvt. Ltd. A JGI Venture Incubation of launch venture Present to panel for Articulate approval Business Idea Draft Business Plan iDEA Passion Value Multiplier Final Process Business Plan Coaching and mentoring An Initiative by SLE Refine & Iterate & Review Improve Refine the concept and reduce some of the early stage risks. www.jgiventures.com BUSINESS PLAN PREPARATION AND REVIEWHaving had your grounding in the fundamental essentials of entrepreneurship, this is the stage where you will applyconcrete steps towards becoming actual entrepreneurs. In this phase,· Business ideas are sharpened· Business plans are written and finalized through an iterative process· The groundwork for launching the business is done i.e. forming partnerships, figuring out the regulatory framework,organizing funding, making marketing plans etc.Throughout this process, you will be guided, mentored and coached by a group of highly experienced and accomplishedpeople – Subject-matter experts, experienced industry professionals, successful entrepreneurs etc.At the end of this stage, all business plans will be evaluated by a reviewing panel. The business plans that get approvedwill then advance to the next stage, where JGIV will invest in the business by providing seed capital - or, alternatively, helpthem get funding from banks or other financial Institutions by acting as guarantors.“If you have a product thats really gaining a lot of usage, then its probably a good idea”. - Larry PageI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 32
  • 35. iDEA arun PRABHU Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Intouch Analytics A JGI Venture BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION Visit USA If you are an achiever in the program, you will get an opportunity to surpass yourself by participating in a business plan competition in one of the leading international management schools in the US such as Babsons, Harvard or Kellogs. Typically these competitions are open for registrations in the first quarter of a calendar year. This will be an experience that which will add tremendous value to your confidence in launching your business. Since India is all set to become the Global Business power by 2015, we need entrepreneurs with innovative mind, sharp www.jgiventures.com skills to manage the businesses. DOMAIN CLUBS Another unique feature of the program is that of Domain Clubs. During the program, you will be invited to create or join clubs that can be segmented industry-sector wise, for example, depending on your business area interest, you could become a member of the “Retail Industry” club or “Insurance Services” club. JGI Ventures will identify specific industry sectors which will be prime areas of business interest, in which you can consider starting your business venture. The industry domain club will serve as a platform for you to share and exchange ideas with your peers and also forge links and associations with like-minded students who may share a similar passion as yours.If you have a product thats really gaining a lot of usage, then its probably a good idea. - Larry Page I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 33
  • 36. MAKING winning a HABITSPORTS – AN INTEGRAL FEATURE OF THE PROGRAM Archery will help you develop concentration and focus, which are important towards achieving specific business goals and targets that you will set for your venture.Your entrepreneurial skills and abilities will bereinforced through a different dimension –sports !An entrepreneur needs focus, stamina andpatience to succeed in todays businessenvironment.You will develop these qualities through a perfect blend of archery, swimming and golf which willbe integral to the iDEA program.Innovation is the distinction between a leader and a follower. - Steve JobsI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 34
  • 37. Similarly, golf will enable you to develop specific social nuances that will help you network with high-flying CEOs and business persons, the game itself being the sport of choice for the corporate elites.Energy and stamina that are so important for an entrepreneur from a physical fitness perspective willbe built up through swimming. 35
  • 38. Preview to your work placeAt JGI iDEA we believe in working hard and playing hard. We want you to get the most of your studytime and free time too. So we have a multi million dollar 160 acre campus investment on learningresources and social facilities that will enable us to give you an exceptional entrepreneurial experience 36
  • 39. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURIndoor Stadium SPRINTOOR’ Tennis courtsJain Global Campus has a 25 crore Excellent Tennis Court facilities thatmultipurpose indoor stadium include 4 plexi - cushion courts and oneSPRINTOOR with seating capacity clay court are available to all the tennisof 2,000 people. This sporting aspirants. Eminent coaches and trainerscomplex with wooden flooring has are called upon to train our students.4 badminton courts, volleyballcourts, basketball courts, 2 squashcourts, table tennis hall, 4 lane Basketball and Volleyballbowling alley, billiards, yoga,Jacuzzi steam, sauna, media room, Throughout the world, basketball andVIP rooms dormitories. volleyball are two hugely popular games. To encourage our students interests in these games, Jain GlobalAquatic Complex Campus has built to perfection, seven volleyball & seven basketball courtsTop class training venue AQUA with exclusive lighting facilities. Bowling Alleyfor swimmers to realize theirpotential to that fullest. The Jain Global Campus has an AMF 04 laneAQUA , stare-of-heart aquatic Hockey bowling alley. Students unwindcomplex comprises a 25 mt 08 themselves whilst playing friendlylane short course swimmingpool, Jain Global Campus has natural turf matches with their peers. Thosea 50 mt 10 lane competition pool hockey and football grounds which are desirous of pursuing the sport seriouslywith water-polo facilities anda extensively used for training and are trained under specialist supervision.separate diving pool with competing by the enthusiasts.standard fixed and spring divingboards, enabling it to host any Multi - gyminternational swimmingcompetition including water The Multi - gym has some of the best &polo,diving and synchronized the latest equipments for maintainingswimming. the right body kinaesthetic. Athletic ArenaCricket Field JASE has an IAAF 08 lane 400 mtThe 2 lakh sqft lush green OVAL , synthetic track & field facility for thea well designed international hugely popular athletic games.standard cricket ground with 5strips of turf wicket in the centre isfit enough to host any Golf Course Table Tennis & Badminton hallinternational or national crickettournament. The ground has The 06 hole Golf course is one the first An exclusive Table Tennis andplayed host to a number of and exclusive for any educational facility Badminton hall with 16 tables andimportant matches that include in the country. Students pride their time 4 badminton courts with woodenNCA tournament, MRF in this truly serene landscaped setting, flooring.tournament, u - 19 Ghulam training under professional coaches.Ahmed trophy & Asia cup u - 17. 37
  • 40. iDEA krishnan VENKATESH Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Drone Aerospace A JGI VentureOUTSTANDING FACILITIESLibrary Laundry Services Arts & Fine Arts StudioThe library is unrivalled with more Laundry Services including steamwashing, We believe that students should havethan 9000 books, digital media, drying and pressing in sanitized conditions extensive exposure to their culturallatest periodicals and journals. We are extended to the students and members heritage and should be provided withhave links with the British Council of staff. an opportunity to develop their talentsLibrary and other major libraries in in a creative atmosphere through studyaddition to an easy access facility. Safety & Security of art,music, drama and speech. WithAn innovative “Library-on-wheels” this in view, JGI has constructed thefeature adds imagination to an Safety & Security A reliable security system Arts and Fine Arts studio that enablesalready stimulating experience. with professional security personnel, a students to find a new meaning of completely fenced campus, 24/7 guard duty expression in an environment that and watch dogs are in place to safeguard challenges them to develop their artistic the sprawling campus. senses. Hygienic refectory Health Centre Jain global campus has a sterile vegetarian Health Centre comprises of well hygienic refectory with specialist qualified doctors & nurses along chefs catering to nutritional needs with consultation room, minor OT, of the students. Students are ICU and separate male and served with a bewildering femalewards with equipped assortment of dishes – Pan Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican & other pathology lab and dental clinic. Continental Cuisines. Softener Plant and Reverse Osmosis Plant Uninterrupted power supply Softener Plant and Reverse With a total captive power of 1760 Osmosis Plant helps in providing KVA, the residents enjoy a 24 hour safe and non contaminated water uninterrupted power supply. to the residents on campus. 38
  • 41. PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM FOR iDEA Passion Value Multiplier ASPIRING YOUNG ENTREPRENEURSbusiness idea enroll acquire skills incubate own business 39
  • 42. iDEA kishore Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Synapse Technologies A JGI VentureINCUBATION & LAUNCH SANJAY JALAN HIMANSU DOSHI MAHESH SANGHVI CAFE GOSSIP & R&S FOODS ICS VRIDDHI iDEA encourages the students to come up with their own business ideas. Incubation is the phase where the business is incorporated and launched, and is the heart of the program. JGI Ventures will also enable a network of Shared Services functions in areas such as Finance, marketing, HR and legal services, which can provide your venture back-office and remote support in the set-up and stabilization phase of the new enterprise. While providing all the support, JGI Ventures will also provide a positive structure of accountability, thereby encouraging you to reach your highest potential.“Be the change you want to see in the world.” - Mahatma GandhiI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 40
  • 43. iDEA mandeep Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Synapse Technologies A JGI Venture KAPIL SANGHVI K RAJESH KUMAR ARUN PRABHU BRAIN WORKS BLUE MAN SUPPORT SERVICES INTOUCH ANALYTICS A vibrant Indian economy is calling for entrepreneurship, for people who are willing to take risks, to change the routines, and who can persuade others to go along. As part of this program, you will have the privilege of experiencing a truly novel and valuable developmental intervention named “CEO Satsang” in the second year. “Satsang” in Sanskrit stands for “ the company of the true”. The cornerstone of this intervention is that potential entrepreneurs come together over a period of several weeks with mentors where they brainstorm on their ventures, the purpose and mission of their businesses and enterprise strategies, all towards fleshing out future direction and growth of their An Initiative by SLE businesses with a market roadmap. You will greatly benefit from this unique experience where you will gain access to professional CEOs and peer learning, which will help you align your business venture to market dynamics and get it on track. For more information on CEO Satsang, please visit www.ceosatsang.org "What an experience! The facilitation by stalwart coaches was the right glue to fuse the business truths (Sat) shared by the very articulate CEO participants (Sang). It was truly a CEO SatSang. NirvaaNa (salvation) in business doesnt seem to be very far anymore." Mr. Gopal Rao CEO Merit Systems & Champions Business Innovation“Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” - Bill Gates I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 41
  • 44. iDEA sandeep Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Synapse Technologies A JGI VenturePROCESSES INVOLVED IN INCUBATION AND THEIR SIGNIFICANCE The Shared Services Center (SSC), set up by JGI Ventures, will work as a strategic partner for JGI idea students in helping them build sustainable business and strong stakeholder relationships. Our vision is to “create a unique climate of leadership, support, mentoring and business opportunities that will help our entrepreneurs to succeed and thrive as part of JGI ecosystem”. The country is boasting of an enviable young demographic profile. www.jgiventures.comOnce the students have a validated business plan, our teamof subject matter experts will invest time in providingsolutions and services that address business problems of thestudents and help in enhancing their competitive edge.The salient features of SSC would include provision of :-þ Expertise in key areas such as Human Resources (HR), legal, finance, administration, marketing etc so that the entrepreneur focuses on customer acquisition and outsources the non-core activities to the Incubation Centerþ Host of other optional services in areas such as branding, marketing, websites, e-mail, technology Top R - L: Jia Jain , Jyothi C, Saket Jalan support etc. Bottom R - L: Abhishek Agarwal, Suhas Gopinath, Abdul G Saitþ Networking, funding, customer acquisition, best www.jgiventures.com practices sharing, hiring etc. and providing access to the vast network of accomplished professionals, successful entrepreneursOne must have strategies to execute dreams. - Azim PremjiI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 42
  • 45. iDEA raghavendra Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Synapse Technologies A JGI VentureHOW WILL YOU BENEFIT FROM SHARED SERVICES CENTER (SSC) Focus Benefits Ÿ Feedback on business plans funding institutions and entrepreneurs Ÿ Interactions with funding institutions and angel investors Ÿ First hand opportunity to experience and learn about venture funding Business Plan review The process of entrepreneurs sharing their experiences in designated groups of peers for maximizing learning. Peer Review Sector specific expertise is available from reputed professionals in reviewing and aligning the actual performance of the business on a continuous basis. Specialized advice Opportunity to interact, learn and get motivated by successful and well- known entrepreneurs MentoringYour focus is on the main business with all support requirements being met by the incubation centre.The incubation centre will support you at no extra cost for the first one year from the start of your own venture withþ Legal reviews of documentation, regulatory processes like registration, MOU, articles of association, PAN, VAT, TIN registrations, compliance with various laws.þ Adapting the business plans for funding by JGI Ventures, Angel investing, Venture capital, and other financial institutions.þ Peer reviews with fellow student entrepreneurs.þ Network with existing entrepreneurs and CEO Satsang members who run businesses currently“There is a degree of freedom that creates aspirations.” - Anand MahindraI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility www.jgiidea.org 43
  • 46. iDEA punit SOLANKIPassion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR Petal Shades A JGI Venture At the end of Incubation phase, you, the entrepreneur, have the option of continuing to use the physical and human resources (legal, finance, marketing etc.) for an annual fee. The rest of the ecosystem is available to you for life. That means - the networks, guidance, coaching and access to the community at large – will still be available, through a variety of mechanisms such as the “CEO Round Tables”, Entrepreneurs corner, Memberships to CII, TiE, NASSCOM & other entrepreneurial associations. The support of the `Angels’ can change the www.jgiventures.com entrepreneurial landscape.WE ARE MAKING A COMMITMENT FOR LIFE! 44
  • 47. Its a simple fact. A better trained, knowledgeable and aWERE THE confidant person will deliver a better top line and bottom line results for their business. But finding the right resources forFORCE BEHIND results-driven training isnt easy. JGI iDEA program is the solution to accelerate the process; to ensure internationalYOUR BUSINESS IDEA entrepreneur success is achieved with hard work, focus and sharing of knowledge and expertise. A full range of entrepreneur study subjects coupled with international study tours and access to capital will make your business idea real. Well customize training, tour and funding www.jgiventures.com to integrate with your business iDEA or create a new one. JGI iDEA will boost and guide your entrepreneurial aspirations to succeed. We will be the force behind your business idea An Initiative by SLE iDEA Program Passion Value Multiplier I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 45
  • 48. Institution behind the iDEAJGI is a group committed to humandevelopment at all levels througheducation and entrepreneurship, to buildsustainable communities. The group hasestablished educational institutions frompre-school stage to masters degrees invarious fields since 1995, and represents acluster of 59 educational establishmentsthat are home to 30000 students fromacross the world and over 3120 staffmembers. The Jain University, a member ofthe JGI Group, is declared deemed to be auniversity under section 3 of the UGC Act,1956. With an endeavor to establishlearning avenues par excellence, the JGIleadership constantly seeks to introducecourses in various fields of education. Thelatest initiative is a program onentrepreneurship, which is designed tofocus on business skills and frameworksthat will help passionate and talentedindividuals to build and grow their ownenterprises. 46
  • 49. 47
  • 50. INSPIRATIONAL VISITS Kapil Dev Former Indian Cricketer Mahesh Bhupathi International Tennis Player Dr. Veerendra Heggade Dharmadhikari, Dharmastala Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam Former President of India Steve Waugh Former Australian Captain Pankaj Advani World Snooker & Billiards Champion Sanath Teran Jayasuriya Member, Sri Lanka Cricket Team Dr. Kumar Mangalam Birla Chairman, Birla Group Azim Premji Chairman, Wipro Technologies Narendra Modi Chief Minister, Gujarat 48
  • 51. iDEA Program Passion Value MultiplierI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGPFAMILY BUSINESSBIG BUSINESS You have commitment towards your family business. The time has come for you to take over. You need to rise up to compete and build skills that will empower you to achieve greater goals. Thats why JGI iDEA program is a specifically designed to help young budding aspiring minds with ideas to attain their family business objectives and goals. JGi iDEA provides customized program, content relevant to todays business needs and challenges. Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 49
  • 52. iDEAPassion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEURQUOTES & COMMENTS I am delighted that a prestigious institution such EDI (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India) is partnering with us to establish the iDEA program. This will herald a new era of collaboration and propel entrepreneurship to the next level in India. Dr. Easwaran Iyer Dean & Director, Commerce & Management Jain University The objective of EDI is to foster globally competitive and competent first generation entrepreneurs who could write new economic history of the country. Subsequently we experimented with rural entrepreneurship development successfully and institutionalized entrepreneurship development strategy among about 650 NGOs, with the support of NABARD and SIDBI. We are very happy to be associated with the JGI iDEA program &Dr. Dinesh Awasthi look forward to engaging budding entrepreneurial talent Director EDI - Ahmedabad I am very glad to be associated with the JGI iDEA program, and will be very interested in nurturing the business ideas that this program will generate. Mr. Sameer Kanth Head CJCEN & former Senior consultant NEN JGI iDEA Program offers young entrepreneurs an unique experience that combines entrepreneurship education with entrepreneurial activity. This would definitely contribute to entrepreneurial development as well as the economic activity in the country Mr. Sriraman Director Bee-Hive Ventures The JGI iDEA program is a revolutionary concept and a boon to those aspiring to be entrepreneurs. Combining incubation and mentoring with entrepreneurship education will create a nurturing ecosystem that will add tremendous value and increase the chances of success for those with passion to launch their own ventures. Sudha Raju Mentor CII WBLF 50
  • 53. R TO OC ER - DINE S G ER BBEN WYM - E -L A URB B NE L EP REL N TR -E EAiD BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR WITH iDEA Passion Value Multiplier Program I ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 or visit www.jgiidea.org 51
  • 54. iDEA Passion Value Multiplier BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR QUOTES & COMMENTS iDEA is a special program that has been designed specifically to build and develop entrepreneurs as well as managers with an entrepreneurial approach to business. I am sure that a student of this program will find it to be a stepping stone to a very successful future Mr. Shyam Viswanathan (Ex.) Associate Dean Executive Education ISB The design of the Incubation centre is JGI iDEA program’s unique feature. I am happy to be a part of this novel concept and eagerly looking forward to working with budding entrepreneurs across IndiaShubha Subramanian Ex- Head FCOE Infosys BPO It is an excellent platform for youth to realize their dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Its unique structure and hand-holding model makes it a perfect blend of concept and practice. I am very happy to be a part of this pioneering effort Dr. G. Rajkumar CEO, HR Footprints & Visiting Faculty IIM Indore & S.P. Jain It is indeed exciting to anticipate a revolution in entrepreneurship that the JGI iDEA program promises to usher in, and we are eagerly looking forward to be part of this revolution with the Jain Group of Institutions which is launching this program. Nimesh Shah DirectorCipher Capital Advisors Pvt Ltd. YOUR BUSINESS IDEA TO REALITY. GUARANTEED Dr. Sudhir Borgonha CEO TMI, Guest at MIT & Harvard 52
  • 56. Stay Connected on iDEA Program Passion Value Multiplier www.jgiventures.comI ncubation & D evelopment of E ntrepreneurial A bility with I nternational PGP Find out how and why. Call +91 94833 28550 Corporate Office: JGI School for Leadership Excellence www.jgiidea.org No 34. 1st Cross, JC Road, Bangalore 560027 Ph: +91 (080) 4343 0170 Fax: +91 (080) 4343 0175 © All rights reserved The JGI Group.