Jean Fares Couture Bio - Update, April 2012


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Jean Fares Couture Bio

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Jean Fares Couture Bio - Update, April 2012

  1. 1. “Fashion is not only about a gown. It’s about an Identity” - Designer Jean Fares. “Coming from the Middle East, designer Jean Fares, can make cultural adjustments” – NTDTV From the East to the world, Jean Fares refined gowns, fly to impact! From The International Oscars, Emmy, Golden Globe, Cannes Festival, NAACP, ACM and BET Awards to the American top TV serials, Talents choose Jean Fares Couture to shine on Red Carpet! From New York, Washington DC, Huston, Florida and Miami... From Paris passing by Egypt, Kuwait in the first open fashion show in Kuwait’s history, KSA, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, to Tunisia, Jean Fares Couture had the Honor to showcase its high-end-collections in an unseen success... to confirm the link! Jean Fares Couture is a Lebanese luxury fashion house founded by the Lebanese designer, Jean Fares in 1992. The brand has its owntrademark style, mixing and communicating with colors, asymmetrical cuts, curved lines, and embroidered precious stones on REFINED sequined gowns. It is the reason for which the most famous Hollywood stars are constantly requesting to wear his innovative creations. The extensive lines of the brand include: • Jean Fares Haute Couture • High End ready-to-wear :”The Pret A Porter by Jean Fares” Jean Fares Couture Work Philosophy Mission: Communication with woman through colors and shapes exclusively inspired from the distinguished Middle Eastern spirit of fashion designer Jean Fares. From the heart of a tiny Mediterranean Sea country i.e. Lebanon, Jean Fares Couture proudly dares to dream challenging his woman to dare too. Core Values: Leading living fashion from the Middle East to the World [of Fashion] through a dedicated team that is able and trained to achieve our goals in an insightful and effective manner: Ref. i.e. “Evolving trend fashion in Egypt with the participation of Jean Fares: Research conducted by Arizona University, USA. Work Philosophy: Honesty – Respect – Integrity – Insights – Effectiveness and Development – Diversity - Human Values. Corporate behavior: Truth, Justice, Respect, Recognition and Reconciliation toppled with a genuine love for a sane work environment where JFC team would have the chance to a self-empower through a genuine collaboration for its success with The Group.
  2. 2. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture KELLY ROWLAND SHARON LEAL LAURA BELL BUNDY JANINA GAVANKARKelly Rowland chose a Jean Fares “Never loved a dress so much! Best Dressed at 2012 ACM Actress Janina Gavankar wore cocktail dress to shine at the 5th Thank u!!!” - Sharon Leal tweeting Awards: Laura Bell Bundy was Jean Fares Couture at the HBOAnnual ESSENCE Black Women in about the Jean Fares gown she worn Hollywood Luncheon at the 5th Annual ESSENCE Black all glam in a Jean Fares Couture 2012 Golden Globe Post Party! Women in Hollywood Luncheon! sequin-filled asymmetrical gown. HOFIT GOLAN JOANNA KRUPA MEAGAN GOOD DIANA MADISON Hofit Golan at 5th Annual Joanna Krupa,voted as The Sexiest Meagan Good attended the “Vanities” Diana Madison dazzles on theHollywood Domino Gala and Model in the World,tweets to Jean party at Siren Studios on February 20, red carpet in Jean Fares Couture Fares Couture: 2012 wearing Jean Fares Couture Tournament in Los Angeles “thank you for the lovely gown I wore during the Oscars wearing Jean Fares Couture today “ Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  3. 3. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture MARCIA CROSS ANGIE HARMON ALEXA VEGA PAULA ABDULMaria Cross in Jean Fares gown is Angie Harmon wears Jean Fares Wearing a Jean Fares gown, Alexa Paula Abdul wears Jean Fares Couturenamed BEST Dressed at the 2011 Couture to the 2011 UNICEF Vega receives the Favorite Comedy/ on XFactor USA Alma Awards! Snowflake Ball in New York City Musical Movie Actress Award during the 2011 ALMA Awards ! REBECCA ROMIJIN FRANCIA RAISA YVONE STRAHOVKI JOELLE CARTERRebecca Romijin in a Jean Fares Francia Raisa wears Jean Fares Actress Yvone Strahovki wears Joelle Carter arrives Couture at 2011 Creative Arts Couture Blue Amoric gown at JFC “Shine” gown on the set of Emmy after party in Jean Fares Emmy Awards! ALMA 2011 Awards TV Series “Chuck” Couture Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  4. 4. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares CoutureBROOKE BURKE ASHANTI CARRIE UNDERWOOD EVA MARCILLEBrooke Burke wearing Jean Fares Ashanti in Jean Fares Carrie Underwood BEST dressed in Eva Marcille’s photo shoot with Magazine,Couture “Petunia” gown on the the Couture – Best Dressed at Jean Fares Couture! - Academy of she is on the cover of the online magazine in Jean Faresfinale episode of Dancing with the the BET Awards ‘11 held in Country Music Awards Red Carpet. Couture!Stars Los AngelesNICOLE SCHERZINGER MELODY THRONTON JILIAN MICHAELS CARMEN ELECTRA LAURA BELL BUNDYNicole Scherzinger her birthday Melody Thornton performing in Jillian Michaels in Jean Fares Couture Carmen Electra wore Jean Fares Laura Bell Bundy attends thein Las Vegas in Jean Fares Jean Fares Couture on the UK to the 2011 Daytime Emmy Awards Couture as she celebrated her 2011 CMT Music AwardwearingCouture! TV show, Popstar to Operastar. in Las Vegas birthday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Jean Fares Couture!  Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  5. 5. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture Jean Fares Couture made 2011 Cannes Film Festival Shine with its uttermost Glow ! LADY VICTORIA HARVEY & MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ Lady Victoria Harvey & Michelle Rodriguez attend amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Hotel Du Cap on May 19, 2011 in Antibes, France,both wearing Jean Fares Couture SARAH ANN SCHULTZ HOFIT GOLANActress Sarah Ann Schultz wearing Jean Fares Couture gowns Hofit Golan wearing three Jean Fares Couture gowns at the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  6. 6. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares CouturePAULA ABDUL PARIS HILTON BROOKE BURKEPaul Abdul wears Jean Fares Couture Mini at the 16th Brooke Burke looks stunning in JFC “Senses” gown Paris Hilton tweeted to her 3 million followers, as she hosted Miss America 2011 Pageant!Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball “Had a fabulous night in my Jean Fares Couture gown.” CONWELL MASHA RUDENKO MYA EMMA BELL LAURA BELL BUNDYAngell Conwell was listed as Model Masha Rudenko arrives Mya arrives at the GRAMMY Actress Emma Bell wears JFC Laura Bell Bundy wearing JFCBEST DRESSED at NAACP at the Treats! Magazine Pre- Awards wearing JFC “Glory” gown “La Gitane” gown to the AMC gown at the 44th Annual CMAImage Awards! Oscar Party. Golden Globe Viewing Party 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  7. 7. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture From Movie Premiere to Chopard and AMFAR Red Carpets, designer Jean Fares from Lebanon, marks himself in 2010 Cannes Festival again PARIS HILTON Paris Hilton in “White Soul” was rated best dressed at amFar 2010. * “I I’m wearing now. So couture love the Jean Fares dress elegant and beautiful. Amazing Designer,” wrote Paris Hilton on Twitter. MELANIE GRIFFITH Melanie Griffith wears Jean Fares Couture to the Starlite Gala on August 7, 2010 in Benahavis , Spain.HOFIT GOLAN MARIA KANELLIS LADY VICTORIA HERVEY TOLULA ADEYEMIHofit Golan in “Fly High” was rated best Maria Kanellis in “Glory” at the Celebrity Wearing Jean Fares Couture “Twist” Wearing “Pensee” Gown. Shedressed. “She chose an original white dress Apprentice 3 Finale After Party at the Trump gown.  is regularly written up in Voguewith an asymmetrical cut and in Greek style. Soho” – Couture In The City. Magazines internationally. She is aHowever, it looked wonderful” – Fashion & taste maker and writes in vogue forLifestyle. the column “Today I’m Wearing”. Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  8. 8. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture In March, designer Jean Fares celebrates Woman’s day on his own way: On 2010 Oscars and NAACP red carpets! “Jean Fares Couture takes over 2010 NAACP Image Awards!” - FG2B. “True to the Jean Fares style, each of these actresses showcased their elegance and sophistication while walking the red carpet in their Jean Fares gowns” - VRE7.HOFIT GOLAN with Elton John, shines in a Jean Fares gown at 2010 Oscar’s Party. EVA MARCILLE WENDY RAQUEL TATYANA ALI SUSAN DOWNEY Is rated within the 6 Top dressed at the 2010 Oscars! * “After the wonderful dresses those ISAG and3Golden Globes I was left disappointed at the with the Oscar fashions. Of found that I felt were post worthy! Susan Downey in Jean Fares Couture” - AnthroLove. Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  9. 9. International Stars Wearing Jean Fares Couture MARIAH CARREY New Year at Madison Square Garden and special concert at Atlantic City. * “Mariah Carey enjoyed her custom designed Jean Fares Couture gown as she sang to her fans at Madison Square Garden. Mariah Carey is taking the beautiful, hand-beaded Jean Fares gown on the road for her “Angels” tour”. HAIFA WEHBE Regional celebrity, Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe wearing Jean Fares Couture. Carrie Underwood dazzled in Jean Fares Couture at the 44th Annual Academy of Country Music AwardsEVA MARCILLE Los Angeles, April 6, 2009—Entertainer of the Year, Carrie Underwood, performed Fox Christmas Special where she wore two dresses: Baby dreams and Angel.Wearing Jean Fares Couture during the opening of the Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards, singing her hit song “All-American Girl” in a short, ivory beaded couture gown hand-made by Lebanese designer Jean Fares. HOFIT GOLAN SAMANTHA HARRIS Cannes Film Festival (Amfar Party). Season Premiere of Dancing with the Stars. * “This dress gotDita Von Teese, Paris so much attention! * “Last night was a great night for Jean Fares Couture!  Samantha Sharon Stone, Harris looked STUNNING in the Jean Fares DH 26-09 Hilton, Fiftey Cent, Armani, Kenneth gown on the 2-hour season premiere. Also, Jean Fares Cole and many others all came to Couture received a credit last night at the end of the show”. Hofit to complement her on the gown and ask her which designer it * “Samantha Harris looked so beautiful  wearing Jean Fares was. She insisted on sending them Couture on the two hour opening night!”. herself to the British papers for inclusion”. J.R. Savet S/M/G PR. * “22.5 million Viewers! Highest viewership ever-WOW!”. Celebrities Love Jean Fares Couture! :
  10. 10. “It’s Not Any Pret A Porter; It’s “The Pret-A-Porter by Jean Fares” Jean Fares showcased his High-End Pret A Porter AW 13 collection at March 2012 in Vendome Luxury Tradeshow DuringParis Fashion Week.The tradeshow was a great success with an impressive number of buyers in attendance from all around the worldto mention few: New York, Ger- many, China, France, England, Italy, China, Japan, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Look Magazine - “Voted best dressed Paris Fashion Week 2012: Model & TV Personality Hofit Golan chose “The Pret A Porter” by Jean Fares for her tour in Paris Fashion Week. SS 12 Season ,Romanian model and actress Alina Puscau chose “The Pret A Porter” by Jean Fares to promote the Vendome Luxury.
  11. 11. International Fashion Shows & Events Nayyara Exhibition April 23 to 25, 2012. Saudi Arabia NEW YORK COUTURE FASHION WEEK “Dynamic fashion designer Jean Fares of Lebanon presented his collection “Living... Energy” inspired by the ideal wearer of his designs: a dynamic, charming, thrilling and energetic woman. “Jean Fares’ creations received an enthusiastic reception from our audiences in both New York and Palm Beach... as one of the guests said, each gown was fabulous and then the next one was even better,” commented producer Andres Aquino. “ Those flowing gowns were stunning and it was a joy to photograph them. Cap- turing such beauty is why I do photography in the first place. Great work” - Bob Nitolli, photographer. “ KAZAKHSTAN FASHION WEEK Great success! - Almaty, Kazakhstan!“The collection of stunning evening gowns Jean Fares Couturetore applause, and the show ended with the release of models in wedding dresses” AMBER FASHION, MONACO CANNES
  12. 12. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) JFC is committed to respect, save and protect its source of all inspirational sources: Nature. Amid severe climate change and threats, JFC proudly raises its voice along with some Global non-profit organization seeking the well being of all peoples in a clean environment. To meet its CSP, JFC is proudly allied with some Global organization: - Effective member of “Power Vote” (Green jobs): Co-sponsor of I-Contact (Community Water Center - CWC co-sponsors Free Public Water Forum): 10/10/10 350 “We Tree” event,featuring 300 years old olive tree planted in the Jean Fares Couture garden Designer JEAN FARES Planting His Own Olive Tree In Carthage, Tunis Because “hands that create, draw and plant are hands of Peace”, at Brooklyn Art Project Show of March 2011: THINK GREEN THINK JEAN FARES COUTURE PORSCHA COLEMAN Heart 4 Africa campaign 2009. In photo: Jean Fares Couture Art Work at BAP ART SHOW * “The Porscha Coleman photo shoot was a huge success Jean Fares’ gowns made them over the top fabulous!!!” TRIPLECORD PHOTOGRAPHY – Annette Biggers Owner/ Photograph.
  13. 13. Jean Fares Couture in International Magazines“Paula’s Shimmery silver Jean Fares 1. Jean Fares Couture “Between the Lines” Olivia Munn on the cover of Hydrogen fashion magazine wearingCouture certainly grab the spotlight!”- gown: Jean Fares CoutureLife & Style Magazine. Hollywood is still craving on eagerly! In photo: • 944 Magazine • Audrina Patrige photoshoot • Victoria JusticeBeth Chamberlin in Jean Fares US Weekly magazine: Who wore Jean Fares Susan Downey in Jean Fares Couture featured in People & US WeeklyCouture rated “Best of the Best” in Couture Best? Carrie Underwood v/s Eva magazinesCBS SOAPS IN DEPTH magazine MarcillePeople en Espanol featuring Gloria People magazine featuring Tichina Arnold in Lance Bass as one of the hottest bachelors LeeLee Sobieski wearing JeanTrevi in Jean Fares Couture Jean Fares Couture showed the model wearing a Jean Fares Fares Couture featured in Couture gown in People magazine Flair magazine
  14. 14. Jean Fares Couture in International Magazines Jean Fares Couture gowns in different issues of iHola! magazineHofit Golan wearing Jean Fares Couture in different issues of OK! magazine Jean Fares Couture in Angeleno magazine Jean Fares Couture gowns featured in an artisitc photo shoot by Kurve magazine