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  • 2. • Population • Methodology • Introduction • Resources • Welcome • Activities • Objectives • Assessment • Justification • Contents • Pedagogical models • Bibliography and CybergraphyMENU
  • 3. • It is addressed to movie lovers from 10 years old to 65 years old.• The online course is oriented to students that are interested in learning English and that love moviesPOPULATION
  • 4. • Movies are accessible for everybody and everybody want to see a movie just to entertain themselves. So the course will develop activities to distinguish among different genres, also the students will discuss the main issues that are in movies like characters, use of light or picture etc.• The activities will be presented in a written way.INTRODUCTION
  • 5. WELCOME
  • 6. • The program is created to clarify and distinguish between different movie genres; also they will be able to identify different movie aspects like context, description of characters, use of light, pictures, etc.• The student will be able to handle vocabulary that is involved in movies, also they will structure clear sentences to learn how to describe, compare and differentiate different topics and situations.OBJETIVES
  • 7. • Education models try to improve the teaching-learning process in order to standardize an appropriate way of instruction, therefore there are a lot of models and paradigms; Nowadays the AVAs (Ambientes Virtuales de Aprendizaje) are a new model based in the used of virtual aids that provides students with suitable tools for his develop on several context like, job market, student life, and the most important, the real world.JUSTIFICATION
  • 8. • The Constructivism is based on interchanges between students and teachers, so I think is the most accurate to argue, discuss or just make simple comments about the movies characteristic.• Conductism also…..PEDAGOGICAL MODEL
  • 9. • It will be develop by documents as handouts, web pages and others that provide the student with the accurate movies vocabulary and also with grammar explanations.• On the other hand if the student wants to ask questions, they will be answered in asynchrony via e-mail or by virtual forums.METHODOLOGY
  • 10. • It is required that students have Internet access to the watch movies, to enter web pages as word reference.com, or esl-kids.lab to get grammar explanations.RESOURCES
  • 11. • The program will be divided in four sections to develop and reinforce what the student has seen across the course.• The first is to give the resources or explanation reference to the students in order to know the vocabulary and the structure of descriptions, comparatives and superlatives.• The second topic will be the Description; it will be develop with the classic thriller “Rashomon”• The activity will be analyze and describe the different versions of a specific event.• (mapa mental o conceptual)ACTIVITIES
  • 12. • The third topic will be compare and differentiate; it will be able to choose among two remakes and with the two original ones, “Total Recall” and “Clash of Titans”. (instructivo para bajar las peliculas Cuevana emule vimeo)• The activity will be focused on compare the versions and identify the differences between them.• The fourth will include the last ones because the student will have to make a descriptive text about an episode of Rikky Ho. At the end he have to compare the movie with another one that he had already see.ACTIVITIES
  • 13. • As the AVAs model is new it won’t give a grade to students, because the course is guide to establish a dialogue between several movie lovers.• Texts will be correct among each one that participate in the activity, it means that each one will have access to all the texts.• (Criterios básicos evaluativos - evaluar cada trabajo)ASSESSMENT
  • 14. • First week: course introduction, give them the web references• Second week: worksheet about the Describing, compare and differentiate the movie world.• Third week: First movie, first text.• Fourth week: corrections and discussion• Fifth week: Second and third movies, second text.• Sixth week: corrections and discussion• Seventh week: Last movie and third text• Eighth week: Last correction and discussion, last text.CONTENTS