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This powerpoint is about technology and how it affects us.

This powerpoint is about technology and how it affects us.



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Technology power point Technology power point Presentation Transcript

  • Technology’s Impact On You Jessica Bakker.
  • Everyday Technology
    • We use, cars, cell phones, microwaves, fridges, ovens, coffee makers, an many others.
    • Medicine is more advanced because of technology.
    • People take all of these things for granted.
    • What if we didn’t have them?
  • Transportation: Now & Then
    • Now:
    • Less accidents.
    • Hybrid.
    • Electric.
    • More safety features.
    • GPS
    • In a crash, the car can turn itself off.
    • OnStar
  • Transportation: Now & Then
    • Then:
    • Used horses, oxen, donkeys, boats, trains, later, airplanes.
  • Phones
    • PRO:
    • Can be used in an emergency. Can communicate anytime with other people.
    • Have cameras, internet, music, games, video.
  • Phones
    • CON:
    • While driving, increases risk of accident.
    • Texting or talking on the phone while driving influences children to do the same.
    • Linked to depression.
    • Talking or texting on the phone of talking, slows reaction time to that of a 70 year old.
    • 66% of teenagers admit to talking on the phone.
    • 18% admit to texting.
  • iPods & Music Devices
    • PRO:
    • You can store documents on it.
    • It ‘allows you to control your environment’.
    • Your music lets you control how you view the things around you.
    • Gives you a way to shut yourself off from the world.
    • You can listen to books, watch movies, podcasts, or learn another language.
  • iPods & Music Devices
    • CON:
    • You can become more increasingly dependant on you iPod.
    • Listening to your music too loud can cause damage to your ears.
    • Listening to your iPod too much can be rude and make you anti-social.
  • Television (Just a little info)
    • Two thirds of infants and toddlers watch an average 2 hours of TV. a day.
    • Teens watch an average of 8 hours a day (outside schoolwork)
    • The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests infants and toddlers watch NO TV.
    • TV can take up the places of more important things, like reading and physical activity.
  • Television
    • PRO:
    • (in moderation) can help toddlers learn the alphabet faster.
    • There are shows about wild life and nature.
    • Parents can keep on current events with the news.
  • Television
    • CON:
    • Too much TV is strongly linked to child obesity.
    • Children 6 and under can’t distinguish commercials from the program.
    • The average American child sees 200,000 violet acts on TV by the time they’re 18.
    • Some things on TV promote risky behaviors for children
  • Television continued
    • More Cons:
    • Kids who watch too much TV tend to be more aggressive.
    • Too much TV makes kids more aggressive, less creative and lowers reading skills.
  • Video Games
    • PRO:
    • Increases peripheral vision
    • More social activity
    • Can teach lesson about life (virtual pets etc.)
    • Can improve problem solving and logic skills
    • Wii can give you a reasonable physical workout
  • Video Games
    • CON:
    • Some people can become obsessively addicted.
    • Wii doesn’t count as a proper workout.
    • Some people can become desensitized from certain games.
    • Some think here are no effects from drugs and alcohol, because there aren’t in games.
  • Technology’s Affect
    • Over all, technology’s effect on people’s lives is pretty debatable. There have been terrible things caused by new technologies and good things. All technology has two sides to it.
  • Sources