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This may help you in History, English and Drama.

This may help you in History, English and Drama.



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Slavery Slavery Presentation Transcript

  • Slavery
  • What is Slavery ?Slavery was a bad time in life. People were sold, brought and rented to do other peoples work not just around the house but outside working in the fields. They will start when the sun begins to rise and finish when the sun has gone. The owners who either rented them or brought them keep a whip and if they don’t do enough work they will be whipped. Which would reduce the luck of them being sold again and again.
  • Why would it reduce the number of people being sold ?It would reduce because if they have so many whip marks then that would make people think that they will be much harder for them to make the slave work.
  • What if they don’t have a whip ?If the person does not have a whip then they would just use there hand. Sometimes they would be chained up and whipped until skin would be hanging and then they would get salt and spread it in the cuts to make it more painful.
  • Where do they usually go ?People from Africa. There is actually a triangle and it goes like this … from Europe to Africa to West Indies.
  • What was the ships like ?The slave ships was horrible, people would be standing or packed into a little box where the luggage would go. The captain would put 5 buckets around the ship so the slaves could go to the toilet. If they where not near the buckets then they would have to go to the loo while standing or packed. Sadly there was a lot of death on the ship on there way to where ever they where going.
  • Thank you for watching my slide showHope I helped if there was information that did not help then please email me at : but if it did then please comment below and follow me and I will follow you.