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  • sorry i completely forgot to put the link on so here it is ... http://youtu.be/DNjRR9Sfl2c
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  • 1. In this slideshow there is a printable play script to try your self.
  • 2. Dracula is a book and a film and play. Dracula is one of the main characters in the play. Dracula is a vampire. The book Dracula was written by
  • 3. Males : Dracula Jonathan Harker Innkeeper/Lord Arthur Godalming Reinfield/Gotful Szekely Quincey Morris/Child in Sack Dr. James Seward/Ivar Szekely/Ship Captain Abraham Van Helsing/Jitar SzekelyFemales : Innkeeper’s wife/Mina/Bereft Mother Preema/Lucy Satkana/B’ooful Lady Child Tairsha
  • 4.  Dracula a vampire Jonathan Harker an English Estate agent Innkeeper a Transylvanian Innkeeper’s wife a transylvanian Preema a female vampire Satkana a female vampire Tairsha a female vampire Bereft’s mother child in sack Jitar Szekelya a tough Transylvanian tribesman Goftul Szekelya a tough Transylvanian
  • 5.  Ivar Szekelya a tough Transylvanian tribesman Renfield a madman Dr. James Seward a psychiatrist Quincey Morris a Texan Lord Arthur Godalming an English Lord Ship Captain Mina Harker Jonathan Harker’s wife Lucy Westenra Lord Godalming’s fiancée, later, a vampire Lord Godalming’s fiancée, later, a vampire Dr. Abraham Van Helsing a vampire Hunter B’ooful Lady Child a victim of the vampire Lucy
  • 6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_JK8uIywJ MSorry about the subtitles. (this goes on for a long time)
  • 7. Want to do the roll play ?? Well click on this link and it has got everything you need. Thanks for watchingThanks for looking at this slideshow make sure you take a look at my other slideshows.