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MEDIA KIT: US Human Rights Network
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MEDIA KIT: US Human Rights Network


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An original media kit for the US Human Rights Network, designed by Pixel Prose Media.

An original media kit for the US Human Rights Network, designed by Pixel Prose Media.

Published in: Design

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  • 2. 8 Conferences & Convenin 7 Issue Areas 6 ns 5 Member Or anizations 4 Leadershi & Board Of Directors 2-3 About Us 1 9Contact Us NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS
  • 3. A Coordinating Center team of staff, interns and volunteers based in Atlanta and New York manages the day-to-day work of USHRN. We are a team of thematic experts, organizers, education specialists, trainers, communications experts, and human rights activists. In 2012,Ejim Dike,formerly Director of the Urban Justice Center Human Rights Program, joined USHRN as its Executive Director, bringing with her a new vision and renewed energy. A Board of Directors governs USHRN made up of grassroots activists, long-time community organizers, and leading human rights experts . Who We Are [.)F==============I 1================{~·)WhatWe Do USHRNservesasa facilitator anda catalyst to buildandexpandthe baseof the domestichuman rights movement, supporting the growth of an active,multi-sectormovement- onethat utilizesthe humanrights frame to identify the root causesof violationsandto call on governmentto addressthe realitieson the ground. Currently USHRNis made up of more than 300 member and partner organizations working on multiple human rights issues. USHRNremainsananchorof the domestic rights movementandsupportsa bold, broad-based people-centeredhumanrights movement-one that is led by people most directly impacted by right s violations; comprised primarily of grassrootsand community based groups and individualsworking collectively and acrossissueareas;and highlights the humanrightsconcernsof the leastpopularand most overlooked groups in our society including peoplelivinginor nearpoverty,peoplecaughtup in the system of mass incarceration ,undocumented immigrants, poor single mothers, persons with disabilities,andindigenouspeoples.• - •• NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS
  • 4. Candace Coffman Is the Office Manager for the US Human Rights Network. She has been actively Involved with several women's rights (specifically domestic violence and reproductiveJustice)andanimalrights organizations throughout metro Atlantaand In Arkansas. As National Education Coordinator, Yolande supports our members and partners In building and strengthening their capa<:lty In human rights education,organizing,and advocacy. Yolandebringsa wealthof experience as an Instructor, community educator. research&r. project manager, mentor, and program coordinator to the Network. • RachelFowlerIsAssociateDirectorat the US Human Rights Network. She Joined USHRN In 2008 after working with Thecarter Centerfor 16 years to promote human rights and democracy In countries around the globe.At the Center Rachelmanaged and directed human rights and democracyprolects. Sacajawea "Saki" Hall Is the Membership Coordinator at the US Human Rights Network. She also produces the Network's podcast highlighting humanrights IssuesInthe UnitedStates.Sakihasbeenanactivist joumallst for 10 years and regularly reports on humanrights Issues. Key Staff Members Staff leadership NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS
  • 5. Co-Director of Project Soulh: Inslilule for Ihe Ellmlnallon of Poverty & Genocide. EmeryWright (Treasurer) Director of Ihe Washlnglon Office of Pena l R eform International (PRI)from 2002 102008. Dr. Ellen Dorsey NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS RJ Thompson Esg. human rights lawyer, organizer and educator, and Miami High Road Coordinator with the RestaurantOpportunities centers united (ROCUnlled) Not Pictured Yaqui Indian Nation , Executive Director of the International Indian Trealy Council (IITC) Andrea Carmen (Secretary) Executive Director of the Wallace Global Fund In Washington, D.C. Jennl Galnsborough Senior Ma nager of Initiatives for Girls and Women at the NoVo Foundation. Puja Dhawan (Vice Chair) Human rights and democratic developmenl speclallsl, National Democratic InSlllule's (NOI) Senior Assoclale and Regional Director for So uthern and East Africa. Coordinator for the International Worker Justice Campaign , member of Black Workers for Justice (BWFJ), Million Worker March, and Ihe Black Lefl Un lly Nelwork (BLUN). Saladin Muhammad (Chair) Olreclor of Ihe International Women's Human Rlghls Clinic al Ihe City University of New York (CU NY) Schoolof Law. Cynthia Soohoo Board Of Directors
  • 6. ~; centerforconstitutionclriqhts nnirr 81.......... TheOpportunityAgend AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS Notable Members USHRNmembership - which spans many thousands -- is diverse and vibrant. Our more than 300 • • • , vary in size, focus and scope of work. Member groups are large, nationally-focused organizations, theme-specific organizations, rnultl-lssue organizations, and small, community based organizations working to address issues impacting their local communities. Individual members represent the growing number of domestic human rights leaders and defenders. USHRNmember organizations include: NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS
  • 7. HumanRightsat Home Campaign Once And ForAll Campaign: National Planof Action for RacialJustice .101"11' hi. H(Iovt...lrNT'0 tHO~! ...~ 0l1(:1I0UH"""on. 'O~«:'U.l,. CAT:Convention Against Torture ICERD:The International Convention on the Elimination of all forms of RacialDiscrimination TheUDHRCampaign 2013 Read the latest report "Advancing Human Rights: A Status Report on Human Rights in the United States· (Released International Human Rights Day, Dec. 10) here NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS advancing human rights 2013 theUDHR• campaign ICCPR: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights UPR: Universal Periodic Review
  • 8. • Convention Against Torture (CAT) • Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination (CERD) • Children's Rights & Youth Justice • Criminal Justice • Death Penalty • Disability Rights • Domestic Surveillance • Economic Justice • Economic, Social & Cultural Rights • Education • Environmental Justice • Foreign Policy • Health and Healthcare • Human Rights Education • Human Rights Treaties and Mechanisms • International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) • Immigrant & Refugee Rights • Indigenous Rights • Land Rights • LGBTQI • Media Justice • Militarism • Police Brutality • Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War • Poverty • Prison Industrial Complex • Prisoner Rights • Racial and Ethnic Discrimination • Racial Profiling • Rendition • Reproductive Justice • Right to Food & Food Justice • Right to Housing • Right to Water • Sacred Sites • Sexual Rights • Torture • Violence Against Women • Voting Rights • War Crimes • War on Terrorism • Women's Rights • Worker's Rights and Labor NETWORK USHUMANRIGHTS
  • 9. A NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS Advancing Human Rights USHRN members gathe r at member meetings and regional meetings to network and co llaborate on multiple human rights issue areas. Annual member meetings provide opportunity for members to inform USHRN'sprogram and advocacy work as well as to review and inform our strategic di rection. One to two regional member meetings are also held each year, which focus on local and regional rights concerns and seek to link local advocacy efforts to national efforts. On a biannual basis USHRN hosts a national human rights conference, . • , that brings hundreds of human rights and social just ice activists, practitioners, and advocates together to share experiences and success stories , identify areas for collaboration, and reflect on the state of the U .S. human rights movement, including identifying pressing issuesand current challenges. Learn more about our 2013 nationa l biannual conference ADVANCING HUMANRIGHTS2013:Dignity. Justice. Action." , .
  • 10. Click here to access all of our informational and media resources The USHumanRightsNetwork is very pleased to learn that MarissaAlexander, who was unjustlysentenced to 20years for defending herself from an abusive partner, has been granted a new trial" said EjimDike,Executive Director of the USHuman RightsNetwork. Read more USHuman Rights Network Responds to New Trial for Marissa Alexander (Press Statement) In commemoration of the "National Day of Action" for the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR),the USHumanRightsNetwork (USHRN)members and allies will hold a massTwitter rally today from Noon to 4 p.m. ESTto raise awareness around key human rights issuesthat the United Stateshascontinuously neglected to remedy or address. Read more USHRNon ICCPRReview Postponement (Press Statement) TheUSHumanRightsNetwork ICCPRTaskForce is deeply disappointed by the postpone- ment of the United Nation's review of U.S.compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights," said USHRNExecutive Director EjimDike. Read more National Day of Action for Human Rights Kicks Off with Mass Twitter Rally (Press Release) On Saturday,December 7,human rights, political, and social justice advocates from around the country will join in Atlanta, Georgia to honor the year's most inspiring and dedicated leaders with the "2013USHuman RightsMovement BuildersAward." Read more USHRNPresented Awards to 7Visionary Leaders at Conference (Press Release) Lumumba to Receive Human Rights Award (Jackson Free Press) TheUSHumanRightsNetwork hasannounced it will honor JacksonMayor Chokwe Lumumbaand six others with the 2013U.S.Advancing HumanRightsAward. The Atlanta-based organization describes itself on its web site as "a team of thematic experts, organizers, education specialists,trainers,communications experts, and human rights activists." Read more In more than 30so-called shadow reports filed by the U.S.HumanRightsNetwork (USHRN),advocacy groups raised a number of concerns and issues,including racial profiling, gun violence, stop-and-frisk policies and StandYourGround laws. Read more U.S.Under U.N. Microscope for Widespread Human Rights Violations (Voice of Russia) On the sidelines of the UNGeneral Assembly taking place this week in New York,the USHRNsubmitted a total of 31reports of human rights violations to the UN HumanRights Committee. EjimDike,the executive director of the USHRN,said the vast number of submissions reflects growing concern over human rights violations in the US.Read more Does the U.S.Meet Its Own International Human Rights Standards (MSNBC) NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS
  • 11. -.......0: e,.>'Si:$( &1iS1I11 I $=0 r~- -.'ow ~~ ~'"",-. "" _... ~ ! .. ..""'....~ ~~ l<l 11 i ~I f e l l<l •il • ~(If.tN'>$t$( l<:~ Ge«"'....~~ o!!I= CcoorQ>a..Avt: Sf ®l$~Clr.bAl l'_rodd NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS BUILDING A PEOPLE-CENTERED MOVEMENT NETWORK USHUMAN RIGHTS