Fundamentals of Chemistry
                                                            Mr. Longenberger
home, you may request a grade print out from me once every two weeks. Over the semester 3 CRES tests will be
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Fundamentals of chemistry syllabus


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Fundamentals of chemistry syllabus

  1. 1. Fundamentals of Chemistry Mr. Longenberger Course Description: Chemistry is defined as the study of the transformation of matter. During this course we will be studying the following topics: properties of matter, phases of matter, atomic structure, elements compounds, periodic table, chemical bonding, acids and bases. Class Materials: Chemistry text Notebooks Folder or 3-ringed binder Scientific Calculator FHS Planner* Flash Drive* *optional materials Essential Class Rules: 1. Be Prompt: Be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. Eight minutes between classes is a huge amount of time, running into class with one foot over the line is considered late. Begin work on your warm up. 2. Be Prepared: Bring the necessary materials to class. This includes everything listed above. 3. Be Polite: Show respect at all times. Raise your hand to ask a question or make a comment. Do not get out of your seat unless you have permission. At the end of class period I will dismiss you, not the bell! 4. Be Productive: Follow all directions that are given in class the first time. Be ready to “perform chemistry” when you come through the door. We will be thinking logically and learning something cool. You will like it. 5. Be Respectful: There is no place in my room for swearing, teasing, or name-calling. If you have a problem, let me know about it and we can deal with it in an appropriate manner. Doing so will get you brownie points usually and a lot of respect from me. 6. Be Safe: NO EATING OR DRINKING IN THE LABORATORY. There are no exceptions to this. WHEN I HAVE GOGGLES ON, YOU HAVE GOGGLES ON. There are no exceptions to this. Consequences: Failure to follow the classroom rules can result in the following actions. 1. Simple warning 2. Thirty minute detention with parent contact 3. Office referral/Removal from class pending parent conference All Frederick County Policies will be enforced in this class. Refer to your Calendar Handbook to make sure you are familiar with county policies especially those regarding attendance, cheating, plagiarism and dress code. Homework: Homework is typically assigned 3-4 days per week. The point of homework is to allow you to practice the material we examine in class. Partial credit is given to homework turned in on time but incomplete. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR LATE HOMEWORK. Grading Policy: Your course and term grades will be calculated on the following percentages in the following categories: Tests 35% Quizzes 30% Laboratories/Projects 25% Homework/Class work 10% Grades will be available online to parents and students and will be updated weekly. If you do not have internet service at
  2. 2. home, you may request a grade print out from me once every two weeks. Over the semester 3 CRES tests will be administered. A cumulative final exam will be given upon conclusion of the course. The scores earned on these assessments will be averaged to create a Term 3 grade. Laboratory Activities: We will be working in the laboratory often. Laboratory activities will be followed by laboratory reports. Reports of my choosing will be graded on accuracy, completeness, and organization. Reports are due back to me in the time allotted. NOTE: NO STUDENT will be permitted to participate in the laboratory without a laboratory contract that has been signed by a parent or guardian. All students must behave according to the safety guidelines discussed in class and posted at each laboratory station. Failure to comply will result in a lab grade of 0 and no participation in the lab. Attendance Policy: Work is due on its assigned date. Late work will only be accepted for credit with PRIOR teacher approval. This does not mean begging on the day work is due. Please attend class daily. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to make up work that is missed within FCPS deadlines. If you are unfamiliar with the county policy, check your student handbook. Success in Chemistry is dependant on your ability to stay caught up. Extra Help: If you are interested in extra help on any assignment, please feel free to come see me after school. The best way you can earn a good grade is to put forth a consistent effort and stay current with the class. Chemistry is an abstract discipline and there is no shame in asking for help. Approximate schedule for topics Unit Topic Days 1 Introduction 7 2 Matter & Energy 8 3 Atomic Theory 9 4 The Electron 7 5 Periodic Trends 7 6 Bonding 10 7 Chemical Reactions 10 8 The Mole 7 9 Stoichiometry 7 10 Gas Laws 6 11 Acids & Bases 7 NOTE: The quickest means of getting in touch with me is via e-mail. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Please share this letter with a parent or guardian, then sign it and have them sign also. Keep this letter in the front of your folder, behind your signed safety contract. Printed Student Name _______________________Student Signature: ___________________________ Signature of Parent or Guardian: _______________________________