The Head Guard


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Airplane passeneger and crewmember safety device

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The Head Guard

  1. 1. PresentsAviation Technology Solutions
  2. 2. Protection from bumping your head as you enter the smaller commuter type aircraft.Aviation Technology Solutions
  3. 3. THE PROBLEM The problem is due to the reduction in height of the main cabin entryway in a regional airplane. People can strike their heads when loading or offloading aircraft causing head injuries and even falls.Aviation Technology Solutions
  4. 4. Even the President of the United States Has hit his head when entering Marine One whil_n_165236.htmlAviation Technology Solutions
  5. 5. The First Lady hit her head on Air Force OneAviation Technology Solutions
  6. 6. THE SOLUTION Our team has consulted with FAA, aviation safety inspectors, crewmembers of regional aircraft and aircraft manufacturers and developed a simple solution: Head GuardAviation Technology Solutions
  7. 7. FAAAviation Technology Solutions
  8. 8. We Tried it on FAA aircraftAviation Technology Solutions
  9. 9. It was tested at the FAA Burn Test LabAviation Technology Solutions
  10. 10. Head Guard is quickly attached and removed from the passenger overhead main cabin entryway before and after loading and off-loading of passengers. STEP 1Aviation Technology Solutions
  11. 11. Head Guard „s mounting channel designed to spec for each type of airplane snaps in to the entryway door frame. STEP 2Aviation Technology Solutions
  12. 12. Head Guard is mounted in seconds and requires no tools. Head Guard remains in place through out the passenger boarding and deplaning process. STEP 3Aviation Technology Solutions
  13. 13. No matter what model, series and make of aircraft in the airline‟s fleet, the Head Guard will fit on each entryway contour by manufacturing Head Guard to entryway design specifications.Aviation Technology Solutions
  14. 14. The Head Guard is covered with eco-leather, the same leather materials found on aircraft seats. The HeadGuard can be embroidered with an airline logo, color or customer requests such as “Welcome Aboard”, “Caution”, “Watch Your Head” , “Thank You for Flying with Us”The leather is wrapped and sewn around the contouring pre-cast cushioning device.Aviation Technology Solutions
  15. 15. The Head Guard is Light & Durable The Head Guard weighs less than two pounds and is easily stored in an overhead bin or closet. The Head Guard‟s durability allows it to always maintain its specific contour even after being dropped, stepped- on, or even if luggage is laying on top of it during extended trips.Aviation Technology Solutions
  16. 16. The top of an entryway door frame is part of the aircraft fuselage and if a passenger or crewmember head hits the door frame they could be seriously injured.Aviation Technology Solutions
  17. 17. Aviation Technology Solutions Contact Bill Norwood @ 540-825-6663 wnorwood@jdasolutions.aeroAviation Technology Solutions
  18. 18. 4720 Montgomery Lane Suite 950 Bethesda, MD 20814 301-941-1460Aviation Technology Solutions