Narcissistic victim syndrome the fallout of narcissistic personal...


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Narcissistic victim syndrome the fallout of narcissistic personal...

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  2. 2. by jaimelavie Narcissistic personality disorder 3113 views by Sam Vaknin Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Re... 6799 views by Jeni Mawter Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse d... 10449 views by Jeni Mawter Red Flags to Narcissistic Personali... 55171 views by Sam Vaknin The Developmental Psychology of Psy... 6668 views by Mahendra Singh Narcissism a personality disorder o... 2433 views
  3. 3. by Graham McInnes 7 Myths about Narcissism 2530 views by Jeni Mawter The future of story telling - trans... 3200 views by Helen741Tuggle Narcissism Within The Boardroom 860 views Related Narcissistic Victim Syndrome - the Fallout of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A Powerpoint by Jeni Mawter More Narcissism Book of Quotes 13991 views by Jeni Mawter, Story Creator, Futurist, Narcissism Interest at Self employed on Aug 06, 2013 Follow Like 39,622 views Abuse, Trauma, and Torture - Their Consequences and Effects Narcissistic Personality Disorder is an insidious and destructive personality disorder that creates chaos for individuals, families, workplaces, schools, and communities. It often lies at the heart of ... 11022 views Show more Like 28 comments Post a comment Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders 1–10 of 28 comments next 6597 views Sally Baxter at California State University East Bay (CSUEB) Carla, he will never change. The only solution is to leave him, break off all contact except through a lawyer, and get counseling yourself to break the pattern. It is not easy, but it is the only solution. Best of luck. Sally Like Narcissistic personality disorder 3113 views 6 days ago Reply Like Carla Barnes This is my husband. I don't know what to do about it though. Malignant Self Love - Narcissism Revisited EXCERPTS 1 week ago Reply 6799 views Sally Baxter at California State University East Bay (CSUEB) Thank you for this. I left the NPD person in my life over a year ago; in fact, our divorce became final in Feb 2013. I had to obtain a restraining order against him to stop his abuse via email. He still messages my daughter on her professional Facebook page at times, claiming that I am insane, abusive, deluded, etc, and of course, disparaging her as well. She has blocked him, so hopefully, this will now stop. Learning about NPD has been so helpful to me, even now that I am free of him. I wish I had known about NPD when I was with him because I would have left sooner! Living with an NPD is a sort of brainwashing. And he was not my first. But I have broken the pattern now. Still, seeing things like this PowerPoint are helpful because co- Like Moving on from Narcissistic Abuse due to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)… 10449 views Like Red Flags to Narcissistic Personality Disorder compiled by Jeni Mawter 55171 views
  4. 4. dependency can be a life-long pattern unless you work against it, and part of that work is education. So again, thank you! Like 1 week ago Reply The Developmental Psychology of Psychopathology 6668 views Jeni Mawter, Story Creator, Futurist, Narcissism Interest at Self employed @MichelleMallon Hi Michelle! I am not from the United States, but the general impression I get from people from all around the world is that this resistance is global. I find it quite fascinating. I'm sure if you looked at the statistics of people on anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medication etc, you'll find NPD lurking behind many of them… It would make sense for the World Health Organisation to undertake some research. Like Narcissism a personality disorder or efficient leadership style 2433 views 1 week ago Reply Like 7 Myths about Narcissism Michelle Mallon Jeni, The United States seems to be particularly resistant to acknowledging Narcissistic Victim Syndrome as a real disorder. Have you found any groups in the US that seem to be trying to get the message out there? 2530 views Like The future of story telling - transmedia toe dipping 2013 1 week ago Reply 3200 views Sally Baxter at California State University East Bay (CSUEB) This is a wonderful slide show. I was married to a person with a NPD for over five years. I finally left over 1 and 1/2 years ago. He is still obsessed with me and recently sent two crazy messages to my daughter on her Facebook page. People with NPD cannot accept being left. He is still lashing out and trying to cause pain. It was very helpful for me to see this slide show. Even now, I have to make sure I remember that this was his disorder, and the feelings I had that things were wrong and were not my doing were valid, to know that I was his victim. But my tendency for co-dependency left me ripe for his net. Viewing this slide show helped. I am healing, I am letting go of being co-dependent, and being reminded is so helpful. Thank you. Like Narcissism Within The Boardroom 860 views Like Narcissism 1124 views 3 weeks ago Reply Katie Solomon Like @jenimawter Thanks for that. I would love you to post a link to my blog. I will contact you by email shortly. Katie Chapter Seven 150 views 1 month ago Reply Jeni Mawter, Story Creator, Futurist, Narcissism Interest at Self employed Like Narcissistic Personalities: Identifying them, understanding them, relating to th… @katiesolomon961 Hi Katie. Lovely to hear from you! Thank you for posting a link on your blog. I will do the same on mine at The need for NPD support Groups is not just huge, it's astronomical. Maybe we should put our thinking caps on for Sydney. You can email me at 1 month ago Reply 5583 views Like Abuse 3791 views Katie Solomon I posted a link on my blog. Hope you get some more viewers - we all need to share to get the word out there. Like 2 months ago Reply Terrorists and Freedom Fighters 4106 views Katie Solomon Hi Jeni - thanks for sharing this. I have lived with a narcissist for 21 years and it is heartening to find others online who are trying to get this information out to save the next generation from getting tied to people with personality disorders. Education is so important. Like Domestic violence 1507 views I have a blog about the same issues and getting the information out there is one of my aims. I also live in Sydney and am writing a memoir about my relationship with my ex who may also have a sex addiction - so if we can help each other out in anyway that would be great. I have thought about setting up a support group here as it is much needed as more and more people seem to be suffering from relationships with the personality disordered. Do contact me if you Like Dr len-sperry-dsm-iv-tr-handbook-
  5. 5. of-personality-disorders think we could do something. 59 views My blog is at Like I will see if I can post a link - not done it to this site before. KS Npd 1567 views 2 months ago Reply 1–10 of 28 comments next Like J. Cressman Domestic Abuse and its symtoms 365 views Like Post Comment Subscribe to comments How to Negotiate with Jerks and Win: 6 Ways to Respond 1563 views 13 Likes Like betterintym84 Psychology 672 Case Study Presentation 1 day ago 6567 views Virgil Martinez at Pacific Production Plumbing Like 4 days ago Transmedia toe dipping 2013 743 views Angela Fremon at Cole Industries 6 days ago Like The Conundrums of Psychology 3841 views Carla Barnes 1 week ago Like Crazy glue Jill Barrall, Bartender/ Server at Zellas 175 views 1 week ago Cynthia Dixon Like How To Spot Elder Abuse and Mistreatment 3 weeks ago 371 views Susanne Jeffery 1 month ago Like Child Abuse SGP 6797 views Cathryn Bower, Teacher at Chrysalis Steiner School 1 month ago Like David Sarkisjan, Video Editor at Psychiatry 5th year, 1st lecture (Dr. Hazhar) 2 months ago 451 views Like Melene Rodriguez at Fundashon Sentro pa Guia Edukashonal Chaptersevenquestions 2 months ago More… 137 views Like
  6. 6. Narcissistic Victim Syndrome - the Fallout of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. A Powerpoint by Jeni Mawter Defense against-psychopath 1280 views Presentation Transcript Like 1. By Jeni Mawter Supervision Of Alleged Sexual Offenders 2. Narcissistic Victim Syndrome is not a medically recognized syndrome… 1199 views 3. Often, you don’t realize you are a victim … Like 4. spouse children parent sibling friend colleague peer partner Dv 101 powerpoint (2) 4352 views 5. Can you spot the person with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)? 6. Because the NPD goes undetected in the home, school, work-place, organizations, and social settings your plight is not recognized. Like Cyclopedia of Philosophy 8724 views 7. People with NPD have an inflated sense of self-importance, see themselves as perfect and will attack anyone who tries to put a chink in that "flawless" image. They exhibit grandiose, self-centered, egotistical patterns of behavior that can cause a lot of psychological trauma to those around them. Like Narcissism self enchantment 465 views 8. They require constant attention and admiration and often use others selfishly for their own ends. When criticized, they react with blaming, insults and put downs, causing the subjects of their rage to feel rejected, hurt, humiliated and powerless. They also distort reality, often contradicting themselves, lying or denying events of the past to make themselves look better. They make us doubt what we know and wonder whether we're the crazy ones. 9. Abuse is a pattern of behaviour used to establish power and control over another person. 10. Victims often display a set, or cluster, of symptoms due to: physical mental emotional spiritual sexual 11. 12. a-Web-49655807 13. Victims need help 14. Victims need help 15. When you know something feels wrong … 16. Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse 17. Yet victims don’t know … 18.,555880/ 19. Narcissistic supply comes from public attention such as fame, celebrity, notoriety, or infamy or private attention such as admiration, flattery, acclaim, fear, or even repulsion. _400.png 20. Anything that acts as a status symbol that attracts attention and admiration for the narcissist is narcissistic supply, for example, a flashy car, expensive property, designer clothes, being a member of a church, cult, club, or a business. 21. NPDs believe they are superior and entitled. They are envious and exploitative, controllin g and manipulating others without empathy, guilt or remorse. Like
  7. 7. 22. u/smiley_brain_i_tell_lie s_printrec42706f3d25459d94849 110a766178d_wad_8byvr _512.jpg 23. As a child, a healthy self- esteem (true self) did not develop in the Narcissistic Personality Disordered so they built up defences to create a ‘false self’ in public. This is akin to wearing a public mask. 10308371 24. 25. Wearing the mask is not only emotionally exhausting, it also means that the NPD is constantly on guard at being found out. They become overly sensitive to narcissistic injury which is any perceived threat (real or imagined) to the NPD’s self-esteem or self- worth. 26. - Narcissistic abuse is insidious because the abuse is covert, cunning and indirect. - Narcissists go to great pains to avoid being observed publicly as being abusive. - The Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde behaviour creates fear, distress, confusion, inner turmoil, and chaos for the victim. - The constant ‘walking on eggshells’ and attempting to avoid further conflict can be crippling. 27. Victims are constantly being tested 28. NPDs are constantly pretending. It is impossible to know what is false and what is real. 29. For a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder ‘Love’ is false 30. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder do not accept responsibility for themselves. As such, they can’t apologize. 31. They justify cruelty as ‘honesty’ 32. For whatever the reason you entered the Dance of the Narcissist (a behaviour known as Codependency) so that in the dance there was: 1) a pleaser/fixer (victim); 2) a taker/controller (narcissist/addict); 3) and an enabler (supporter). 33. In Narcissistic Victim Syndrome you are looking for a cluster of symptoms to emerge, many are the symptoms of trauma: avoidance behaviour, loss of interest, feeling detached, sense of a limited future, sleeping or eating difficulties, irritability, hyper- vigilance, easily startled, flashbacks, hopelessness, psychoso matic illnesses, self-harming, thoughts of suicide etc. 34. NPD abuse victims express feelings of humiliation and shame, and apt to self- blame. You have learned to take responsibility for the narcissist’s behaviour because you are constantly told the problem is your fault. 35. Some victims develop Stockholm Syndrome and want to support, defend, and love the abuser despite what they have gone through. 36. Victims may ‘dissociate’ or detach from their emotions, body, or surroundings. Living in a war zone where all forms of power and control are used against you (intimidation; emotional, physical and mental abuse; isolation, economic abuse, sexual abuse, coercion, control etc), the threat of abuse is always present. Dissociation is an automatic coping mechanism against overwhelming stress. 37. Victims are often victimized by more than one person. They often internalize that something is wrong with them, that they deserve this kind of abuse, and then resign themselves to their fate. 38. Victims of narcissistic abuse often appear uncertain of themselves, constantly seeking clarification that they haven’t made a mistake or misheard something. Confidence may be so low that they have trouble making simple decisions. They will not be aware that this is caused by an abusive technique called ‘gaslighting’. 39. Gaslighting is a technique of psychological abuse used by NPDs to instil confusion and anxiety in their victim to the point where they no longer trust their own memory, perception or judgment. With
  8. 8. gaslighting, the victim initially notices that something happens that is odd, but they don’t believe it. This moves to defence as the victim fights against the manipulation. 40. Confusion sets in after incessant comments such as: ‘You’re too sensitive’, ‘You’re crazy’, ‘You’re imagining things’ or ‘I never said that.’ Gradually, the victim cannot trust their own perceptions and doubt themselves. This often leads to depression. 41. Broken and unable to trust themselves, they isolate themselves further. The victim now doubts everything about themselves, their thoughts and opinions, their ideas and ideals. They become codependent on the abuser for their reality. solation/ 42. You feel you deserve it You get used to the abuse 43. You hope things will change. You’re tired. 44. - Victims need validation and education about what has happened to them. - They need information about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and its toxicity in relationships. - They need education about how they have contributed to their situation through co-dependence. - They need therapy to deal with symptoms. 45. Appropriate support in: 1)Education – schools 2)Legal – law courts 3)Medical – health practitioners 4)Business – workplace 5)Religion - 6)Family - members 46. One of their greatest challenges may come from not being believed by significant others, either because these others have not seen the private face of the narcissist or because they themselves are in the narcissist’s thrall. 47. Another challenge is denial. A victims can’t see that the NDP aspects of their life is all wrong. Victims don’t want to face the fact that someone they have a relationship with, is an enemy. y_rosaliehale1910-d31sfvo.jpg 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. Please share these other links on Narcissistic Personality Disorder flags-to-narcissistic-personality-disorder- compiled-by-jenimawter ng-on-from-narcissistic-abuse-compiled-by- jenimawter Follow us on LinkedIn Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Find us on Google+ Learn About Us About Careers Our Blog Press Contact Us Help & Support Using SlideShare SlideShare 101
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