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This presentation describes our Business Health Check service. Think of it as preventative medicine for your business. What you get out of it is a measured easy to understand report on the state of your business and your action plan to respond to the findings of the Health Check

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Business Healthcheck Service By John Capper & Co

  1. 1. Business Health Check
  2. 2. Is This You?• Too much cash tied up in debtors• Inventory turn too low• Capital items financed out of working capital• Current liabilities too high• No cash flow forecasting and monitoring system• Cash flow problems• Need for more funding• No exit or succession plan• No idea of the value of their business• Profitability not high enough• No benchmarks to measure against• No management reporting system• Key Performance indicators not determined or measured• Lack of awareness of potential new markets• No systems for measuring customer feedback 2
  3. 3. …Or Is This You?• Lack of a shareholder agreement/ family constitution• No formal tax strategy• No clear vision for the business• No communication plan to share the vision• No process for evaluating the attractiveness of the current direction of the business• Lack of a clear strategy to deliver the vision• No defined roles and responsibilities for management and team members• Unaware of the best organization structure to support the strategy• Lack of ideas from team members• Too much reliance on the owners• Not enough work delegated (or the wrong things delegated)• Lack of goals that bring together individual and broader business objectives• No customer service training• No systems for understanding customer needs 3
  4. 4. …Or Is This You?• Its just not a fun place to work…• No confidence in inviting the team to participate in decision making• No clear leaders in the business• No segmentation of products• Lack of sales mix data• Product range aging• No defined product strategy• Inadequate pricing policies• No one knows the true profitability of each product• Inadequate costing system• Problems with inventory management• Lack of purchasing policies and systems• No clearly defined unique core differentiators• No awareness of leveraging or branding• Inconsistent use of the brand 4
  5. 5. …Or Is This You?• Lack of quality referrals• No systems for developing customer loyalty• All customers are treated the same• No one knows how effective advertising has been• Inadequate sales systems… no targets or measures of effectiveness• Lack of recruitment systems• People don’t have clear job descriptions• Lack of an HR strategy• No clear performance standards and measures• No performance management system• People are not trained• Inadequate systems across the business• No policies and procedures manual• No systems for calculating the cost of acquisition of new customers 5
  6. 6. How can Business Health Check help?• Provide an objective review of your whole business• Analysis of your business’ strategic and operational position• Undertake a full SWOT analysis• Identify the actions necessary to improve performance• Build a project plan to guide implementation• Implement the plan with you to ensure that your objectives are fully achieved 6
  7. 7. What is a Business Health Check?• Comprehensive analysis of the external environment the business faces.• Detailed review of the business in a structured way to uncover strengths and weaknesses• Recommended actions to deal with threats facing the busienss and mitigate weaknesses• Suggestions for taking advantage of strengths and opportunities 7
  8. 8. Our four phase approach to a Businesshealth CheckIdentification of problem areas Report detailing the problem areas Recommended actions to Project plan for implementation rectify problem areas 8
  9. 9. Phase One: Identification of problemareas• Review of the external environment to identify Opportunities and Threats• Review of the business to identify Strengths and Weaknesses 9
  10. 10. Step One: Review the externalenvironment CompetitionIndustry Technology The Business BusinessCustomers Environment Shareholder Circumstances 10
  11. 11. Step two: Review the business Products and Services Marketing and Sales Structure Strategy Culture Vision People Systems and Processes Finance 11
  12. 12. Phase Two: Reporting on problem areas Business Environment IndustryImported stock - at Your Major the mercy of Distributor could be a fluctuating significant threat exchange rates Shareholder Competition Circumstances Uneasy Partnership Relationship Customers Technology 12
  13. 13. Reporting on problem areasBusiness area: Product Security Product Life CycleProducts &Services Large diversification Dave’s relationships of product within and exceptional client single product service levels – exceeds segment – low risk competition Core Differentiators Revenue Dependency Slow moving stock Production And Product Profit Margin Inventory 13
  14. 14. Phase three: Recommending actions Suggested Action Steps Introduce An Activity Based Costing System Product Security Product Life Cycle Implement A Perpetual Inventory Management System Implement Purchasing Policies And Systems Review Production/Scheduling System Core RevenueDifferentiators Dependency Suggested Action Steps Review Product Range And Develop Product Groupings Production And Inventory Product Profit Margin 14
  15. 15. Phase Four: Project planning Set Timelines, Resources, Dependencies and Progress 15
  16. 16. How can we help you by performing aBusiness Health Check• Objective review of your whole business• Analysis of your business’ strategic and operational position - a full SWOT analysis• Identification of the actions necessary to improve performance• Develop a project plan to guide implementation• Work with you to implement the plan to ensure that your objectives are fully achieved 16
  17. 17. Here’s our comprehensive workplan…Where are the problem Identification of Review the external environment Review the business areas? problem areas Review the draft Prepare a draft report and Prepare a final Report detailing theReport on the problems report comment on report Present to client problem areas problem areas Recommended What actions can be Show actions in Save recommended Recommend actions actions to rectify taken? PowerPoint actions problem areas How are the actions Responsibility, duration and Project plan for Project plan implemented? dependencies implementation 17
  18. 18. What’s your investment?• Typically your investment for a business health check to be performed by John Capper & Co is between £1,000 and £5,000 depending on the scale and complexity of your business• As key stakeholders in your business you will need to invest between 7 and 15 hours helping us with data gathering , reviewing my findings and action planning• You need to be open to considering the need to make changes in your business 18
  19. 19. Our experience…• We have over 30 years experience in advising business owners how to improve their businesses• We have worked on many such business health checks for over 10 years• Each health check is different because every business is different and its owners have their own specific circumstances• We do not publish the names of businesses that we have helped• Ask us for an example of a completed health check 19
  20. 20. Why you need to do this…• Understanding where your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats lie, is the first step to improving the performance of your business• Developing an implementation plan allows you to plan where and how your resources are applied to best effect• Your competitors are continuously improving their business performance. You need to move forward “just to stand still”. 20
  21. 21. You will benefit from a Business HealthCheck…• Structured analysis of the external environment you face• Review of your business reported in an easy to understand way• Clearly identified Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats• Recommendations of actions to improve problem areas• Project plan to implement solutions specifically tailored to your needs 21
  22. 22. Next Steps… Contact John Capper & Co for your own freepersonalised no-obligation discussion about a Business Health Check for your business Contact: John Capper Phone: 07519 660092 Email: 22