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Amp marketing overview-v1


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  • 1. Not Your Typical Marketing Services Firm
    J Christine Feeley, Principal ■ 570-574-6089 ■
  • 2. What’s Different?
    Marketing with Accountability:
    A financial framework: focused on optimizing the impact of a marketing organization & marketing plan
    Strategic &Tactical Initiatives Prioritized by Greatest Revenue Impact
    Revenue acceleration
    Decreased marketing expense budgets
    More reliable revenue forecasting.
  • 3. Our Philosophy: Time Tested
    “While 90% of the results are being produced by the first 10% of events, 90% of the costs are being increased by the remaining and result-less 90% of events."
    Peter F. DruckerHarvard CollegeManaging for Business EffectivenessMay-June, 1963
  • 4. Today’s Marketing & Sales Challenges:
    • Do Marketing & Sales play the “blame game” when revenue falls short?
    • 5. Does Marketing work collaboratively with Sales before implementing their marketing plans?
    • 6. Are marketing teams empowered with enough information prior to the launch of a campaign to effect the outcome of a campaign in real time?
    • 7. Do you know which expense dollars drive the greatest amount of revenue?
    • 8. When expenses need to be reduced, do you have visibility to the financial & sales impact attached to a reduction?
  • 5
    Short Term Approach
    Revenue Triage
    Achieve or
    Course Correct
    Sales Trend
    Address Current Revenue Gaps
    “Quick Hit”
    New Revenue streams
  • 9. 6
    Long Term Approach
    Performance Triggers
    • Operational Efficiencies or Inefficiencies
    • 10. Financial Metrics & Original Planning Assumptions
    • 11. Product, Pricing, Margins, Packaging
    • 12. Consumer Demand Drivers
    Opportunities &
    360° Assessment
    Operational &
    Consumer Demand
  • 13. 7
    What Should You Expect:
    • Strategies have longevity and serve as building blocks for the future
    • 14. Long term plan for growth
    • 15. Understand how the organization is going to achieve campaign objectives before going out the door
    • 16. The most valuable tool for “saving” the effectiveness of a campaign vs. waiting to gather key learning’s upon the completion of a campaign
    • 17. Staying on message and keeping it simple
    • 18. Increase both Customer response and sales conversion
    • 19. Alignment: All business units, directly or indirectly touching the Customer
    • 20. Consistency through “one voice”
    • 21. Reinforces a Customer’s perceived credibility to the message
    • 22. Increase organizational momentum
    • 23. Selling the right “solution” from the beginning of the Customer’s lifecycle and growing (stair step) those solutions as their needs evolve
    • 24. Are we creating a product menu that encourages Customer reliance/co-dependency to the company?
    • 25. Increase new product development impact
    • 26. Strategically relevant, meets financial criteria
    • 27. Grow Average Revenue per Customer (ARPC)
  • Business Impact
  • 28. Business Impact-Case StudyActual Results
    Results for a $475MM telecom :
    Budget reductions were implemented without compromising the highest impacting revenue generating initiatives
    • Budgets were tracked in real time & consistently matched finance
    Reduced Performance Risk: Under-performing campaigns were modified in real time vs. after-the-fact
    • Campaigns response: 2% or > avg.
    • 29. Campaign conversion: 45-50%  avg. (up from 30%)
    Campaigns always hit expense to revenue ratio( $1: $4 or >)  
    In bound Channel hold time occurrences decreased from 30% to 2-3%
    CSR confusion significantly reduced, training prioritized based on product/campaign revenue impact
    Sales and marketing teams operated with twice the efficiency.  
  • 30. Business Impact-Case StudyActual Results
    Results for a $375M Integrated Data & Communications company:
    ALL product and service revenue goals met or exceeded sales objectives for 3 consecutive quarters
    Budgets reduced 26% without compromising revenue objectives
    Campaign ROIs generated an average of $1:$8
    Conversion rates increased by 30%
    Contract renewal rates increased by over 50%
    Operational Reporting for Marketing, Sales and Finance were consistently aligned
  • 31. AMP Marketing has Assisted Many Companies Establish a High Performing Marketing Department.
    Ask Us How We Can Help Your Organization:
    J Christine Feeley, Principal