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Morrisons summary


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  • 1. Morrisons October 2011
  • 2. Key Campaign information Environment/Panels 5000 Roadside 6 Sheets 500 Rail 6 Sheets Other Media Key Campaign Objectives Increase the awareness and consideration of the M-Kitchen range amongst ready meal purchasers at Waitrose and M&S Drive the perception ‘Morrisons MKitchen’ ready meal range is a premium brand
  • 3. Rail key audience for ready meal market 74% 84% of respondents buy ready meals at least once a month of rail commuters buy ready meals at least once a month Rail commuters were 41% more likely to buy ready meals at least twice a week Source: Opinium (Post survey only) How frequently, if at all, do you consume ready meals?
  • 4. Morrisons advertising awareness driven by M Kitchen campaign 72% 71% Tesco 62% 65% Asda 53% Morrisons 65% 53% 55% Sainsbury’s 47% Marks & Spencer Waitrose 56% Source: Opinium Which of these brands have you seen or heard advertising for in the past fortnight? +5% +23% +4% +19% +3% 32% 33% Pre -1% Post
  • 5. Seeing the campaign in situ adds to the appeal of the brand 46% 50% It makes the food look appealing 49% It tells me something new about Morrisons 39% It would encourage me to try the product 46% The food appeals to me 41% The celebrity chef endorsement makes the product more appealing 42% 57% 62% 31% This advert is relevant to me I knew straight away that the ad was for Morrisons 67% 31% 71% 48% It makes the food look of a very high quality I would visit their website to find out more about this new range 67% 26% 31% It’s not as good as their previous adverts 15% 15% It’s boring advertising 15% 22% Pre Source: Opinium For the next set of questions please rate how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements based on the adverts you have seen: Post (PR) 58%
  • 6. The outdoor element of the campaign strengthened perceptions of Morrisons 6.5 5.9 Appealing Tempting 5.7 6.3 Modern 5.7 6.3 5.0 4.5 5.3 Inspiring 5.5 Interesting Expensive 5.6 5.1 Premium Luxurious 6.1 5.5 Innovative 4.4 5.8 6.0 4.5 Pre Source: Opinium – Rail Commuters How well do you think each of the words below describe the brand Morrisons? (1-10) Post (Poster recognisers)
  • 7. Campaign strengthened perceptions of the new M-Kitchen range amongst key rail audience Morrisons’ new M-Kitchen range offers restaurant standard recipes at affordable prices 74% Morrisons’ M-Kitchen range is better than convenience meals offered by other supermarkets’ 70% Morrisons offers convenient delicious food through its new MKitchen range 55% Source: Opinium – All adults Please rate how much you agree or disagree with the following statements about Morrisons
  • 8. Posters drove likelihood to purchase a ready meal from Morrisons in the next month Post stage Pre stage 42% +33% 56% Recognisers Source: Opinium How likely are you to buy a ready meal from the following supermarkets in the next month? Pre vs Post Poster recogninsers