Eco Warriors - Green Britain Day


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  • This assembly is designed to: introduce the idea of Green Britain Day remind children what it means to be green, and why this is important remind children how they have helped to make their school greener thank the children (and staff, parents etc.) for their help in making the school greener communicate / lead a discussion about what you will do to celebrate on Green Britain Day think ahead to how you can continue to help make your school, and Britain, a greener place over the next year
  • Broadly introduce the concept of ‘being green’: caring for, protecting and improving the environment, both locally and globally. You may like to explain what ‘future generations’ means. Ask the pupils why we should care about people in the future. What would they think if they had to live in a world where: there wasn’t enough electricity for everyone there wasn’t enough clean water to drink there were few wild plants or animals?
  • Emphasise that this is a celebration of all the work your school has done, but also an opportunity to plan ways in which you can be even greener in the future.
  • Using the pictures as stimulus, ask the pupils how we can be greener in our everyday lives. Ideas may include: Switch off lights Turn off gadgets Say goodbye to standby Sort your rubbish for recycling Use low energy bulbs Don’t leave taps running Re-use plastic bottles - fill with tap water Re-use bags – say No! to plastic Feed birds Build bug hotels Plant trees and plants Grow your own vegetables Collect rainwater to water plants Fit water saving devices in toilets Cycle or walk to school Use public transport Wear warm clothes rather than turning the heating up during cold weather When using computers, only print things if you really need to Use both sides of a piece of paper
  • Ask the students which of these things they do at home.
  • Insert the name of your school. Ask pupils to name some of the green projects your school has undertaken over the last year before showing them the list on the next slide.
  • List the green projects your school has undertaken in the last year. Ask pupils to say how they helped the school to be greener.
  • Emphasise that all the little things each person does add up to make the school a greener place. Each person, home and school that tries to be greener helps to make Britain a greener place. If we all do the little things, they will have a big effect.
  • List ideas for celebrating your school’s efforts to be green. You could either aim to use all of the ideas, or take a vote and focus on the most popular. Ideas could include: Decorate your school Invite parents / carers and people from the local community to visit your school and find out more about your green projects. Inspire them to be green too! Create a display to tell everyone about how you have made your school greener Have a special assembly with classes presenting details of green projects they’ve completed Complete one of the Pod’s activities – can you win a Pod medal? Run a special project involving students, staff, parents and people from the local community. For example, you could create / improve your school garden or even plant some trees.
  • Remind the pupils that it is important to continue making an effort to be green. Are there any new green projects you can start? Can you re-visit and improve any of the things you have already done? Emphasise that it is really important for the children take the things they have learned home, telling family and friends how they can be greener too.
  • Eco Warriors - Green Britain Day

    1. 1. Green Britain Day A day to think about the things we can all do to be greener
    2. 2. What does it mean to be green ? “ Being green means that we live our lives in a way which looks after the planet for future generations.”
    3. 3. What is Green Britain Day? “ It’s a day where we can celebrate all of the great green things we have done, and think about things we can do to be even greener in the future.”
    4. 4. How can we be green ?
    5. 5. <ul><li>using less energy </li></ul><ul><li>using less water </li></ul><ul><li>recycling waste </li></ul><ul><li>using greener transport </li></ul><ul><li>caring for plants and animals </li></ul>Being green includes:
    6. 6. What have we done to make Polam Hall Junior School greener ?
    7. 7. Built two greenhouses using recycled plastic bottles. Reduced the amount of paper used in the production of Buttercup News and Senior Focus. Reduced the number of exercise books used in the Junior department. Increased the awareness of the whole school community of FairTrade issues. Raised the awareness of the local community of environmental issues through our annual Art competition. Increased the ways we can reuse, reduce and recycle. Increased the number of pupils participating in Medal Motion and Bikeability organised by Darlington Borough Council. Built a Bug Hotel to help insects survive the winter. Planted apple trees and fruit bushes and increased the variety of produce grown in our raised beds. We have:
    8. 8. In assembly we said a big green ‘Thank You’ to everyone! “ Together we have made our school greener . That has helped to make Britain a greener place too.”
    9. 9. What we did today on Green Britain Day We gave everyone the opportunity to plant a sunflower seed to take home with them to grow on in their garden. The flower head will provide nectar for insects in the Summer and seeds for the birds in the Winter. This will also help support the “ Save our bees campaign”
    10. 10. We want our school to keep up the good work, so we posed these questions… What can we do next year to make the school even greener ? How can we make our homes greener ?
    11. 11. <ul><li>We hope you enjoyed listening to our presentation about what we have achieved over the last two years. </li></ul><ul><li>We would be happy to answer any of your questions. </li></ul>