Motorized Venetian Blinds


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Options for wooden and metal motorized ventian blinds

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Motorized Venetian Blinds

  1. 1. Venetian BlindsNEW! with Intelligent Tilt Alignment ™
  2. 2. Introducing Venetian Blinds with Intelligent Tilt Alignment ™ Lutron Venetian blinds provide independent control of blind height and slat angle, putting a new tilt on the timeless look of this traditional window covering. Superior functionality is revolutionizing the category of automated horizontal blinds. Now you can have optimal privacy, while still preserving your view and controlling the amount of sunlight in a space. With one button press you can change the amount or angle of light streaming into a room—for unmatched versatility any time of day.• Set your favorite blind height and tilt angle for the slats (called a preset)—shades will automatically adjust to that height and tilt angle with the touch of a button.• You can also set more than one preset, giving you a range of options for automatically adjusting blinds.• Intelligent Tilt Alignment ensures that the slat angle between adjacent blinds remains within 1/16th of an inch of each other for a clean look.• Venetian blind controls (keypads and remotes) feature buttons for adjusting slat tilt angle. With one touch, you can precisely position the slats.
  3. 3. Control OptionsVenetian blinds are available for Sivoia® QSand Sivoia QS Wireless systems. GRAFIK Eye® QSQS wireless keypads are only available Pico® wireless control IR remotesin Designer style (shown actual size). (shown actual size) (shown actual size)QS wired keypads are only available inarchitectural insert and non-insert style. Lutron | 01
  4. 4. Style Options Sophisticated style options give every space a signature look. Venetian blinds are available in a variety of slat colors and finishes:• Genuine hardwoods – Elite Collection• Painted and stained hardwoods – Premium Collection• Brushed and painted aluminums – Aluminum Collection Custom color matching is available exclusively for the Elite Collection. Customers own material (COM) may be used; contact for details. Slat Options Decorative Tapes (optional) Decorative tapes conceal lift cords and increase light-blocking performance when slats are closed, all while adding a colorful accent to a Venetian blind. 02 | Lutron
  5. 5. Valance StylesAdd an elegant, finished look to a Venetian blind by specifying one of our fourstandard valance styles. This optional top treatment fits easily over the blind’sbrackets and headrail for a complete and seamless installation. Camelot Cavalier Majesty Queen Anne Lutron | 03
  6. 6. Available ToolsWorld-class support makes specification simple. CO M Int Vene IN ige tian G S ell nt blin OO Til t A ds w N ! lig nm ith en M tT The Avant Collection TM | residential shading solutionsAvant Collection™ brochure Venetian binderP/N 367-1678 P/N VENETIAN-BINDER Lutron ® Venetia n blind Venetian options Blind Mount ing opt Brackets ions Chassis Specificat can be ion inside mou nted, or 085-26 2 2 12.29.1 outside 0 mounted on the trim or above the trim. Lutron® Venetian Blind Chassis Specification Lutron Venetian ® English 085-262 1 12.29.10 Blind Chassis 1 Choose one of the options below to drill for cable access 2 Installing the brackets 2 Installing the brackets (continued) Lutron | Venetian blinds Installation Guide (please read before installing) 1.1 Notes: 2.1 Outside mount (trim mount shown) 2.2 Inside mount Venetian Blinds are operated by ultra-quiet, precision control Inside mou • Cable should exit from the wall or jamb on the drive side of the system 2.1.1 Center the brackets over the window and space them apart a Mount the brackets inside the jamb as shown. drives. The Venetian blind drive is housed in the headrail and nt • Leave 12 to 18 in (300 to 450 mm) of cable exposed 2.2.1 distance equal to the headrail width + ½ in (13mm). Assure they provides independent control of the lift and tilt. Lift and tilt Outside are level and plumb. Wire location: positions can be stored as a preset and can be recalled with mount Bracke on trim • Outside Mount on trim: 2 in (50 mm) from end of system ½ in (13 mm) the touch of a button. t dimens above top of bracket Tip: Inserting screw(s) into the trim underneath the bracket provides ions Outside Mount above trim: 2 in (50 mm) from end of system ½ in necessary support when mounting brackets on contoured trim. 2 ¼ in Outside • Aesthetics (57 mm) 1 5/8 in Headra mount (13 mm) below top of bracket (41 mm) il dimens above trim Inside Mount: 2 in (50 mm) from end of system ions • 2 ¼ in Bracket • A wide variety slat finishes available in hardwood (57 mm) Trim and aluminum • Decorative tapes available to conceal operational cords while 3 3/8 in Mounting screw Tip: If necessary, block out brackets to clear cranks or other hardware. adding a colorful accent to the blinds 3 5/8 in (86 mm) (92 mm) • Four optional valance styles are available to conceal the The Venetian Chassis Installation Guide is a complement to the Jack screw headrail enclosed Basic Wiring and Setup Guide. The Chassis Installation for support • Aluminum headrail provides clean minimalist look Guide describes the mechanical installation. The Basic Wiring and for applications without a valance Setup Guide describes the wiring and setup for basic function of the Venetian Blind. Design Tools required: Tape Measure 1/4 in Hex-Head Driver #2 Phillips Screwdriver Outside mount on trim Outside mount above trim • Independent lift control adjusts height of blinds and Slat options Level Power Drill Drill Bits Headrail Width + ½ in provides access to the window without affecting tilt Lutron Venetian blind • Tilt can be adjusted independent of lift to vary the privacy Slat mate level at any blind position colors. rials available Box contents: Aluminum in hard • Intelligent Tilt AlignmentTM ensures tilt position slats availa woods and Hardwood ble in paint aluminum between adjacent shades will remain within 1/16 th ed and . Hard Elite Colle brushed woods availa of an inch Premium ction – Available finishes. ble in a variety Blinds go to a pre-determined height and tilt angle when Customer Collection – Avail in 5 clear coate of stain • s and paint a preset is recalled ’s Own able in d (1) Right 23 stain natural finish (1) Left Material ed mounting bracket 3 Position the valance mounting clips on the headrail (if provided) es. Cust mounting bracket Multiple presets can be defined for the same blind Aluminum (COM) ed also availa finishes and • om color Wall mount on trim or group of blinds Available Collection ble. Cont 31 paint matching Inside mount top wire exit Inside mount side wire exit 3.1 Attach the valance mounting clips to the headrail so they are aligned in brush act Cust ed finish finishes • Compatible with Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless systems ed finish omer Serv es. available. with the mounting position on the valance. Venetian blind components designed for ultra-quiet and 13 ice for (2) Valance (8) Mounting (1) Venetian blind • painted details. operation (will not exceed 44 dBa measured 3 ft finishes. mounting clips screws Note: If mounting directly to wall, block out brackets to clear trim. (1m) from drive unit) • Simple installation for both inside mount and outside mount applications Job Nam Spec (2) Headrail e: i f i c at (1) Valance Provides maximum window coverage – symmetrical ion S securing screws Blocking • ubmi t ta l light gaps on both sides for a clearance of 1/4 in Model Job Num Numbers: (8 mm) per side between blind and window jam ber: Bottom rail shims • Hardwood slat blinds available in sizes up to 80 ft² (7.4 m²) Headrail max 96 in (2438 mm) wide x 120 in (3048 mm) high page 2 • Aluminum slat blinds available in sizes up to 120 ft² (11.1 m²) ! CAUTION: Risk of falling objects. Securely install the Venetian Blind system per the mounting instructions. Failure to do so could max 144 in (3658 mm) wide x 120 in (3048 mm) high result in minor or moderate injury. Trim Notes: • Lutron systems are intended for use with only Lutron hardware, controls, and power supplies. Wall S p e c i f i c at i o n S u b m i t ta l page 1 • Codes: Install in accordance with all local and national electrical codes. • Environment: Ambient operating temperature: 32 °F - 104 °F Job Name: Model Numbers: (0 °C - 40 °C), 0 - 90% humidity, non-condensing. Indoor use only. • Maintain sufficient clearance between the moving blind and any object. Wall mount above trim with blocking Job Number:Specification submittal Installation instructionsonline PDF online PDFAll marketing materials can be ordered using the shade configuration tool (SCT).PDFs are also available online at under Service and Support.04 | Lutron
  7. 7. Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat systems are compatible with Venetian blinds?Venetian blinds are available for Sivoia® QS and Sivoia QS Wireless. For integration intoRadioRA® 2, HomeWorks® QS, and Quantum® please contact integrate Venetian blinds into a HomeWorks Illumination system, please see ApplicationNote, available online, and contact Technical Support for details.What is the standard lead time?The standard lead time is 30 business days.Do Venetians have a fire retardant (FR) rating?Wooden blinds are not FR rated. However, it is possible to treat the material or usea non-wood material such as aluminum or a wood substitute to achieve FR rating status.Wood substitute Venetian blinds are not standard in the Lutron line, but can be sourcedas a custom. For more information, please contact is “stack”?Stack results when the slats of the Venetian blinds amass on top of each otherwhen the blind is fully open, blocking the top portion of the window. To preservethe full outdoor view, simply mount the blind above the window frame, makingsure to account for additional system height.This parameter is reported in the shade configuration tool (SCT) and only includesthe height of the slats and bottom rail—valance and headrail are not included in thiscalculation. To calculate total height from the ceiling to the base of the bottom rail,add 3.75 inches to the reported stack height.System specificationsWooden slats Aluminum slatsWidth range: 24 – 96 in. (610 – 2438 mm) Width range: 24 – 144 in. (610 – 3658 mm)Height range: 12 – 120 in. (305 – 3048 mm) Height range: 12 – 120 in. (305 – 3048 mm)Maximum system size: 80 sq. ft. (7 sq. m) Maximum system size: 120 sq. ft. (11 sq. m)Slat thickness: 0.125 in. (3.17 mm) Slat thickness: 0.008 in. (0.2 mm)For specification assistance, contact Lutron | 05
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