Mobile News Madness - March 2012


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Presented at Mobile St. Cloud on 3/8/2012

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  • Smartphone ownership grew 7 percent in the United States, to 38 percent of the total population. In Spain, ownership grew 11 percent to 44 percent of the total population. Huge market still using feature phones.Questions-
  • Top Smartphone Platforms3 Month Avg. Ending Jan. 2012 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Oct. 2011Total U.S. Smartphone Subscribers Ages 13+Source: comScoreMobiLens
  • If you’re curious about smart phone data. Google has a site that offers a bunch of smartphone and mobile statistics, which appears to be updated quarterly.You can find this at
  • Jason Spero, Google’s head of mobile sales and strategy, from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona a few weeks ago, these are some of his predictions.Internationally, this is especially true.Mobile Search – still most people search from their PC, but is trending upward.How many here have purchased something on a mobile device? Was it a phone or a tablet? How was the experience?NAComparison shopping – go to best buy, google the product and buy else whereTV, PC, Phone, 4th is the tabletNANANANAHTML 5 – Do you expect it when visiting a site?12. Small businesses – do you they think about mobile first now?
  • Androids growth has been phenomenal. What do you think has been the most significant factor in Android’s market growth?What threats does android have to it’s future growth?
  • Announced Tuesday of this weekAndroid Market is now called the Google Play StoreThis is an attempt to bring together all of goggles recent content offerings into once consistent place.Android users, have you checked this out?What do you think about the consolidation?
  • What is the battery life with projector turned on?Do you think this useful and may end up in more devices?
  • Is this the next preferred android phone?Low bevel is pretty cool – not sure how that actually works in real life.
  • Is this a good idea? A trend in the future?
  • My question – Is this really Android?Do you think this idea makes sense?Personally, I would rather give my grandma an iPhone.
  • Nokia has become top WP7 in Q4, with 33% marketshareApple solid 37M iPhones in Q4Samsung sold 35.6M in Q4It's the second time Microsoft has lowered the Windows Phone 7 system requirements. At the end of last year, it made it only optional for manufacturers to include a gyroscope, compass and both front and rear cameras - all of which were previously mandated.Read more: History repeats as Microsoft lowers Windows Phone requirements | News | PC Pro
  • How many people watched the event video?
  • What do you think about the new specs? Are these enough to get people to upgrade?What do you think is missing? Is LTE an important feature?
  • Is this a good idea?What uses would you see for these?Interesting concept – Think of these a standardized displays. The actual device or brains could live anywhere.
  • This is example of one of the advantages that apple has with owning both of the hardware and the software. They can provide much more value, ask for higher prices and get better margins owning the entire experience. Manufacturers like HTC are feeling pressure to provide more value. What do you think, is this a compelling offer?I think this is a trend we will see with the momentum towards cloud based services. There may become a point where device storage is less of a buying criteria with more and more content being streamed or stored remotely.
  • Sometimes the genesis of a startup happens just like this: Guy buys iPhone. Guy breaks iPhone. Guy then pays Apple way too much to fix said phone, grumbling ensues. Guy breaks phone again. Roommate breaks phone. Then, a lightbulb goes off. This is what happened to A.J. Forsythe when he was a student at California Polytechnic State University. He and his friends broke their iPhones more than a few times, so he decided to teach himself how to fix it. Then, like any good entrepreneur, he turned that solution into a business. Forsythe started charging people at school $75 per fix, set up a few social media accounts to hawk his services, remodeled his room into a repair shop, and iCracked was born.Forsythe sourced distributors of inexpensive screens, eventually finding those he could trust, and then began pitching the business to college campuses. By March 2011, about a year after initially hatching the idea, the business had grown beyond them — to 20 locations across the country — and was profitable. Forsythe began to hire tech-savvy “iTechnicians” to help he and his partners absorb the demand.Fast forward to the present, and iCracked has become a member of Y Combinator’s winter class of startups. The team’s understanding of the market and its business model have begun to solidify, so today, iCracked is officially launching to the world. Granted, that model is not wholly original, as iCracked is definitely reminiscent of the Geek Squad of Best Buy fame, except they focus explicitly on repairing iOS devices. Which makes sense, when you consider the margins…
  • Welcome to the brave new world, everyone. AT&T announced today new guidelines in regards to older so-called unlimited data plans. Subscribers will still be able to keep these plans but they’re essentially limited to AT&T’s new 3GB/5GB data plans.Let’s be clear: AT&T’s unlimited plans are now officially limited.AT&T, like most other wireless carriers, started selling unlimited data plans several years ago to curb anxiety in regards to data usage. At that time, mobile data was still limited to email, web browsing and photo messaging. Streaming media was still very rare. These unlimited plans offered carriers’ marketers and salesmen an easy tool to get people to upgrade to smartphones. But now they’re supposedly killing the network — or so carriers would have consumers believe.Today’s change essentially caps these legacy data plans at 3GB for HSPA+ and 5GB for LTE. Any overage will result in throttling, which as anyone who has been throttled before will attest, essentially kills data connectivity. Even mundane tasks as browsing the Internet are painfully slow. This cap remains in place until the end of the billing cycle. You will still have unlimited data, but on AT&T’s terms.AT&T started throttling customers in 2011 in response to increased data usage. However, it was always somewhat shrouded in mystery. The policy was public, which caused misconceptions and confusion. The caps were also set at 2GB even after AT&T rolled out new, $30 3GB data plan. This new move by AT&T, while shady at best and a breach of contract at worst, at least puts the company’s policy in clear view. It even gives tips on how to better manage data.However, as I stated previously, throttling subs on legacy products affects those nearing the end of their AT&T contracts. AT&T should be courting these people rather than driving them toward other carriers.
  • Yesterday, Metaio CTO Peter Meier ran a small demo for me that describes how their new Creator Mobile software allows any user to map a 3D space with a coordinate system, so they can then add their own digital, Augmented Reality content to that space.Have you used augmented reality?What are the limitations of this technology today?
  • A man named Eric who (uselessly) refuses to give up his last name (which I swear isn’t Eldon) has taken it upon himself to rid the world of annoying public cell phone conversations. But how, you might ask, is Eric X doing this? Just through the illegal purchase and use of a wireless jammer, of course.“I guess I’m taking the law into my own hands and quite frankly, I’m proud of it.”Ah, the glorious naïveté of vigilantism.Eric lives in Philadelphia, and seems to take issue with loud conversations on his trip to work via the city’s number 44 bus route.He was only discovered after an NBC10 employee (going under the pseudonym “Marie”) noticed Eric reaching for his jammer during others’ phone chats. “He’s blatantly holding this device that looks like a walkie-talkie with four very thick antennae,” said Marie. “I started to watch him and any time somebody started talking on the phone, he would start pressing the button on the side of the device.”But as you can see in the video (below), Eric is unapologetic:“A lot of people are extremely loud, no sense of just privacy or anything. When it becomes a bother, that’s when I screw on the antenna and flip the switch.”The only problem, Eric, is that you’re committing a crime and you’ve now put your face all over the Internet courtesy of an NBC news team. Sale, purchase, ownership or use of a jammer is a federal crime, and could result in a $16,000 fine and jail time if Eric is convicted.While the shushing hacker originally found this particular part of the penal code to be “grey”, he has since decided to get rid of his jammer after learning the consequences.
  • New phone from Nokia debuted at Mobile World Congress 2 weeks agoTakes photos at 41 mega pixels but then reduces them down to 8 mega pixels5 years in the makingThe kicker – Runs on SymbianComing for WP7 soon – according Nokia
  • This is a fight for taking control back from the operating systems. For example, today Apple controls it’s app store, IAP, etc… you must use apple inside of your IOS app.This seems to be focused on HTML and inside of facebooks app eco system.
  • Mobile News Madness - March 2012

    2. 2. IN THE NEWS The Market Android WP7 iOS Other News
    3. 3. SMART PHONES IN 2011 US Smart Phone Market share 38% Smart Phones 62% Dumb Phones Grew 7% in US in 2011 sales-head-us-smartphone-ownership-grew-7-last-year- plus-predictions
    4. 4. JAN 2012 SMART PHONE MARKET 2% 5% Google 17% 47% Apple RIM Microsoft Symbian 29% ess_Releases/2012/3/comScore_Reports_ January_2012_U.S._Mobile_Subscriber_M arket_Share
    6. 6. SMART PHONE 2012 PREDICTIONS1. More than 1 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary internet access point.2. 10 days where mobile searches represent >;50% of trending search terms.3. Mobile’s role in driving people into stores will be proven and it will blow us away.4. “Mobile driven spend” will emerge as a big category.5. Smartphones will prove exceptional at driving a new consumer behavior.6. Tablets will take their place as the 4th screen.7. New industry standards will make mobile display easy to run.8. 5 new, mobile first companies will reach the Angry Birds level of success.9. ROI on mobile and tablet advertising will increase as a result of the unmatched relevance of proximity.10. The intersection of mobile and social will spark a dramatic new form of engaging consumers.11. 80% of the largest 2000 websites globally will have an HTML5 site.12. One million small businesses globally will go mobile with a mobile website. sales-head-us-smartphone-ownership-grew-7-last-year- plus-predictions
    7. 7. ANDROID
    8. 8. ANDROID GROWTHActivations up 250% over last year850,000 activations each day300M Google sactioned Android devices world wide, 12M of them tablets activations-daily-300m-total-devices-says-andy- rubin/
    9. 9. GOOGLE PLAY• Goodbye Android Market• Incorporates apps, music, videos & e-books• Not restricted to Android Devices• GDC Annoucement • Google working on new games platform product-manager-unified-gaming-platform- to-arrive-by-next-year/
    10. 10. PROJECTOR IN YOUR POCKET• Galaxy Beam• Displays projected image up to 50 inches• 12.5mm thick• Runs Android 2.3• 1 GHZ Dual Core• 8 GB Memory announces-galaxy-note-10-1-and-projector- smartphone/
    11. 11. SAMSUNG GALAXY S III – THE ANTI BEVEL• Rumored to launch in April• Ceramic Case• Minimal Bevel• Quad Core 1.5GHz• 4.8 in 16x9 display• 2MP & 8MP Back• 4G LTE• Android 4.0 samsung-galaxy-s-iii-leaked-1-5ghz-4-8- inch-1080p-display-ceramic-case/
    12. 12. MOTOROLA LAPDOCK• Few sites have this on sale for as low as $50, was $500• Works with the Motorola Atrix 4G
    13. 13. ANDROID FOR YOUR GRANDPARENTSDoro PhoneEasy 740- No Android Market- Plans for medicine dose reminder phoneeasy-740-finally-an-android-phone- for-your-grandparents/
    14. 14. WP7
    15. 15. WP7 PLATFORM NEWS• Recently lowered minimum specs for WP7 handsets • No longer 1 GHz minimum • 512 MB RAM -> 256 MB RAM • 5 MP -> 3 MP Camera • Some apps will not be supported• Nokia has become top WP7 seller• Microsoft Shipped 2.7M units in Q4• Tango (7.5) due out in April • Reduction in min hardware specs • Carriers and OEMs will be able to install 40 apps, previously 4 • Add Video / Photos / Voice to SMS messages• Apollo (8) due later this year http://www.pocket- tango-update-all-phones
    16. 16. LEAKED ROADMAP http://www.pocket- phone-roadmap-apollo-2012
    17. 17. IOS
    18. 18. APPLEYesterday’s Apple Special Event• iOS • 315 million devices in 2011 • 62 million in Q4 • 76% of apples revenue in Q4• iPad Sales  55 million cumulative iPad sales since launch of the iPad 1 on April 3, 2010.  Sold more iPad’s than any PC manufacturer sold PC’s in the same quarter, Q4 2011.  Acer 9.8M  Dell 11.9M  Lenovo 13M  HP 15.1M  iPad 15.4M
    19. 19. THE NEW IPAD
    20. 20. THE NEW IPAD Display  Battery Life  2048 x 1536 (3.1 million pixels)  10 hours on Graphics Chip  Size  A5X Quad Core Graphics  Slightly larger than iPad 2 Camera  Pricing  5 mega pixel sensor  Same pricing as the iPad 2  HD video recording in full 1080p  Available on March 16th Voice Dictation Next Generation Wireless  Supports LTE on AT&T and Verizon
    22. 22. GOOGLE GLASSES• Due out by the end of 2012• Running Android• Estimated between $250 - $600 a pair• Will feature 3 or 4G connectivity• Small Camera on-board• Audio Input and Ouput gle_glasses_are_a_prescription_for_disast er.html
    23. 23. HTC RESPONSE TO ICLOUDBuy an HTC, get 25 GB of storage for 2 years to-icloud-a-new-deal-with-dropbox/
    24. 24. ICRACKED
    25. 25. NOT SO UNLIMITED doing-it-wrong-att/
    26. 26. ROLL YOUR OWN AUGMENTED REALITYMetaio Creator Mobile own-3d-space-with-metaio-creator-mobile/
    27. 27. ERIC THE CELL PHONE JAMMER vigilante-doesnt-want-to-hear-your-public- phone-calls/
    28. 28. NOKIA 808 PUREVIEW 41 Mega Pixel, wha?
    29. 29. FACEBOOK MOBILE OPERATOR BILLING• AT&T,• Deutsche Telekom• Orange• Telefónica• T-Mobile USA• Verizon• Vodafone• KDDI• SOFTBANK MOBILE Corp smartphone-ownership-grew-7-last-year-plus-predictions