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Here is a snap shot of Hire Well Now\'s HR Screening Solutions

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Hire Well Now\'s Solutions Whitepaper

  1. 1. HR Screening Solutions
  2. 2. HR Screening Solutions You need the RIGHT peopleFor more information viewwww.HIREWELLNOW.com
  3. 3. HR Screening SolutionsProblems solvedHire Well Now gives you the solutions and tools you need to get the best people,doing the right things for your business. Our customers spend more time devel-oping their associates than looking for their replacements. After all, better asso-ciates deliver a better customer experience.There are four key things you must know about an applicant BEFORE you make ajob offer: - Will they do the job? - Can they do the job? - How will they do the job? - Should they do the job?How do you get answers?Hire Well Now puts tools at your finger tipsthat allow you to make better hiring deci-sions. A combination of online pre-employment assessments, backgroundchecks, and drug screening systems allowyou to get a more complete picture of jobapplicants. You will hire employees whoperform their jobs better, faster than youever thought possible. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  4. 4. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #1.Will they do the job?Assessing integrity, reliability, work ethic, andstance on drug use with The Insure® surveyHow important is it to know a candidate’s integrity level, reliability, work ethicand stance on drug abuse BEFORE your hire them? The Insure® Survey is anonline assessment given to applicants as part of an over all screening process.Using the Insure® survey allows you to better control the working environment,employee satisfaction, and safety. For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  5. 5. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #2.Can they do the job?Assessing basic skills with the Johnston Index®If reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills are important for an appli-cant to be successful, shouldn’t you measure those necessary skills? The Johns-ton Index® is an online assessment given to job candidates as part of an over allemployee selection process. This survey identifies potential issues or obstaclesan employee may face based on their current skills. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  6. 6. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #2.Can they do the job?Assess retail sales skills using the Sales Plus® SurveyHow important are soft skills such as organization and motivation and retail skillslike customer sensitivity and sales for your entry level and sales counterstaff? The Sales Plus® survey is designed to identify the applicants that are mostlikely to succeed and flourish in your environment. Analyze the skills and person-ality traits that are necessary before you make a job offer. For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  7. 7. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #3How will they do the job?Assessing behavioral traits using Personality Plus®How important is a candidate’s job, team and cultural fit when determining theirlikelihood of success? The Personality Plus® Survey is an online assessment thatmeasures ten key personality and behavioral traits. Those traits are thenmatched against national models of successful employees across the nation oryour top performers. The result is matching the RIGHT employee to the job. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  8. 8. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #3How will they do the job?Utilize SUCCESS BENCHMARKING to make betterhiring decisions, faster.How can you hire successful candidates if you don’t know what personality orbehavioral traits are needed most? We create custom success benchmarks forevery key position in your business. Armed with this information, hiring the rightcandidates with the skills and behaviors necessary to perform well becomesmuch less stressful and difficult. For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  9. 9. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #3How will they do the job?Solve common personality and behavioral issueswhile increasing the performance and efficienciesof your team using The Team Master® reportingIs drama and absenteeism tearing your team apart or forcing you to miss yourproductivity goals? Hire Well Now’s complete online assessment system knownas the Hiring Suite® includes a system of reporting called the Team Master®.This report reveals how employeeswill interact with supervisors basedon their individual personality traitsand identify areas of conflict amongteam members before they occur. - Minimizes drama. - Gives supervisors insight on how best to communicate, manage and motivate team members for maximum performance. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  10. 10. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #4Should they do the job? ™ - Competitive And Customizable Background Screening ServicesHow important is background screening? Employers check potential and currentworkers for several reasons. Past incidents like the Enron fiasco mean executives,officers and directors face a heightened degree of scrutiny. Most states now re-quire criminal background checks for anyone who works with children. Terroristacts of September 11, 2001 require that all job candidates be examined withmore scrutiny. And, with negligence in hiring lawsuits on the rise, the threat ofliability gives employers reason to be cautious in checking an applicant’s past.Common Background Screening services and packages include: - National & State Criminal Background Checks - Department of Motor Vehicle Checks - Past Employment and Reference Verification For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  11. 11. HR Screening SolutionsHR Screening Key #4Should they do the job? ™ - Reliable And Convenient Drug Screening ServicesWhy should you invest in an employee drug screening service? It is estimatedthat employee drug use costs American employers over $100 billion every year.Consider these facts when weighing the pros and cons of a consistent drugscreening program: - Employee absenteeism is 66% higher among drug users. - Drug users are 5 TIMES more likely to file a worker’s compensation claim. - Health benefit utilization is 84% greater among drug users. - Disciplinary action is 90% higher among drug users due to employer losses from theft and fraud. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  12. 12. HR Screening SolutionsAdditional HR SolutionsAnd Resources ™ - Biometric eSign Form I9 ServicesHow important is error free I9 form processing to your organization? Imple-menting this I9 management tool will demonstrate “good faith” compliance withthe employment verification provisions of the Immigration Reform and ControlAct. Additionally, this tool will reduce your exposure to audits,financial penalties and negative publicity by: - Obtaining the necessary information from your new hire, signing your documents and filing them on secure servers. - Reducing I9 processing mistakes via the error detecting Biometric eSign I9 Form. - Providing instant access of your I9 forms online for updating, re-verification, and government inspection. - Automatically archiving outdated ex-employee forms. For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  13. 13. HR Screening SolutionsAdditional HR SolutionsAnd Resources ™ - Employment ConfirmationHow much time, energy and resources are you expending in order to confirmpast employment of failed hires? Hire Well Now offers WorkConfirm®, a auto-mated service providing uniform responses to all employment and income verifi-cation requests. This simple, efficient and cost effective system increases yourHuman Resource Department’s efficiency by: - Handling inbound employment and income verification requests. - Reducing liability by releasing required employment information About the employee and no more. - Securing employee data using practices and procedures consistent with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808 Toll Free 866.717.9808
  14. 14. HR Screening SolutionsAdditional HR SolutionsAnd ResourcesAssist HR - Human Resources Hot Line ServicesHow critical is it to your organization’s financial well-being to proactively andquickly identify potential employee risk factors? The Assist HR Hotline is theanswer for establishing an anonymous channel for reporting incidents andconcerns. This system provides the ability to listen to the organization through avariety of secure, anonymous methods including a web-based 24/7/365 hotline.To insure quick response, this system provides customized escalation throughautomated systems to help get the necessary information to the right person forimmediate follow up. For more information view www.HIREWELLNOW.com
  15. 15. HR Screening SolutionsOur Mission, Visionand ValuesAbout USOur Mission is to slow the revolving door of job applicants soour clients are able to spend more time developing theirhuman assets and delivering the best customer experience.Our Vision is to be a resource to our customers by decreasingrisks and increasing efficiencies.Our Values dictate how we do business. We strive to provideexceptional customer service while operating with extremeagility and unsurpassed integrity. ™We have strategically partnered with PointHR Screening Technologies. Theirincredible 15 plus year track record in HR Screening technologies and dedicationto our partner program creates a solid platform that we confidently and proudlyoffer to our clients. For more information call toll free 866.717.9808
  16. 16. HR Screening Solutions 1404 Southern Hills Center West Plains, Missouri 65775 Toll Free 866.717.9808 www.HireWellNow.comcontactus@HireWellNow.com