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What's New in Infinispan 6.0
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What's New in Infinispan 6.0


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Presentation delivered by Mircea Markus (JBoss) at the London JBoss User Group Event on Wednesday, the 4th of December 2013. …

Presentation delivered by Mircea Markus (JBoss) at the London JBoss User Group Event on Wednesday, the 4th of December 2013.
In this talk, Mircea Markus (Infinispan Lead) covers the major features added in the 6.0 release to the Infinispan ecosystem:
- querying in client/server mode
- better integration with the persistent storage
- multi-master cross-site replication
- support for heterogeneous clusters
Participants will take home a better understanding of Infinispan capabilities and the use cases in which it can be put at work. Ideally the attendees should have a basic knowledge of the in-memory data grids.

Published in: Technology, Education

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  • 1. What’s new in Infinispan 6.0 •Mircea Markus, •Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
  • 2. Who’s Mircea? •Lead Infinispan/JBoss Data Grid •JSR-350 •@infinispan/@mirceamarkus •
  • 3. Agenda •Infinispan •New in 6.0 •Cpp Hot Rod client •Querying client/server mode •Persistence integration •Cross site replication enhancements •Heterogenous clusters •Licensing •Roadmap
  • 4. What is Infinispan? •Distributed storage engine •memory •disk •Highly available •Elastic •Open source
  • 5. Remote Application (Cpp) Remote Application (Java) Remote Application (.Net) Network (TCP) Node (JVM process) Mem cached Node (JVM process) HotRod Mem cached REST Embeded Application (Java) HotRod REST Embeded Application (Java) Notification Storage Engine (RAM +Overflow) Notification Transaction/xa Transaction/xa Storage Engine (RAM +Overflow) Query Map/Reduce Map/Reduce Monitoring Monitoring Transport (JGroups) Query TCP/ UDP Transport (JGroups)
  • 6. Cpp Hot Rod client •Hot Rod •Binary protocol •3 levels of intelligence •Clients in Java(L3), Python(L1), Ruby (L1) •Cpp client •L3 •RHEL5, RHEL6, Windows 7 •OSS/Apache licence
  • 7. Querying - existing •Embedded mode only •Based on Hibernate Search/Lucene •Objects in the grid are indexed •index management
  • 8. Remote Querying •Language neutral •client/server access : Hot Rot •type representation : protobuf & protostream •DSL for querying •Schema management •protofiles •JMX
  • 9. Define schema - protobuf
  • 10. Serialize to protobuf •Protobuf tooling •schema to cpp/java. Not the other way around •constraining on the format of your domain •Protostream •protobuf serializer developed by Red Hat •OSS/Apache licensed •flexible •strongly typed
  • 11. Implement marshallers based on schema
  • 12. Implement marshallers
  • 13. Execute the query
  • 14. Langauge neutral access •“Side effect” •HotRod •interoperabilut
  • 15. Further query improvements •Query on non-indexed fields •HotRod Cpp client •query DSL •protostream •protobuf default serialization (?) •better schema management
  • 16. New Persistence SPI •Simpler •no locking •no transaction •Faster •parallel iteration/expiry •reduced serialization overhead •Aligned with JSR-107 •easier migration
  • 17. New Local (File) Store •Very popular •easy setup/no dependencies •New file store •fast! •keeps all keys in memory •courtesy @Karsten Blees
  • 18. X-Site replication •Since Infinispan 5.2.0 •Hot-standby for geographic failover •Follow the sun
  • 19. Cross Site Replication
  • 20. Multiple site masters •Single site master (5.2.x) •does not scale •mitigated by capacity-factor (6.0.0) •Multiple site masters •site masters form a jgroups cluster •configurable number
  • 21. Heterogenous clusters •Heterogenous clusters •not all machine are equally powerful • some are more busy •Load-factor •e.g. 0.5 -> half of the average load •0 is acceptable •alternative to client/server
  • 22. New Licensing •LGPL -> Apache License •Apache License •open source •considered more business friendly •better integration with other Apache licensed projects
  • 23. Roadmap •Eventing over Hot Rod •Clustered listeners •Security •Query over Cpp Hot Rod •Better partition handling •C# Hot Rod client
  • 24. Thank you! • •@infinispan • •@mirceamarkus