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  1. 1. Chaplain’s Office1. What time is the funeral for SGT John Dough? He’ll be buriednext week.Answer: We only have funeral information for the current day and we’llget the information for the following day after 3 p.m. In the meantime youcan check the website: www.arlingtoncemetery.mil for funerals scheduledfor the next two weeks.2. How does one reserve the chapel for a wedding?Answer: Go to www.army.mil/jbmhh. Then click on Chaplain’s Office forthe wedding application & also the chapel policy document. The latterdescribes our wedding guidelines. Read the guidelines and then fill outthe application & fax it to us.3. Where do I go for a burial only (no chapel service)?Answer: In nearly all cases you should go to the Administration Buildinglocated within Arlington National Cemetery. Arrive there 30 minutesbefore the burial time. This gives you time to visit the family and thenmotorcade to the burial site.4. My spouse will be buried next week, and I haven’t heard from thechaplain.Answer: Find out what branch of the military the deceased served in andcall the appropriate number: Army 703-614-0344; Navy/Marines/Coast Guard571-256-4333; Air Force 703-614-0887.5. Any other funeral related questions.Answer: Most funeral questions are answered in recorded information bydialing 1-877-907-8585. To speak with a human being, press 3 when themenu comes up.
  2. 2. Retention1. What’s the minimum amount of time I have to be in The Old Guard andmaximum?Answer: Soldiers are fenced into The Old Guard for a period of 36 monthsfrom arrival date, SM can request to have fence lifted after they serve 24months in The Old Guard.2. How do I transfer my Post-9/11 GI Bill to my dependents and what arethe requirements?Answer: Go to VA.GOV to gather all required Information to make aninformed decision and for all Info related to the different educationbenefits Post-9/11 Transfer of Benefits Information Beginning 1 Aug 13, ALL Soldiers will incur a 4 yearadditional service obligation Soldiers can transfer benefits athttps://www.dmdc.osd.mil/milconnect Currently on active duty, have at least 6 years, noadverse/negative actions pending Agrees to serve additional obligation based on time ofservice on 1 Aug 09 See Career Counselor for guidance- 703-696-1104/3083/13213. What is the Reenlistment Window and when can I reenlist?Answer: Reenlistment Window of Opportunity is now open for Soldierswith a FY13 ETS (01 Jan 2013 thru 30 Sept 2013) and FY14 ETS (01 Oct 2013thru 30 Sept 2014).4. How do I become an Officer/Warrant Officer?Answer: To find out visit these two websites-http://www.goarmy.com/rotc/enlisted-soldiers.htmlhttp://usacac.army.mil/cac2/WOCC/
  3. 3. JBM-HH Housing1. Should we contact a local Housing Office prior to signing ahousing contract?Answer: Yes, always contact the Housing Office before signing yourcontract/lease and also contact us if you have any questions.2. Am I authorized to reside off-post?Answer: If you are a Single E1 – E5, without dependants, or are aService Member married to another Service Member serving in differentlocations (E1-E5), you are required to reside on-post in the barracks.3. What is meant by Single Soldiers without dependents?Answer: Not married and without any children or other dependents(Parent, Sibling, etc) that are enrolled in DEERS.4. If I am a Single E1 – E5, can I put in a request to live off-post?Answer: Yes, however, you will need to have an Exception to PolicyPacket approved by the Garrison Commander.5. What if I am single but have a child from divorce or paternity andthey are enrolled in DEERS?Answer: To be eligible to move off post and receive BAH, you wouldneed to provide court documents that award you more than 180 days ofcontinuous custody. Joint custody only does not automatically entitle aSoldier to BAH.6. Will I be receiving BAH when I arrive?Answer: You are required to go to the Finance Office when you in-process. They will determine which BAH you are entitled to.7. When should I sign in for PTDY?Answer: All Service members receiving Permissive TDY must sign intothe Housing Office within the start and end-dates of their PTDY. TheHousing Office will then stamp and date your Leave Form. *** If you do notsign into the Housing Office within the PTDY dates stated on your leaveform, the leave will be charged as Ordinary Leave by the Finance Office.***8. Do I get a Statement of Non-availability from Housing?Answer: Housing does not provide Statements of Non-availability; theycan be obtained from the Lodging Office (if required).9. Which Housing Offices are in the area?
  4. 4. Answer: Housing/Lodging Offices:https://www.housing.army.mil/AH/Default.aspxFort Myer – Housing (703) 696-3559 Lodging (703) 696-3576Fort Belvoir - (703)454-9700 or (800)295-9750Anacostia - (202)433-3862 or (202)685-1190Bolling - (202)562-2631Quantico - (703)784-2711 or 784-229110. Does the Housing Office have listings for off-post apartments?Answer: Yes, the Housing Office has a Rental Partnership Program,which assists soldiers in finding off-post housing.The following are some websites which you can refer to:"http://www.ahrn.com"www.ahrn.comwww.militarybyowner.comwww.sargeslist.comwww.bigbrick.comwww.craiglist.com"www.craiglist.comwww.pcsamerica.net"www.pcsamerica.netwww.realtor.com"www.realtor.comwww.realty.com"www.realty.comwww.zillow.comDirectorate of Environmental Management1. If I see an oil spill or spill of other hazardous material, whatshould I do?Answer: Report the spill to the Fire Department at 911 or (703)696-3600. Give them as much information as you can about the spill (location,what spilled, how much, any sensitive areas nearby like waterways, stormdrains, people, etc.). You may also report a spill using the EnvironmentalIncident/Inquiry Report form located on the JBM-HH web site/DEMpage/Program Contact link.2. My organization wants to sponsor a car wash fundraiser. How do Iarrange it?Answer: Submit a written request to the Directorate of Plans,Training, Mobilization & Security (DPTMS) at least 2 weeks before yourevent. Include the name of your organization, date/time/duration of thecar wash, and a POC/phone number. DPTMS will get back to you on approvaland location of your event. Refer to JBM-HH Policy Memo EM-1 for furtherinformation.
  5. 5. 3. How do I find out about the quality of my drinking water?Answer: Arlington County Department of Environmental Services and DCWater are required to provide a brief, drinking water quality report totheir customers each year. They post their most recent reports on theirweb sites at(http://www.arlingtonva.us/Departments/EnvironmentalServices/uepd/wquality/EnvironmentalServicesArlwq.aspx); andhttp://www.dcwater.com/waterquality/waterquality_reports.cfm4. Where is JBM-HHs Environmental Policy?Answer: On the JBM-HH public website5. Where can I recycle old cell phones?Answer: Building 321, DEM6. Where can rechargeable batteries be recycled?Answer: Building 321, DEMDirectorate of Planning, Training, Mobilization and Security1. For support request or coordinating events, where do we start?Answer: Please complete the JBM-HH request for services form whichcan be emailed to you by calling (703) 696-3290/3291.