Chapter 20 Questions


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Chapter 20 Questions

  1. 1. Name: __________________________ Date: _______________________ Period: ___ Chapter 20 Questions 1. Which of the following rivers forms Africa’s largest network of waterways? (A) Nile River (B) Congo River (C) Niger River (D) Limpopo River 2. Which of the following marks the edge of a continental plateau in southern Africa? (A) rift valleys (B) the Tibesti Mountains (C) the Great Escarpment (D) the Gulf of Guinea 3. Which of the following is a location for aquifers? (A) near the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro (B) the rain forest of Central Africa (C) 6,000 feet under the Sahara (D) found only in Kenya 4. Which of the following is the name for the tropical grassland in northern Tanzania? (A) Serengeti Plain (B) the Horn of Africa (C) Great Rift Valley (D) the Sahel 5. All of the following are causes of desertification EXCEPT (A) overgrazing of vegetation by livestock (B) drilling for water (C) reduced tropical rain forests (D) farming 6. All of the following were effects of colonialism in Central Africa EXCEPT (A) disrupted long-standing governments (B) grouped traditional enemies together (C) prepared Africans for democracy (D) destroyed stateless societies 7. All of the following were effects of apartheid in South Africa EXCEPT (A) banned social contact between blacks and whites (B) unfair land distribution for blacks (C) caused blacks to form the ANC (D) segregated schools 8. Which of the following is an ethnic group in East Africa? (A) Ashanti (B) Zulu (C) Shona
  2. 2. (D) Masai 9. Which of the following is the major cultural and religious influence in North Africa? (A) Buddhism (B) Islam (C) Christianity (D) local religions 10. What were the two main products traded by the empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai? (A) iron and sugar (B) iron and salt (C) gold and iron (D) gold and salt 11. All of the following are possible ways to improve the economies of African countries EXCEPT. (A) stressing one-commodity for each country (B) forgiving Africa’s debts (C) regional cooperation (D) diversifying economies 12. Which of the following diseases found in Africa is carried by mosquitoes? (A) cholera (B) tuberculosis (C) AIDS (D) malaria 13. The AIDS epidemic in Africa has led to (A) millions of deaths (B) higher unemployment (C) lower life expectancy (D) all of the above 14. Which of the following is a primary goal of many African nations? (A) establishing a democratic government (B) abolishing colonial imposed borders (C) cultivating a ?one-commodity? economy (D) treating smallpox