The fault is the road to success


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The fault is the road to success

  1. 1. Javier Mareca Technology Entrepreneurship Part 1 The fault is the road to success
  2. 2. In a territory, devastated by the crisis, in which 90% of the business sector are small and medium-sized enterprises, in a scenario of lack of funding, low corporate culture, internal consumption sunk by high unemployment and excessive reliance on the State, is not easy to find people who risk the little that has little certain adventures.
  3. 3. Now suddenly, when the unemployment rate has become unbearable (nearly 27% and reaches the 6,000,000 people unemployed) us talk from everywhere culture of the entrepreneur, the good of creating your own business, being your own boss... but nobody helps you recycle your knowledge in the field of new technologies and any other field is that we have to go out, because here it is impossible to find the training required to be able to compete in a globalized economy. INAEM public employment service, in Spain we have 17, one for each autonomous community. Barely replace through its offices at 2% of the unemployed.
  4. 4. I found a lot of information and make you an entrepreneur and mount a start-up. I have participated in any specific training. And honestly, without wishing to disparage people who taught it, he wouldn't be a succession of screens in Power Point, that little I brought. And I speak it from a position of worker self-employed, which I'm used to work for years in a business environment, mediating between private companies and the administration.
  5. 5. Could you speak of any start-up, but not success. I am of those who think of the failures are learning more than successes. Or others that have been assembled Spoiled Brat, they look much press, but you scratch a bit and what spare is incompetence.
  6. 6. How much better is your competition, rather to work you. And most competitive will be all. In a very regulated market, in the hands of two, as in Aragon, the benefits in times of economic boom ended up in a high-end car and a floor of high standing. And it moves into complacency... "it is good that I am", "how great we are", "our competitors make me bad". And thinking so... we are going to ruin. Why I want to dedicate this first work(although I leave than is required, it's just enough) those with special reference to those who have it trying to, their savings have been played and thing has not left them well. Just encourage them to be lifted again and that helping each other is the only way to get ahead.
  7. 7. Our political caste can little hope... has been international news the ridiculous with the candidature of Madrid 2020 Olympic Games, in a new attempt to revive the culture of the brick. Or raised promoted by Mr. Sheldon Adelson and covered by public institutions, bypassing the law anti- tobacco, commercial opening hours and labor legislation to adapt it to your needs. To make a startup successful city that sits should have good communications. In a world so globalized, it is unthinkable that a modern city, does not have good air connections to cities where there are business and technology. Zaragoza (there are many fogs in winter) but the new airport does not have a control system of fog Tower.
  8. 8. If you don't have good communications, as you intend to fill buildings and buildings of companies and offices. Now they are empty and will remain so for a long time.
  9. 9. It promoteculture, shaping, alternatives and education. With the new generation they can go their own way. The musical education in compulsory education is practically non-existent. Who wants to discover new things there is another option that find life. We have an example of the interest in the culture of the political caste in the Teatro Fleta, after several frustrated projects, it is in this State. If you have the same eye with his money that the public money they handle, I would not have them peer in my start-up.
  10. 10. Gran Teatro Fleta no limits to creativity. In short, the creation requires an adequate environment. There has to be a competitive economy, without bureaucratic impediments, which allow the development of a good idea. It requires constant adaptation to new technological advances, know the ground beneath our feet, and learn from our experiences and others.
  11. 11. And yet if we fail, there will always be another chance.