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  1. 1. “surrealisme”literally means that which extends beyond realism or finds itself outside of reality.Definition:style of art and literature, stressing the subconscious and non-rational thought.
  2. 2. André Breton• Founder of Surrealism• Acted as a neurologist: kept records of his own patients dreams and wrote down the rambling things they said in an attempt to learn about the subconscious• First work was The Magnetic Fields• Wrote Surrealist Manifesto in Paris October 1924: this marked the date of the creation of Surrealism SUBCONSCIOUS: a deep, mysterious part of the mind we are not normally aware of.
  3. 3. Influences
  4. 4. Sigmund Freud•Psychoanalytical approach to the mind•Believed that people are influenced by things that we are not aware of (subconscious)•Introduced unconscious mind•Natural tendencies of people to be violent and sexual impulses from early childhood•Influential in psychology and surrealism
  5. 5. Hieronymus Bosch be considered earliest Surrealist artist (lived 500 years ago).-conjured up nightmarish visions.-Surrealists were influenced his unique style.
  6. 6. Giuseppe -16th century ItalianArcimboldo -made portraits with fruits and vegetables
  7. 7. Giorgio de Chirico-juxtaposition:an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.
  8. 8. Dadaism-Emerged after WW1.-Art against war, called "Anti-Art" (made fun of society and its ideas).-Many of the surrealist artists were Dada artists before converting to surrealism, including Max Ernst and Salvador Dali.-Surrealism, in some ways, was a continuation of Dada but its outlook was more positive.
  9. 9. WWI-Millions died: Artists felt that "progress", reason, and logic had failed.-Helped spread Surrealism around the world.
  10. 10. Surrealism "The Gift" Man Ray"Ready-mades"" Meret Oppenheim "Object (Fur Breakfast)"
  11. 11. Major Surrealist Artists -Joan Miro -Salvador Dali -Max Ernst -Rene Magritte
  12. 12. Joan Miro
  13. 13. Painting of a Rooster,r:0,s:0,i:138
  14. 14. Salvador Dali-Born in Spain 1904-Started painting at age 10-Joined Surrealist groupin 1929-Expelled from the groupin 1934-Married to Gala Dali in 1934-Died 1989
  15. 15. The beginning of his art Girl Standing at a window- 1925
  16. 16. The Enigma of Desire: My Mother, My Mother, MyMother 1929 Dali
  17. 17. Dali and the Surrealism movement Invisible Sleeping Woman, Horse, Lion 1930
  18. 18. The Persistence of memory 1931
  19. 19. Similarities in Dali’s Art The Angelus The Architectonic Angelus of Millet by Millet 1933
  20. 20. Atavistic Ruins after the Rain Portrait of Gala 1934 1935
  21. 21. Swans Reflecting Elephants 1937dali
  22. 22. Reflecteddali
  23. 23. Metamorphosis of Narcissus 1937
  24. 24. Soft self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon 1941 Dali
  25. 25. Religious Themes Christ of St. John of the cross 1951
  26. 26. The Last Supper 1955
  27. 27. Max Ernst
  28. 28. COMMON TECHNIQUES... Frottage: technique of rubbing raised surfacesto get a pattern/textured look on paper
  29. 29. Grattage: ("scraping") used in oil and plasterpainting "Eve, the Only One left to us" 1925
  30. 30. Aquissubmersis-1919
  31. 31. Fruit of a Long Experience
  32. 32. The Hat Makes the Man
  33. 33. Oedipus Rex
  34. 34. "Teetering Woman or An Equivocal Woman"
  35. 35. Rene Magritte
  36. 36. the false mirror
  37. 37. Effects of Surrealism-Surrealism influenced many new artists and art "Isms"- As Surrealism dispersed, the rise of Existentialism and Abstract Expressionism occurred.-The idea of using the Psych for art carried on through these artists
  38. 38. Abstract Expressionism-An "-Ism" influenced by surrealism that was all about the artists expressing themselves on the canvas.
  39. 39. Existentialism-A Philosophical movement- Individuals as free agents of what they do and responsible for their choices.
  40. 40. Lasting effects...-Surrealism allowed its artists and audiences to recognize and better understand their subconscious.- Surrealism teaches us how to balance and interact between the Spiritual, psychological, and physical planes of our lives.
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