Regions Challenge Business Plan


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Student written business plan; Seasons For You.

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Regions Challenge Business Plan

  1. 1. IndexExecutive Summary 2Industry Analysis 6Target Market Analysis 18Product, Pricing, Distribution, and Promotion Strategies 24Start-Up Costs32Résumés37Works Cited 43 1
  2. 2. Executive Summary 2
  3. 3. A. COMPANY NAME AND CONTACTSeasons for YouSally Snider (404) 271-1636B. BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY Seasons for You is a corporate and residential decorating service, operating within thecommercial decorating industry.C. COMPANY SUMMARY The primary service of Seasons for You is to decorate both commercial complexes andresidential areas, including neighborhoods and houses, during the holiday seasons throughout theyear. By employing Seasons for You, our clients will enjoy hassle free holiday seasons, freefrom the burden of decorating. Seasons for You also purchases the decorations to fit eachclient’s specific order and then provides storage in our climate controlled storage facility.Seasons for Youis a customer friendly business and is dedicated to meeting the needs of ourclients. Customers schedule a time at their convenience for a consultant to give a quote on thepotential property. There is no transportation fee because the consultants from Seasons for Youtravel to the client’s property. Seasons for You is dedicated to taking holidays back to their 3
  4. 4. origins of celebration, removing the hassle and struggle that pervades Twenty-First centuryculture.D. MANAGEMENT Tyler Core is the advertising and marketing manager. He knows the target market, beinga Florida native, and has landscaping experience, which will aid in the appealing decorations ofSeasons for You. Addison McDowell and Taylor Steele are the financial consultants for Seasons for You.Like Tyler Core, Addison and Taylor have experience in landscaping, experience that will bevital to the success of Seasons for You. Their financial abilities are based in pre-business classestaken at Samford University. Anna Brewer is the sales director of Seasons for You. She has experience in the serviceindustry, working with local neighborhoods as a lifeguard for three years. Anna, also, possessesnetworking skills necessary for the position of a sales representative. Sally Snider works as the recording secretary and the research director. She gleansexperience from years of dictation and research initiatives.E. TARGET MARKET The target market for Seasons for You resides in the middle to upper class population ofOrlando, Florida and in the commercial businesses of metro Orlando. With over two thirds of 4
  5. 5. the city’s population residing in our target market, Seasons for You will pursue mainly residentialdecorating, but will seek to attract commercial businesses as well. There are over 21,000 homedecorating services in the United States, but only one, Christmas Décor, provides the sameservices as Seasons for You in Orlando, Florida. There is not another direct competitor in theindustry in Orlando.Seasons for You looks to increase the limited competition and attract a shareof the market. In order to surpass our competition we will not only provide the decorations forour clients, but also store them, freeing our client’s limited space, something that our competitorsdo not accomplish. Seasons for You will inject new vigor and competition into the commercialand residential industry in Orlando, Florida. 5
  6. 6. Industry Analysis 6
  7. 7. A. INDUSTRY SIZE, GROWTH, AND SEGMENTS The decorating industry has maintained positive growth over the past decade. With over21,000 home decorating businesses in the United States alone, the average income among thebusinesses has seen little change. From 2002-2007 the average revenue has slightly decreased,but top performing firms have experienced higher profits.1Although there is a minimal dropamong recent years in the profitability in the decorating industry, it is apparent that its overallconsistency allows for confidence in the home decorating (exterior furnishing) industry. Inthisrecovering economy,companies and organizations will seek the opportunity to employ theservices of Seasons For You in order to increase the appeal to their target customers.2Amongholiday services, such as lighting during winter months and Fourth of July decorating,SeasonsFor You offers many different services from landscaping to decorating for special events.The home decorating industry encompasses both the interior and the exterior of a household.With an expected 19% increase in the decorating industry over the next ten years, decorating willbecome more competitive and earnings will increase. The exterior decorating sector is expandingwithin this industry to adhere to the extensive need for decks, outdoor lighting, holidaydecorating, swimming pools, playground design, rock gardens, and landscaping.31 7
  8. 8. Seasons for You will concentrate mainly on exterior decorating with a focus on holidaydesigning and seasonal furnishing for the outdoors. Our business will be marketed towardsresidential and commercial buildings. The purpose of the company is to seek out domestichouseholds and corporate businesses. We intend to locate our company initially in Orlando,Florida. From there we will discuss future plans of expansion, which will be dependent on ourinitial success.B. MACRO-LEVEL TRENDSDemographic The 2000 census projects potential numbers in all households taken in Orlando, Florida.The target market is comprised of families within Orlando district from the ages of 24-65. Thefollowing chart illustrates the total number of people within each category and the percentage ofthe total population. As seen below, families make up over half of the population. Singlemothers and those over the age of sixty-five make up almost one quarter of the population.Seasons for You plans to target these focus groups because together, they make up almost 75% ofthe city’s population.Household By Type # of % of Population HouseholdsTotal Households 80,883 100.00%Family Households (families) 42,357 52.37% 8
  9. 9. With own children under 18 years 19,821 24.51%Married-couple family 26,190 32.38%With own children under 18 years 10,512 13%Female householder, no husband 12,456 15.4%presentWith own children under 18 years 7,585 9.38%Non-Family households 38,526 47.63%Householder living alone 28,312 35%Householder 65 years and over 6,845 8.46%Households with individuals under 18 22,600 27.94%yearsHouseholds with individuals 65 years 15,098 18.67%and olderEconomics With the economy in its current state, Seasons for Youwill move the focus of advertisingon simplifying the holiday season. We are hoping to hire more skilled workers with experiencein holiday decorating because of the extremely high unemployment rates. Disposable income,especially at the onset will be more difficult to obtain because of high interest rates and stricterbank regulations. Like the rest of the country, the Orlando economy is suffering, but based on itshistorical business record, it should come out of this recession and enter the next phase of thebusiness cycle.Technology Seasons for You intends to use the Internet to advertise and establish our company,buying advertisements on search engines to inform potential customers of our service. We will 9
  10. 10. build a website where people can purchase and rent our products. The customer can select thedecorative package, which will then be delivered on its scheduled date, by the consultant.Services will be carried out by setting up and tearing down the decorations. On theadvertisements, we will encourage new customers to try our service, advertising discount ratesbecause we have never worked with them before4. Internet advertising is still in its early stages,so we will be cautious of its effectiveness and cost.Regulatory With the recent minimum wage increase and much stricter regulations on bank loans,accumulating and maintaining capital will prove to be difficult. Because minimum wage hasincreased, our unskilled labor population will expect higher wages, providing a difficult scenariofor our new company. The result is that Seasons for You will have to employ less people andutilize the workers that we will have. Bank regulations pose a larger problem. Most banks, suchas Bank of America, require proof of financial success in one form or another to even considergranting a loan5. With the financial market as it is, the acquiring of funds will be challenging forbrand new small businesses like Seasons for You.4 Bank of America website 10
  11. 11. Globalization Our company does not have any future plans of globalization. Seasons for You intends tolocate initially in Orlando, Florida with the hopes of one day expanding throughout the countryalong the east coast.C. COMPETITION The first major competitor, Christmas Décor, is based in Lubbock, Texas and has beenoperating for more than twenty years. Based on their website, one of their biggest strengths isthat they have been operating for many years and they have 375 locations in 48 states. Ourcompany, Seasons For You, is based in the Southeast, and Christmas Décor is densely populatedalong the East Coast. Another strength they have is that they are able to store all of the productsthat they use to accommodate their clients. Because they are an established organization, theyhave much more capital to pay for storage. In order for our company, Seasons For You, to besuccessful we must find a way to create an advantage that appeals to the needs of our customers.However, one of Christmas Décor’s greatest weaknesses is that they pay for any damaged lightsthat may arise throughout the holiday season, this includes when they are being stored. If aterrible winter storm were to hit an area where this company is heavily operating then they couldsuffer thousands of dollars in replacement fees. A second weakness is the fact that they only 11
  12. 12. operate in the winter season. Throughout the rest of the year this company has no other source ofincome6. A second major competitor in the world of professional decorating is a St. Petersburg,Florida based company called Decorating Elves7. Their most significant strength is that they area full service company meaning, their services include installation of the lights before theholiday season starts, and they also take them down to keep families from encountering the“holiday hassle.” A major weakness is they only serve Florida. Another weakness is that theyadvertise the easy ability for someone to franchise a part of their company. When companiesstart to franchise out and let other people control parts of their organization, the opportunity forcustomer satisfaction to decline becomes a huge risk. It is important for companies to keepclientele within their work force that understand and keep the original standards and values ofthe company. A third competitor in the professional lighting industry goes by the name of,ChristmasLighters. They are based in Salt Lake City, Utah8. Their company website is veryvague and unappealing throughout. Another weakness is the lack of professionalism on theirwebsite. It looks as if their website was created from a Word document, and they repeat6 Christmas Décor website Decorating Elves website Christmas Lighters website: 12
  13. 13. themselves many times throughout the different pages of their website. Once again, the lack ofprofessionalism is evident. One strength they do possess is that they stress the need to use energyefficient LED lighting. To some people this may be appealing because they need to protect theenvironment with the lights they use. Also, they do not franchise and they are a private home-based company. This is a good way to keep customer satisfaction in the hands of the owner ofthe company.D. STANDARDIZATION As presented with the previous research, there is a high level of competition and thereforethe service is easily standardized. What differentiate each company in the industry are thebenefits that they offer. The more successful companies, such as Christmas Décor, havefranchises and benefits to their customers that local companies are not able to give. Allcompanies in the professional lighting business offer almost all of the same benefits. All of ourcompetitors offer to quote the property giving the impression of using the lights from thecompany. Based on this research, there are no niches within the United States that are not beingserved, but in the Northwest region of the Unites State there is a great opportunity for growth inthe professional lighting industry because of the lack of clustering of major cities.E. BARRIERS TO THE INDUSTRY 13
  14. 14. As in every industry, many barriers block entrance into the residential and corporatedecorating service industry. Because competition exists in a capitalist market, establishedcorporations will attempt to block entrance into the available markets. National and localcompanies, such as the Freeman Decorating Service, Inc. and Holiday Lightscapes offer similarservices, which pose problems in terms of our entrance into the market.9 Not only is thereopposition from present competition, but also other obstacles inhibit entrance into this industry. As with any emerging small business, we must try to attract investors to generate capital.But because this is a new venture idea, there is a lack of credibility with banks and investors.This lack of business experience is detrimental to the ability to receive loans and grants frombanks and investors. Not only will the presence of competition bar entrance into the market, butalso the ability to generate capital, to gain the trust of investors and banks will be integral inentering the decorating industry. Once we establish our company, the difficulty of attracting business only increases.Although we may already have loans and investors to generate our supply, we need to be able toreach customers to sell our services. There will need to be plentiful means of advertising andnetworking to build and maintain our client base. This is made easier with modern technologyby use of free social networking websites such asTwitter and Facebook. Contacts will also be9 ProQuest Database 14
  15. 15. generated through events, conferences, and occasions in which to network with possibleclientele, competition, investors, and mentors.F. KEY SUCCESS FACTORS Many factors come into play when a business wants to succeed in the home decoratingindustry. First, advertising is one of the key components of success because our target market hasto know our business and the service it provides. In addition to customers being familiar with ourbusiness, we also want customers to associate the name of our company with a good feeling orthought. For example, Coca-Cola has done a good job of advertising so that when people hearthe name Coke they automatically think of that sound the can makes while opening. There issomething relaxing and soothing about a coke. Similarly, when people hear “Seasons For You”we want them to think of something relaxing like spending time with their family. The secondfactor is reliable service. This reputation of being reliable happens over time primarily throughnetworking. In order to establish this kind of reputation it is necessary that our employees bepunctual, responsible, and diligent. The customer has to trust the company in order to allow ouremployees to decorate their property and store their materials. Location is also a key factor tosuccess in the service industry. When McDonalds was first beginning to grow, the owner wouldfly over cities in a helicopter and find churches10. More times than not, the owner put McDonalds10 McDonalds website: 15
  16. 16. restaurants next to churches because families were McDonalds target customers. In the sameway, Seasons For You has determined their target market and found their initial headquarters.Seasons for You will succeed if we can advertise well, have reliable service, and select a goodlocation to run their business.G. INDUSTRY ATTRACTIVENESS The home decorating industry in 2007 had 22,170 total businesses with the averagerevenue of $315,646. Out of those 22,170 businesses, 21,504 had revenues of under $1 million, 6had revenue between $1 million and $4.99 million, 33 had revenue between $5 million and$12.49 million, 5 had revenue between $12.5 million and $49.99 million, and 1 had revenueabove $50 million.11 The home decorating industry is just like any other industry in the fact thatit is never an easy task to maintain a successful business. One of the problems that Seasons ForYou will face is that because of the recession, families are cutting back on expenses. People aredetermining necessity from luxury and are trying to cut back spending on luxuries.Unfortunately, the home decorating industry is in many cases considered a luxury. For thisreason, it could be challenging to make money in the home decorating industry. We believehowever, that if our business adheres to the key success factors stated in the previous paragraph,that Seasons For You will be a profitable and successful business regardless of the economy.11 16
  17. 17. There are segments of the home decorating industry that are more attractive than others.For example, around Christmas time each year people start to panic because of all theresponsibilities that the holidays carry. Seasons For You will send our trained employees toinstall the holiday decorations. Hopefully in doing this service, the customer will experiencerelief and relaxation from the many burdens of the holiday season. We believe Christmas will beone of our biggest and most successful times of the year for our company, and hopefully ourreliable service and exceptional work will insure our customers business again in the near future. 17
  18. 18. Target Market Analysis 18
  19. 19. A. TARGET MARKET SIZEBenefitsConvenience We not only decorate the houses, but also maintain the decorations and then remove themat the end of the holiday seasons. Seasons for You targets families, singles, retired couples, andtwo-income households, because we know that not everyone has the time or capability todecorate their homes for the holiday seasons.Lower Stress and Hassle Not only do we make the holidays more convenient, but Seasons for You provides a lessstressful environment. We remove all conceptions of danger by relieving our clients of theburden of outdoor holiday decorating. Our professionals allow for a safe and happy holidayseason.Storage Seasons for You supplies all of the decorations according to the purchased pre-orderedpackage, and we also store them in our own climate-controlled facility. We acknowledge that ourclientele have limited storage space in their homes due to constricted average square footage,therefore we desire to once again alleviate the burden of year round holiday decorating. 19
  20. 20. Demographic The largest customer base is in the age range of fifty-five to eighty-five.In a 2006 poll, Tamarac, Florida, a city near Orlando, is the number one city in the nation withthe most retirees12. In most cases, couples or individuals over the age of sixty-five are unable toclimb on their roofs multiple times a year and install holiday lights and decorations. Seasons forYou hopes to reach these senior citizens and supply them with an efficient, affordable, andconvenient way to decorate their homes each holiday season. Our second targeted group of consumers are those with physical limitations that prohibitthem from being able to decorate their homes each year. According to the US Census Bureau,1.8% of the Orlando population, or 3,726 people are handicapped. If no one in the household isable to bear the physical burden of outdoor decorating, the decorations will often remain in theirboxes. Our goal is to reach these types of families, build relationships with them, and let themknow that they are in good hands during the holiday seasons. Seasons for You also intends to target elderly women who live alone or single motherswho reside in Orlando, Florida. In a poll conducted by the US Census Bureau, 59.9% of12 ACS Housing and Demographic Estimates. 2006-2008. US Census Bureau. November 9.http://UScensus December 18, 2006. 20
  21. 21. allfemales living in Orlando over the age of sixty-five live alone13. These women, in addition tosingle, working mothers often do not posses the time or ability to unpack and install Christmasdecorations each year. Our last group of major consumers are business firms in the city of Orlando. Executives areoccupied with running their firms and are not going to want to take time away from theirbusiness. By accessing our website, businessmen and women can quickly choose the desireddecorations and then simply wait for installation.B. CUSTOMER MOTIVATION Seasons for You leaps at the opportunity to relieve people from the stresses and burdens ofthe holiday seasons. Our primary motivational factor is we can lighten the customer’s load andlet them experience relaxation throughout the holiday season. One of our company’s strongestcompetitors is Christmas Décor, whose mission is to, “tackle the exasperating lighting chore andtransform the outside of your home into a fabulous holiday wonderland14.” In a letter from thePresident, he makes the customer conscious of the responsibilities and hassles that accompanythe decorating of their homes and offers to eliminating those burdens. People desire to spendquality time with their families, and the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year,13 ACS Housing and Demographic Estimates. 2006-2008. US Census Bureau. November 9.http://UScensus December 18, 2006.14 21
  22. 22. therefore, customers will be motivated to employ an outside company rather than decoratingtheir homes themselves.C. TARGET MARKET GROWTH RATE The target market for the decorating industry in Orlando, Florida is increasing parallel to itspopulation. According to the US Census Bureau, 67.2% of the city’s population is in the targetmarket15. We identified the target market for the decorating industry, which includes males andfemales from twenty-four years old and above. The 2008 American Community Surveyconducted by the US Census Bureau, stated that the metro area of Orlando has grown 24% sincethe last census in 200016. Since 1910, Orlando has had a positive population growth, so with theoverall population growth, the market subsequently grows. The future growth rate of the target market in Orlando, Florida is projected to grow alongsideits population. As previously stated, Orlando has a historically positive population growth rate.With its thriving tourism, medical centers, and convention centers, Orlando is an attractive cityfor families and career minded adults. The pleasant year round weather, especially in the15 ACS Housing and Demographic Estimates. 2006-2008. US Census Bureau. November 9.http://UScensus December 18, 2006.16 Population of Orlando, Florida. 2008. US Census Bureau. February 24, 2010. 22
  23. 23. wintertime, attracts retirees and handicapped persons. People will always insist on decorating,therefore simultaneously maintaining a market for Seasons for You.D. SOURCES In the decorating industry, managers collect information regarding their target markets byusing myriad primary and secondary sources. Telephone surveys and interviews are oftenutilized as means of discovering information straight from the public. Managers also utilizesecondary sources, like the ones that have been used in this business plan, as a lessconfrontational and more quantitative ways of garnering data. By gathering city, local, ornational population demographics from sources such as the US Census Bureau, City Datawebsites, and the Orange County Convention Visitors Bureau, companies can attempt to locatetheir target markets. Another way of gathering information in localizing target markets is lookinginto where the competition, like Christmas Décor, is targeting its markets. In observing theirtactics, managers can observe where or where not to locate their businesses. 23
  24. 24. Product, Pricing,Distribution, and Promotion Strategies 24
  25. 25. A. Product & Service The service Seasons for You provides is both residential and commercial decorating,specializing in holiday decorating through out the year. Where we provide the convenience ofeasy access for the customer to order the product or service in question. We then provide theservice of going to the clients home or commercial building and put up the decorations theyordered for a certain amount of time, where then we will return to take down the product rented. We provide benefits to clients who are unable to decorate because of time, health orexperience can enjoy seasonal decorating with Seasons For You. Within residential decorating,customers can experience seasonal decoration without the expense of their own time.Commercial businesses would benefit by using Seasons For You’s professional decorating,because we provide the service of putting up and taking down the decorations at a good price forgreat quality work. This will also attract their customers. Seasons For You specializes inChristmas Decorating, but provides services year-round for any occasion. Seasons For Youprovides the storage so that our patrons are able to purchase the decorations without the hassle ofstoring them. Seasons For You is a full-service business; we will put up and take downdecorations so the customer can experience holiday and seasonal decorating without the stress. 25
  26. 26. B. Pricing We provide consumer-friendly packages for our customers,allowing easy access.Package deals, based off surveys, are more appealing to the customer. This method simplifies thebuying process as well as keeps our company organized. The customer can log-in online andpurchase the package that fits their needs. We then provide them with all that is needed withinthat package. In addition to the already assembled package the customer can purchase add-ons topersonalize the package to fit their desires.Residential Package With the residential package the customer can order our service for a start up amountbased off of the amount of decorations they ordered. The time frame for which they will beacquiring our service and product will be determined based on the date of purchase. There willbe an initial start up fee of $800, including several basic services such as: gas, tools, employeepayments, design systematic, etc. The packages are listed below.Corporate/Commercial Package The corporate package provides our service to corporate/commercial locations. Wherethe customer can order our service for a certain amount of time. They pay an Initial fee muchlarger than that of the residential due to the size of the buildings in general. The Initial pricedrops after the first year for customer loyalty. 26
  27. 27. Initial Price (First Year)- $ 2,500Initial Price (Years to Follow) - $1,500(This price is due to the initial purchases of the items in question, the services and employees itrequires, gas, tools (Extension cords, ladders, etc..), design systematic, etc.)Additional Costs: Decorations & Time are determined upon the consultation. Lights -String Lights (White, Colored) - $1.00 (per yard. Min. 60 yards) -Icicle Lights - $2.00 (per yard. Min. 60 yards) -Shaped Lights (Snowflakes, Stars, Deer, Sleigh)- $20.00 each -Spot Lights - $10.00 each Large Outdoor Décor -Blow up Décor- $50.00 -Outdoor Nativity Sets- $30.00 Time Costs: -Additional Weekly Charge - $50.00 -Monthly Charge - $160.00C. Service DistributionCritical Location 27
  28. 28. The location of Seasons For You is vital to its success. Because our target market iscentered on a specific population, we have decided to locate in Orlando, Florida. According tothe US Census Bureau, 67.2% of the city’s population lies in our residential target market, notincluding the commercial opportunities. It contains both residential and corporate possibleclientele, with a stable middle class and a burgeoning economic center. Because our firm isservice based, we must identify our target market and then plant our company in the heart of thatmarket.Type of Location To start our company, we will have to have storage for the decorations as well as officespace to conduct everyday business with clients. We will add to the storage space as we grow insize. The location of our facility will be centrally located in developed areas of the city orsuburbs of Orlando to attract customers. In the beginning, we will buy one storage unit that is 15X 30 feet with a controlled temperature between 60-65 degrees, controlled humidity, firesprinkler protection, 24 hour security protection at the entrance of the facility, a lit and pavedentryway, and 17 ft. ceilings. The storage will cost $77.13 per month to rent for this particularrental facility. These accommodations will allow for adequate storage and protection of capital. 28
  29. 29. Specific Location Seasons for You plans to locate in Orlando, Florida in the Industrial Park area,specifically at 1800 Crown Way near the intersection of highways 438 and 441 in the heart of thecity. We will rent this office space and storage from Business Archives Incorporated. Thisstrategic location provides for prime connection with local suburbs, while staying close to ourcorporate clients.D. Advertising Modern technology has made advertising much more accessible to all people and in mostcases much more productive. Seasons For You appeals to a market that is centered aroundsuburban areas that contain many grocery stores, supermarkets, and other stores, that arefundamental in the operating of a successful community. A brochure company by the name ofVistaprint17 charges $179.99 for 500 custom brochures. Because Seasons For You has a primarytarget of people in suburban areas that visit grocery and convenient stores; we want to attractthese people by having abundant amounts of brochures available in such places that are denselypopulated by our customers. In doing this, there is one up-front cost to pay: the price of the17 29
  30. 30. brochures. This method allowed for our brand name is easily accessible and convenient to thepublic. The second means of advertising that Seasons For You will to utilize is the Internet. Theminimum cost for a professionally developed website is $3,00018. However, through socialnetworking such as Facebook19 and Twitter20 our company can get its name and our website outto the public much efficiently. Talk shows and music play a large role in society today, and because of this, Seasons ForYou would like to use the radio as a basic means of public advertising. A local radio sportsstation, 97.3 Christ Contemporary FM, charges $70 for 30 seconds of airtime21. The majority ofChristian radio stations play only Christmas music throughout the holiday season. In a 2009 poll,45.2% of all listeners listen to the radio for 3 hours after tuning in to their favorite station22.Christmas music is very popular during the holiday season, and if Seasons For You can getadvertising airtime during the holiday season on the radio, our brand name has the chance to bespread effectively.18 http://www.facebook.com20 http://www.twitter.com21 http://radio.birmingham.sportstalk.com22 30
  31. 31. Another effective means of advertising is the use of a local newspaper. BirminghamNews, a daily newspaper, charges $10,920 dollars for three days of advertising23. After SeasonsFor You has enough capital to sustain such advertising, the use of a local newspaper seems veryefficient, in terms of getting the name brand to people in the local community during the holidayseason.23 31
  32. 32. Start-Up Costs 32
  33. 33. A. ONE-TIME START-UP EXPENSESStartup Expenses Amount DescriptionAdvertising $800.00 Business Cards, Flyers, BrochuresStarting inventory $950.00 Service Supply CostCash $1,000.00 Emergency ExpensesDecorating N/ADeposits $110.00 Phone Line and InternetFixtures and equipment $600.00 Ladders, Hammers, Nails, etc.Insurance $2,500.00 Liability and Workers CompensationLease payments N/ALicenses and permits $458.00 Commercial License for Orlando, FloridaMiscellaneous $1,500.00 Unexpected CostProfessional fees $225.00 *Per HourRemodeling N/ARent $23.00 Public Storage *Per MonthServices N/ASigns $195.00 Custom Color Signs Printer, Paper, Miscellaneous OfficeSupplies $600.00 SuppliesUnanticipated expenses $1,500.00 Emergency/ Miscellaneous ExpensesOther N/AOther N/AOther N/ATotal Startup Costs $10,461.00 Amount of costs before openingB. REPEATED MONTHLY EXPENSESExpenses Amount DescriptionAdvertising $400.00 Brochures, Flyers, Business CardsBank service fees $25.00 Account Cost for Relationship With BankCredit card charges N/A Deliveries Sent To Our Home (OfficeDelivery fees $50.00 Building)Dues and subscriptions N/A 33
  34. 34. Health insurance $1,074.56 Insurance on EmployeesInsurance $5,000 Exclude amount on preceding pageInterest N/AInventory $100.00 See **, belowLease payments $0.00 Exclude amount on preceding pageLoan payments $133.00 Principal and interest paymentsOffice expenses $50.00 Supplies Used In OfficePayroll other than owner N/A Wages to EmployeesPayroll taxes N/AProfessional fees $225.00/hour CPA and LawyerRent $146.00 Public Storage Replacement of service supplies and carRepairs and maintenance $230.00 maintenanceSales tax 0.07% Based on Orlando Sales TaxSupplies $50.00 Miscellaneous office suppliesTelephone $49.95 Comcast Phone ServiceUtilities $99.95 Heating and Air-Conditioning, InternetYour salary N/A Based on number of houses servicedOther N/ATotal Repeating Costs $19,316.92Total Startup Costs $10,461 Amount from preceding pageTotal Cash Needed $29,777.92C. DESCRIPTIONSAdvertising$400 per month because we will be reprinting postcards, business cards and brochures, but it isnot necessary to print as much as we did initially. Information retrieved Service Fees$25 per month per an employee of the Bank of America in Orlando, Florida. There will be aBanking service fee for $25 a month for basic monthly service. 34
  35. 35. Credit Card ChargesThere will be a 10% charge in order to bridge the gap of the money that is taken from the creditcard company.Delivery Fees$50 per month because after further break-down of the transportation costs of our stock, theestimated costs of shipping and handling is $50. Information retrieved from and SubscriptionsThere is a $19.97 for a 2 year subscription to Decorating Magazine.Health InsuranceWe will be seeking coverage with UnitedHealthcare, with HMO coverage. Information retrievedfrom their website. Each of our employees will be given proper Health Insurance.InsuranceState Farm package provides for liability insurance and worker’s compensation. Informationreceived from State Farm agent Jimmy Stewart.InterestWe will repay all of the angel investors 10% interest of what they invested in the company.Inventory$100 per month, after researching on we were able to determine thatas our company grows in customers we will need on average $100 more of inventory per monthfor lights and other equipment.Lease PaymentThere will be a $0 per month. We will be working out of one of the owner’s homes and will nothave a lease payment.Loan PaymentsThere will be a $133 per month. Seasons For You will use angel investors that are willing to putmoney into our business in hopes of our business flourishing and their money returning to them.Office ExpensesWe will allow for a $50 allowance per month. We came up with this price after researching This would include replacing office materials and replenishing stock.Payroll (other than owner)-Owners will not accept a salary yet.Payroll TaxesN/A because we currently do not have any employees.Professional FeesAfter talking to Mrs. Owens, the accountant of a large CPA firm in Atlanta, Georgia, we will pay$225 per hour as needed, but we cannot anticipate how much assistance we will need per month. 35
  36. 36. RentWe will allow for $146 per month. After researching we were able todetermine this would be the monthly cost of renting a climate controlled storage unit.Repairs and MaintenanceThere will be a $230 charge per month. This will include the replacement of lights anddecorations we will be using and the services that we will offer. This also includes carmaintenance such as oil changes. Information retrieved from TaxThe sales tax is 7% in Orlando. We found this information from zip2tax.comSuppliesManagers will allow $50 per month for supplies. We searched and wedetermined that this amount of money would cover necessary expenses within the office.TelephoneTelephone costs will amount to $49.95 per month. This would include unlimited local and longdistance, 1 listing in Yellow/White pages, voice mail, caller ID, call forward, call waiting, callhold, call transfer, 3-way conferencing, do not disturb, call park/retrieve, call pick up, extensiondialing, speed dial 8 / 30, and anonymous call rejection. Service provided by Comcast Businesstelephone.UtilitiesUtilities will cost $99.95 per month based off of a General Electric price quote.InternetInternet access will cost $59.95 per month. This would include Norton™ Security Suite BusinessEdition, firewall protection, supports multiple computers and VPN connections for remote users,email security and 24/7 business class support. Service provided by Comcast Business Internet.Heating and Air ConditioningHeating and air conditioning will cost $40 per month. We are using approximately 10% of thespace so we will pay for 10% of the cost of heating and air conditioning. We called Dell air andair conditioning company in Orlando.Your SalaryThe owners will not accept a salary. Our main focus is paying off our debts and expenses. 36
  37. 37. Résumés 37
  38. 38. Anna E. Brewer Abrewer1@samford.eduPresent Address (until May 17, 2010) Permanent AddressS.U. Box 292063 7526 Turner Ridge RoadBirmingham, AL 35229 Crestwood, KY 40014(502)-592-8281Education Samford University, Birmingham, AL BachelorofScienceinBusinessAdministrationMay 2013Major: Pre-Business Minor: Spanish Overall GPA: 3.3/4.0Leadership/ActivitiesChi Omega Fraternity: Social Chair Committee Volunteer Activities o Big Oak Girls Ranch, Springville, AL o Make-a-Wish FoundationHonors Samford University Leadership ScholarshipCultural/ Travel Travel: Dominican Republic and Mexico o April 2004 o July 2005 o December 2008 o December 2009Computer Skills Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft AccessWork Experience YMCA Lifeguard o Summer 2006- Winter 2009 Kentuckiana Pool Management Lifeguard o Summer 2006- Present 38
  39. 39. Tyler Core (407)-451-7761 Tcore@samford.eduLocal Address Permanent Address800 Lakeshore Dr. 893 Lullwater Dr.Birmingham, AL 35229 Oviedo, FL 32765PO Box 293764Objective – Summer internship for youth ministryEducation: Samford University, Birmingham, AL Bachelors of Science and Business Administration Major: Business Management GPA: 3.0Work Experience: Oxmore Valley Golf Club Guest Services Oviedo Lawn ServicesMinistry Experience: lead a Bible study at Shades Mountain Baptist Church Involved with an organization called “Samford Sundays”, in which Samford students preach at different churches in Alabama Volunteer at Shades Mountain Baptist Church: organizing activities and supervising mentally handicapped childrenCOMPUTER SKILLS: Microsoft &MacIntosh: Microsoft Word, Access, Excel, PowerPointExtracurricular Activities: Samford University Student Government: Public Relations Committee. Intramural Sports – Frisbee, Basketball, FootballVolunteer Activities: Camp Counselor: Adult Retarded Citizen Camp- Head of RecreationCultural Experience: Mission Trips Bahamas- worked with children in orphanages Brazil- sang with an octet in Florienopolis Israel- toured around Jerusalem for 5 days and handed out tracksInterests: Sports, Guitar, Volunteering 39
  40. 40. JOHN ADDISON MCDOWELLP.O. Box 1569 | Birmingham, AL 35229 | 678-925-0279|Jmcdowel@samford.eduAcademic RecordEducation August 2009-May 2010Samford UniversityBirmingham, AlabamaPursing a degree in Business Science Business Administration - Seeking to concentrate Internationally in business marketing and finance. - Computer skills in Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.Student Government Association - Actively serving on the Residence Life Committee.Sigma Chi Fraternity - Currently serving as Assistant Magister in the 2010 Spring Pledge ship - Serving on the Inter-Fraternity Council as a Junior RepresentativeInterests - Baseball, Basketball, Golf and Fishing - Intramural Sports: Football, Basketball, Soccer and SoftballVolunteer Work - Operation Christmas Child (2005-2009) - Norcross Co-Op (2006-2007) - Suicide Awareness Walk (2009) 40
  41. 41. Sally Snider ssnider@samford.eduPresent Address Permanent AddressP.O. Box: 290979 4904 Fitzpatrick WayHomewood, Al. 35229 Norcross, Ga. 30092(404) 271-1636 (770) 446-7830Education High School Diploma with IB Certificate, May 15, 2009 Samford University, Birmingham, Al. BSBA (2013) Music minor 3.5 GPA University Fellow Calling and Leadership Poverty Project on Sex Trafficking, World of Business Competition.Honors and Scholarships Presidential Scholarship, Legacy Scholarship, and University Fellows ScholarshipStudent Involvement University Chorale Intramural sports: volleyball and ultimate frisbeeVolunteer Work Ronald McDonald House, Birmingham, Al. Volunteer, 2/10/2010, stuffing newsletters in envelopes for mailing Norcross Cooperative Ministries Volunteer, every winter season from 2005-2009, stocking Christmas toys for children in need Vacation Bible School worker with the department of music at Peachtree Corners Baptist Church 2006-2009Professional Development Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce Gwinnett Student Leadership Team (GSLT) Two years of leadership training and development 41
  42. 42. Nicholas T. Steele nsteele@samford.eduP.O. BOX 20856 4744 Talleybrook Dr.Birmingham, AL 35229 Kennesaw, GA 30152770-401-7531 770-919-2434Objective Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, May 2013 Concentration in International Business/ Entrepreneurship, Specialize in Arabic.Education Samford University, Birmingham, AL Pre BusinessComputer Skills: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage, and Mac.Cultural Experience: Beirut, Lebanon (Business Trip with father) 2006 Mission Trips: Huixilucan, Mexico (2006) Antigua, Guatemala (2007) London, England (2008) Costa Rica (2008)Activities/Honors College: Samford University Leadership Scholarship 2009- Present Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity 2010-Present Connections Leadership 2010 Intramurals (Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee) 2009-Present University Ministries 2009- PresentHigh School FCA President (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) 2008-2009 Student Government Vice President 2008-2009 Revoluion Week Leader 2007-2009 Architecture Student of the Year Award 2008-2009 Soccer 2005-2006 42
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