Detroit sports!!


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Detroit sports!!

  1. 1. Detroit Sports!! By: Hayden Jackson
  2. 2. Detroit Teams! The Lions ◦ The lions have a tough schedule this year they are recently 1-3. The Tigers ◦ The Tigers are doing very well so far there 3rd basemen has the Triple Crown! The Red Wings ◦ The Red Wings has not yet started there season along with the rest of the NHL. The Pistons ◦ The Pistons record is 13 - 14
  3. 3. Detroit Lions! The Detroit lions are 1-3 there first game there win was against the Rams witch the lions came out on top 27 to 23. Bill Striffler, “Detroit Lions vs NY Giants NFL” October 17,2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons.
  4. 4. THE LIONS #9 Mathew Stafford, is the staring quarterback, has 173 attempts for 114 completions, 1,182 total passing yards, and 3 passing touch downs. With 8 rushing attempts for 36 yards and 1 rushing touchdown. #81 Calvin Johnson is the starting wide receiver for the Lions, with 29 receptions for 423 yards and 1 touchdown he is one of the greatest WR of all times. His touchdowns don’t show how good he is when he has triple coverage on him.
  5. 5. Tigers The Tigers are doing pretty well this year, with a couple of leader like Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera! Rumn8tr, “Detroit Tigers Logo” July 25, 2009 via Flickr, Creative Commons.
  6. 6. THE TIGERS! The Detroit Tigers #35 Justin Verlander has a .56 ERA so far this season. He has 5 wins for his lat 10 starts. #24 Miguel Cabrera, playing 3rd base, has won the triple crown, has a batting average of .306, with 2 HR in his last 10 games, and 6 RBI in the last ten games. #28 Prince Fielder play at 1st base, has a AVG of a .412 in the last 10 games, also had 6 RBI, and 3 HR.
  7. 7. Detroit Red Wings! The Red Wings are still in the lockout, they are thinking it could last majority of the season if not all! Anna Enriquez, “Detroit Red Wings Bench” December 9, 2010 via Flickr, Creative Commons.
  8. 8. Red Wings! #35 Jimmy Howard starting goalie, in the last season had 1,496 saves, and 35 wins. #13 Pavel Datsyuk is the center for the Red Wings, he is the assistant captain, and had 19 goals last season. #55 Niklas Kronwall is 6 foot, 190 pounds, Assistant captain, he has 15 points, and 21 assist.
  9. 9. Detroit Pistons!The Detroit pistons aren’t great but there a decent basketball team. m.gero, “pre-game” may 21, 2006 via flickr creative commons.
  10. 10. The Pistons #22 at 6’ 9 215 lbs he is a forward he averages 12.9 points per game, and a 0.765 free throe percentage. #10 Greg Monroe at 6’ 11 250 lbs he is a center and averages 12.1 points per game, and a free throw percentage of a 0.685. #7 Brandon Knight at 6’ 3 189 lbs is a guard and has 6.3 points per game and a free throw percentage of 1.000.