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  • 1. Shelter & Relocation Services
  • 2. History & Growth 18+ years Industrial Consultancy Supplier Representation 3PL, Sorting & Rework Shelter & Relocation Consulting Services Engineering Project Management Supply Chain Development/Monitor Services
  • 3. Our footprint Hudson, WI Windsor, On Detroit, MI Cheseapeak, VA Georgetown, KY St. Louis, MO Kansas, MO Hermosillo Chihuahua Saltillo Reynosa Monterrey Guadalajara Central Mexico Queretaro Mexico city
  • 4. Leadership through trustiness
  • 5. Strategic alliances Facilities Land Market (Sq.Ft) (Acres) 1 El Paso / Juárez / Santa Teresa 4,984,364 946 2 McAllen / Reynosa 2,985,384 282 3 Laredo 1,339,725 28 4 Tijuana 906,991 131 5 San Antonio 676,027 198 6 Chihuahua 499,704 17 7 Houston 257,848 52 8 Austin 244,800 50 9 Monterrey - 75 Total 11,894,843 1,779
  • 6. We know why you are here » Globalize competition » Cost challenges » Maintain quality » Logistics strategy » Stakeholders demands
  • 7. Mexico your options Shelter Contract manufacturing Stand alone Acquisition Join venture
  • 8. Shelter Program strong foundations Mexican corporation  Maquila/IMMEX program  Import permits  Employees  Administration processes  Business protocols
  • 9. The key for guarantee success Your Company Mexican Corporation Inventory IMMEX Program Machinery & Equipment Import Permits Engineering & Design Employees Scheduling & Production Admin. Processes Quality Control Business Protocols Operative Management
  • 10. Strategy, Vision and Values Personal & Organizational Communication Teamwork & Motivation Service & Approach Leadership Hu element Quality Best Results Employer Driven Company Defined Deliverables Meritocracy & Champions Financial Operations Goals Cost Execution Process Efficient / Focus & Enterprise Waste Discipline Elimination Key More Performance Value Added Indicators Less Costs
  • 11. Finished GoodsOperational framework invoicing PO & Components, Mach. & Equip. [Bailment agreement] Shelter Agreement Lease Pass-through Exportation Shelter fee & Pass- through expenses Services Exportation Contract Finished Goods Exportation Virtual Lease Agreement Lease guaranty A – z = Start up phase A – z = Day-to-day operational
  • 12. Team and partnership CLIEN T SATISFACTION On time Smooth Delivery Operation Maintain Quality FTA Standards Advantages Reduce Costs Best Practices Your company On-site Central
  • 13. Areas of specialization Consulting & site selection Government liaison Human Resources Customs & logistics Supplies / Services procurement Cost center accounting Fiscal & legal Environmental Associates assistance
  • 14. Point A to B Know-how / know who » Site selection » Government incentives » Start-up process » Business / operation day-to-day » Expansion » Administration transition » Operation closure
  • 15. Business protocols » Best business practices » Decoding the regional culture » No language barriers » Agencies / Institutions way of doing things
  • 16. Human Resources processes 1. Comply with Safety and Health 1. Coordinate employee retention regulations programs 2. Comply with Environmental 2. Organize integration and Laws and regulations communication events 3. Develop and maintain 3. Maintain a good labor climate organizational structure 4. Comply with legal training 4. Create and enforce internal regulations labor policies and procedures 5. Obtain and renew visas for 5. Create Labor Union Contract if expatriate executives and their applicable families 6. Recruit and select personnel 6. Coordinate temporary import of expatriate executive vehicle and 7. Fill vacant positions household goods 8. Collect Time and Attendance 7. Assist customers expatriate 9. Manage personnel movements executive relocation 10. Process payroll 8. Interact with community 11. Manage labor conflicts
  • 17. Customs processes • Optimize import duties for Non-NAFTA goods • Optimize duties through Mexico’s Foreign Trade Treaties and Agreements • Provide the mechanism for transfers between Maquiladoras, Pitex & IMMEX programs • Extend import permit • In-bond Freight Forwarding • Out-bond Freight Forwarding • Prepare Import Documentation • Prepare Export Documentation • Compliance with Customs and Fiscal Regulations
  • 18. Free Trade Agreements in Mexico Americas Europe Far east •NAFTA • Cuba • UK • Spain • Japan • • El Salvador • Argentina • • Ireland • Greece Iceland • Israel • Honduras Guatemala Uruguay • Belgium • Germany • Netherlands • Finland • South Korea • • Nicaragua • Norway • Austria • Costa Rica • • Switzerland • Luxemburg • Liechtenstein Chile • • Bolivia • France • Sweden • Portugal • Denmark Venezuela •Colombia • Italy • Free Trade Agreement • Bilateral Investment Treaties
  • 19. Accounting processes • Control budget • Control of fixed assets • Procurement of non-productive goods and services • Manage Accounts Payables • Manage cash (legal presence) • Generate financial reports • Provide financial performance feedback to customer (billing and operating pass-through charges) • Control and comply with corporate and employer taxes obligations
  • 20. More critical processes • Operations Start Up • Registering client’s operations • Assist customer’s expatriate executive relocation • Customer induction to customer operating team • Interact with community • Maintenance of Non-productive facility equipment • Transfer administration to customer • Close customer operations • Executive council meeting
  • 21. Modus operandi approach Service Trigger Inputs Roles Outputs Authorized New Recruit & select personnel personnel employee requisition Interview Production schedule & final C up decision O Attendance M list P L PROCESSES & TECHNOLOGY I A News paper N ads 1st & 2nd C E Attrition screening match Employee Direct profile Registrations recruitment and ready for induction Cost in Shelter Fee Estimated Time Frequency or Pass-through for Completion KPI’s
  • 22. Terms and corporate structure 12 months » Start-up consolidated 24 months » Operation matured 36 months » Operation know how guaranteed  Shelter – Virtual operation No Income Tax / very limited fiscal obligations Own corporation Accounting and fiscal additional burden Accounting and fiscal additional burden
  • 23. Beyond shelter Diversity Join Ventures Genesis Industrial Group as a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) could expand potential sales through a JV combined with Shelter Services. Certain rules and protocols will apply. NAICS certified: 5416 – Management 339999 – All Other Miscellaneous Manufacturing 493110 – General Warehousing and Storage 484 – Truck Transportation
  • 24. Administrative transition If the time comes for you to consider spinning off of the shelter service we will execute a set of tasks to deliver the administration to your Mexican team.
  • 25. Cost effective decision making process Business Stand alone Shelter Area (Incorporation) (No incorporation) Financial Statements (P&L, BS) NA Taxes: ISR, IMPAC, PTU,IVA Profit Sharing Bonus Accounts Payable and Receivable Accounts Payable Accounting Fixed Assets Control NA Cost Accounting NA (If ownership of raw material) Customs Existing authorized IMMEX program program IMMEX permit Maquiladora Porgram: • Transfer Pricing (Income tax NA Sales / purposes) Purchases • Advanced Pricing Assessment NO permanent with related • Safe Harbor(6.9% of assets, Establishment Companies 6.5%of Operating Expenses) until end of 2011 • Permanent Establishment Minutes book Legal Foreign investment registry NA Powers of attorney
  • 26. Cost effective decision making process Business Stand alone Shelter Area (Incorporation) (No incorporation) Legal Labor affairs Consulting Fiscal Environmental Customs IMSS (Social Security) SHCP (Mexican IRS) Audits NA Economy Secretariat Internal HR specialist Controller / tax specialist Administrative Payroll specialist staff Customs specialist Environmental specialist
  • 27. Cost effective decision making process Business Stand alone Shelter Area (Incorporation) (No Incorporation) Human resources Time and attendance Accounting Software Customs NA Procurement Internet / VPN access Up grades and maintenance Law up dates Administrative NA staff training Courses Start up 6 to 9 months 9 to 12 weeks milestones
  • 28. Leverage for a competitive advantage Gaining ground by . . . » Smooth start-up » Immediate core business development » Accountable services / support » Best industrial costs in the market » Little fiscal exposure » Efficient lead times
  • 29. Business case Feasibility evaluation
  • 30. Business case Feasibility evaluation
  • 31. Cost effective & smooth operation City JUAREZ HOURLY RATIOS SIMULATED Headcount 93 OPERATING COST Building / PER MONTH (USD) TOTAL DL HRS 75,000 Space (SqFt) SALARIES & WAGES $ 68,996 $ 4.09 $ 6.59 FACILITY & UTILITIES 43,010 $ 2.55 $ 4.10 TO/FROM BORDER 4,100 $ 0.24 $ 0.39 LOGISTICS ADMINISTRATION 31,043 $ 1.84 $ 2.96 OTHER TOTAL OPERATING $ 147,149 $ 8.72 $ 14.04 COST Other Cities:  Chihuahua  San Luis  Aguascalientes  Monterrey Potosi  Durango  Reynosa  Queretaro  Veracruz  Saltillo  Guadalajara  Mexicali  Torreon  Tijuana  Silao
  • 32. How we differentiate » A real one stop shop » Share risks of our clients » Solid Partnership » Step Ahead of Situations » More Value / Cost Effective
  • 33. Thank you !JAIME CAMPOSjcampos@em-mex.comMobile +1 915 727 2812
  • 34. The TEAM Jaime Campos He is a CPA in Mexico; He had participated as Fiscal and Financial Audit Manager in the firm Price Waterhouse and performed positions as Financial Manager, Divisional Comptroller, Administrative Director, Shelter Operations Manager, Business Development and Re-engineering Specialist in the Maquiladora Industry for different based companies such as The Hoover Company, First Alert, AVON Automotive, and Foster Electric. In his 21 years of experience he has developed accountable competencies in project management and teams building as well as a reliable network with Government officials, industrial organizations, institutions and related businesses. During 2001 – 2006 he directly started up and managed 8 shelter projects ,some of them simultaneously, alone the border and inland Mexico for industrial clusters such as automotive, aerospace, appliances, extrusion, electronic, plastics, packaging, metal stamping, light assembly and fabrication.
  • 35. The TEAM Ellioth Moreno His educational background as Computer Systems Engineer obtained from the Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico City opened the door to work in the maquiladora industry since 1987. In 2001 he was assigned to take over customs and traffic management in an operation in Ciudad Juarez where he successfully combined his strengths resulted in a fine tune coordination within the supply chain. Knowledgeable in customs regulations he kept various Maquiladora Programs and its related import permits in line with requirements from the Secretary of Economy and state agencies. Also, as Logistics Manager he certified operations in BASC/ C-TPAT to assure seamless shipments between borders. At Genesis he delivers accountable communications and systems support to shelter operations and coordinates logistics and customs services according to the Shelter Process Manual such as taking measures for IMMEX Program, Sectorial Programs and Rule 8th maintaining a close relationship with Federal, State and Local authorities and promoting alone with other professionals better practices to improve logistics between Mexico and domestic/foreign operations and/or distribution centers.
  • 36. The TEAM Myriam Diharce She obtained an International Commerce degree from the Monterrey Technological Institute. From her exposure in diverse projects within the public and private sector she developed strong managerial skills allowing her to be a professional in the areas of human resources, marketing and general administration with profound knowledge in labor law and business practices. Her 14+ years of professional experience includes positions such as Industrial Promotion Manager for the Chihuahua State Government, as well as Marketing and Sales for real estate developer and real estate brokerage in Mexico. Also, she has participated as Human Resources and Administrative Manager in the maquiladora industry for multiple sizes operations. At Genesis she is responsible for maintaining shelter operations in compliance with administrative and labor matters through internal and external set of connections coordinating tasks included in the Shelter Process Manual.
  • 37. Technology and execution discilpine AX Management & Security eBusiness Portals Integration Wireless Business Performance & Intelligence Caching
  • 38. The TEAM
  • 39. Cost effective & smooth operation
  • 40. Cost effective & smooth operation
  • 41. Cost effective & smooth operation
  • 42. Cost effective & smooth operation