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About the Hottest MC's of 2010 on MTV

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Top 10

  1. 1. Hottest MCs In The Game Juan Castro 11/04/10
  2. 2. Hottest in the Game.Hottest in the Game.  So if you didn’t see the special on MTV then you don’t know who’s on it obviously.  And if you did then you should know.  Well for those of you that are viewing this let me tell you who’s on it.
  3. 3. #10#10 LudacrisLudacris  In March, Ludacris released his seventh album, Battle of the Sexes, and without seeming to try much at all  Cris jumped on the U.S. version of Taio Cruz's "Break Your Heart," and turned what was already a smash in the U.K. into one of the biggest songs of the summer in the States.
  4. 4. #9#9 B.o.BB.o.B  B.o.B had a handful of minor looks over the years, yet never one that catapulted him to stardom.  There were countless mixtapes and a co-sign from T.I., who signed B.o.B to his label, Grand Hustle, in 2008.
  5. 5. #8#8 Waka Flocka FlameWaka Flocka Flame  Honestly I don’t Even know why this guy got on to the top ten or even on to the 8th spot.  A lot of artists who make a name for themselves off club records disappear as fast as they arrive. Right now, though, Waka isn't just hot in the clubs he practically owns them.
  6. 6. #7#7 Lil WayneLil Wayne  Lil Wayne hasn’t been here for most of 2010 but he still held his spot at number 7  I Am Not A Human Being, which sold 110,000 copies in its first week of release in September  Hillary Crosley said during this year's roundtable discussion. "But I think he certainly prepared for it ... so that he was able to just keep it coming."
  7. 7. #6#6 Nicki MinajNicki Minaj  In her first ever induction to the hottest MC’s she début at #6 like the true pioneer she is, she's the first woman to make the list.  "She showed that not only is she the most talented female right now, she's one of the most talented rappers," MTV News' Shaheem Reid
  8. 8. #5#5 Rick RossRick Ross  Teflon Don, debut at #2 on the Billboard albums chart in July with 176,300 sold its first week.  "B.M.F." was big at urban radio, hitting #6 on the Billboard Hip-Hop Songs chart.  He even starred in his very own Nike commercial, proving that the rotund rapper is definitely throwing his weight around outside of just music.
  9. 9. # 4# 4 DrakeDrake  In 2009, Drake dropped the instant-classic mixtape So Far Gone (which sold upward of 70,000 units its first week when it was released as an EP last September) and appeared on songs with Jay-Z, Fabolous and Mary J. Blige, among others.  "He's missing charisma," MTV Jams' Tuma Basa said. "He's missing drama."
  10. 10. #3 Kanye West#3 Kanye West  Some artists are so hot, they can make up for almost a full year out of the spotlight in just a few short months. Well, at least Kanye West can.  Even though he was featured on popular songs like "Forever," with Drake, Eminem and Lil Wayne, and Jay-Z's "Run This Town," 'Ye essentially went into hiding after his infamous run-in with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs  Kanye is so hot right now, XXL handed him the entire magazine for the month of October, even letting him write his own cover story. How's that for power?
  11. 11. #2#2 Jay-ZJay-Z  The Roc Nation chief spent the better part of 2010 riding the wave of success from 2009's The Blueprint 3. Songs like "Empire State of Mind," "Forever Young," "On to the Next One" and "Run This Town" kept BP3 on the Billboard albums chart for 56 weeks, well into 2010.  "Jay has legacy, which you can't ignore if you're just talking about the last 12 months," MTV News senior writer Jayson Rodriguez
  12. 12. #1#1 EminemEminem  Everyone loves a comeback story, and in 2010, that's what they got from Eminem. Even though Marshall Mathers sold 608,000 copies of 2009's Relapse in its first week, the project was panned by critics and longtime Em fans.  This year, however, was totally different. Eminem pretty much dominated 2010 from start to finish  It all led up to the release of the first single from Recovery, "Not Afraid." The song was a turn of form for Em that found him spitting motivational rhymes and encouraging people to face their fears, for better or worse.