Why IT Support Is Imperative For Businesses With New Technologies & Systems


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It can be very helpful to have IT support of some kind in place for a quick solution – which allows you to get back to your work as soon as possible.
There are three types of business IT support services available that will help to get your systems back up and running again.
First Line Support
Second Line Support
Third Line Support

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Why IT Support Is Imperative For Businesses With New Technologies & Systems

  1. 1. Why IT Support Is Imperative For Businesses With New Technologies & Systems
  2. 2. Keep Up With IT Changes If you use a computer to do any aspect of your work, and let’s face it most of us do, then you’re inevitably going to run into problems from time to time. If you’re working using the internet, such as writing a blog or showcasing your work on a website, then your problems might just be exacerbated that little bit further, which is why it is of the utmost importance to keep up with any changes to IT equipment & systems available for your business.
  3. 3. What You Would Usually Do: Search The Internet… Searching on the internet is often quite helpful, but there are some occasions when you can’t even get online – even in the 21st century! You could be one determined enough to spend hours looking for solutions yourself, which could be costing you a lot of your time and cost you more money in the long run.
  4. 4. What An IT Support CompanyCan Help To Do: It can be very helpful to have IT support of some kind in place for a quick solution – which allows you to get back to your work as soon as possible. There are three types of business IT support services available that will help to get your systems back up and running again. First Line Support Second Line Support Third Line Support
  5. 5. First Line Support First line support services can be provided for each system user to allow direct access to helpdesk services. Immediate and simple problems are usually resolved with a support consultant during an initial call. When necessary, more involved technical problems can then be passed on to the second line systems engineers.
  6. 6. Second Line Support Once calls have been screened by first line support, they may need to be resolved by the systems engineering team. An engineer will be assigned the problem and will follow it through to completion. The systems engineer will call on the experience, expertise and knowledge of the whole team to solve a problem quickly and efficiently.
  7. 7. Third Line Support This category of call may be very complex. Calls escalated to this level may require significant effort and planning to solve. In some instances, system level changes may need to be agreed. Very often an engineer with in-depth knowledge of the particular system will be selected to maintain good customer service. Engineers may even come out to the client to solve the issue in house.
  8. 8. Rise In Demand With the demand for IT now increased, there came a point where there was a significant effect on the supply chain – resulting in the birth of new companies offering IT equipment, technical support and consulting services all over the UK. These businesses sprung up all over the country, usually in- between large cities so that they could be as close as they could to as many clients as possible. Surrey and the surrounding areas has become a hub for IT support due to its proximity to London and other cities with a large tech business population such as Brighton. In particular the IT support Crawley supplies to surrounding businesses has grown, and it forms a vital part of the local economy.
  9. 9. IT Support: The Benefits IT Support can help your business with the following benefits, leaving you with an efficient working force and company. Information Management & Organisation – The whole of your work is backed-up and organised to ensure that your data is not lost. Efficiency – Support systems can notify your support team when there is an error, so your IT equipment can be updated and fixed when there is an issue. Corporate IT Security – Security is taken seriously and all of your data is kept secure and confidential. Speed – IT Support is faster than fixing the problem yourself, so you can do the work you need to with ease. Reliability – With a support contract you can get a reliable service that will be there when you need it. Accessibility – Everything Can be accessed by everyone, so when you need support, everyone can be helped.
  10. 10. The Rise Of Cloud Computing Today things like cloud computing and technologies such as application sharing and intranets encourage employees to collaborate with each other from within the company. Cloud computing can help to: Reduce spending on technology infrastructure by maintaining easy access to your information with minimal upfront spending. Globalize your workforce on the cheap. People worldwide can access the cloud, provided they have an Internet connection. Streamline processes. Get more work done in less time with less people. Reduce capital costs. There’s no need to spend big money on hardware, software or licensing fees. Improve accessibility. You have access anytime, anywhere, making your life so much easier! Monitor projects more effectively. Stay within budget and ahead of completion cycle times. Minimize licensing new software. Stretch and grow without the need to buy expensive software licenses or programs.
  11. 11. Innovative Technology Technology is now also favoured over paper because you are less likely to lose a document, or if you do it can usually be retrieved by backdating your system or connecting your business documents to a server system which takes a copy of everything you have stored on a daily basis. With new innovative technology available, integration of systems can help businesses thrive and grow. You just need someone there if your system fails or you have any problems.
  12. 12. Why Take IT Support? The Internet, whether it be web access, email or remote working, is now a crucial part of any business, but the open nature of today’s computer environments means that your business is under constant threat from viruses, spam email, fraud, information theft and malicious system attack.
  13. 13.  An IT support contract provides a company with time and resource to solve problems before they start, providing essential support to update and maintain equipment, and provides valuable money saving solutions.
  14. 14.  IT is just too specialised and problems are too episodic to sustain in-house staff with adequate skills. It is far more cost effective to contract specialist help to be available as and when you need it, so you can keep your employees ding what they do best.
  15. 15.  Having an IT Support contract means that you have the peace of mind that you have a team of skilled engineers ready to respond when you encounter a problem.
  16. 16. When Your Company Relies OnComputers... It’s only worth opting for a support service if you or your business rely on computers or the internet to go about your daily work activities and ultimately make money. It’s undeniable that an increasing amount of people are starting to migrate online. The amount of up and coming filmmakers, fashion designers, artists and musicians that use the internet to help make their living is huge! With the need for bigger and better systems to manage businesses growing, a good IT support company should be at hand just in case anything were to go astray. As a result more and more people will be in need of support, and it’s worth having if your livelihood depends on it.