A History of Things That stick


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Lets Stick Together A History Of Things That Stick… This Slide Share is about the different methods of adhesives used throughout the years. It combines the different adhesives together and when and why they were brought out to be used. Check out the Animation in the bottom right corner for a bit of fun!

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A History of Things That stick

  1. 1. Lets Stick Together A History Of Things That Stick …
  2. 2. Adhesives get used every day for lots of purposes. They have been around for hundreds of years and here is a brief History of what was used in the past for adhesives , and what was used to stick together materials …
  3. 3. Archeologists have found evidence of adhesives being used as far back as 4000BC in cave paintings and in the use of making spears .
  4. 4. Ancient Greece made glue out of egg whites , blood , milk, cheese, vegetables and grains .
  5. 5. Ancient Egyptians used adhesives based on animal glues for sticking together furniture, Jewellery , and Ivory, it was also used in Papyrus production.
  6. 6. The Romans made adhesives out of Tar and Beeswax . There Mosaic floors and Tiles are still intact today!
  7. 7. Medieval Europe made adhesives out of egg whites and used it to decorate with gold leaf.
  8. 8. In 1750, Britain made Glue from Fish . It was used in Paintings and still used today in restoring old parchments and paintings .
  9. 9. In the 1800’s , The Netherlands introduced the first ever glue factory. It produced hide glues for such things as furniture and was used as a wood glue .
  10. 10. 1925, Masking Tape Was created for the help with painting cars , a less-sticky glue was created which wouldn’t leave residue and marks behind.
  11. 11. 1930 Scotch Tape Was created for the use of sticking transparent cellophane together. It was the first transparent tape made.
  12. 12. 1942 Duct Tape Was created for help in WW2 to help with sealing the ammunition cases and keeping the boxes water tight .
  13. 13. In 1942, Super Glue Was stumbled upon during experiments to make a transparent plastics to be used for gun-sights. It’s used to stick most materials together, and has been used for model making and joining wood or plastics .
  14. 14. 1967 The Glue Stick Was created for children’s art, correcting mistakes and gluing paper and card.
  15. 15. Courtesy of PARAFIX