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  • 1. Use the sample Laboratory Directory TEST SPECIMEN REQUIREMENTS T.A.T. REFERENCE/THERAPEUTIC RANGE ACID PHOSPHATASE Total Prostatic AMMONIA 1 ml serum from red top or SST. Avoid hemolysis. Spin & separate immediately after clotting. Add 1 drop ACP Stabilizer to 1 ml serum. 0.5 ml plasma from a lavender or green top. Spin & separate immediately. Freeze & send frozen on dry ice. 1 ml serum from red top or SST. Specify name of bird: Budgie, Canary, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Pigeon Endocervical/Urethral Swab. Use swab provided with kit. Keep specimen at room temperature up to 48 hrs or refrigerate up to 5 days. Positive results are confirmed Breast Fluid. Put specimen in dry, sterile container. Refrigerate. Submit immediately or fix with equal volume of 50% ethanol 0.5 ml serum from red top or SST. Collect 8-24 hours after last dose or immediately before oral dose. 1 unspun light blue top tube Qualitative: 50 ml random urine Quantitative: 50 ml aliquot of 24h urine. No preservative. State 24h volume. Blood: 1 royal blue heparinized tube Urine: 10 ml random urine, collect in an acid washed container 1 lavender top tube. Prepare 4 thin and 4 thick smears. Daily Total: 1.5-5.0 U/L Pros: 0.0 - 1.5 U/L 2 Days 12-47 umol/L 12 Days Not Detected 5 Days Not Detected 3 Days No abnormal cells Daily 1.0-2.6 mmol/L 1 Day Daily 2.0-4.0 g/L Shown on Report 2 Days 1-2 Days 2-5 Days 0.00-1.00 umol/L Up to 26.67 umol/L Initial 1 Day Ident: 2Days Shown on Report 2 nasal smears, 1 from each nostril. Label “right” and “left” nostril 1 ml serum from a red top or SST. Spin & separate immediately. Refrigerate. Include patient info & diagnosis. Do not use as a screening test - malignancy must be established. Stool: Put specimen in bottle with SAF preservative. 1 light blue top tube. Fill tube to capacity. Test must reach lab within 6 hrs or call for pick-up. Store and transport at room temp 1 red top or 2 ml serum from a red top or SST. Include patient history 0.5 ml serum from a red top or SST 1 royal blue heparinized tube 2 Days Shown on Report 7 Days 0-35 U/ml Daily 6 Hours No parasites detected Normal range specific to each patient 7 Days 0.5 ml serum from red top or SST. Patient must fast 12-16 hours Sputum: First morning deep cough in sterile container Urine: First morning urine in sterile container Body Fluids/ Tissue: Submit in dry sterile container Daily Reported Directly by Public Health Laboratory 137-145 mmol/L Reported directly by Occupational Health Lab Age Dependent BIRD FANCIER’S DISEASE R CHLAMYDIA EIA CYTOLOGY DIGOXIN FIBRINOGEN hCG LEAD MALARIA SMEAR NASAL SMEAR for EOSINOPHILS OV 125 Tumor Marker R, $ PARASITOLOGY PROTHROMBIN TIME (PT) RABIES R SODIUM THALLIUM R, $ TRIGLYCERIDES TUBERCULOSIS R URIC ACID 0.5 ml serum from a red top or SST Daily 15 Days Prelim.Report: 7 Days Confirmation: 56 Days Daily Male: 180-420 umol/L Female: 180-360 umol/L