Call And The Internet

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TSL 641

TSL 641

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  • 1. Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to use the Net and he won’t bother you for weeks - Anonymous CALL AND THE INTERNET
  • 2. Why Use the Internet as Materials Resource
    • The Internet (WWW) has several advantages as a source of teaching materials:
    • SCOPE
      • How big is the Internet? – HUGE
      • Endless range of topic
      • Pages increases everyday, including the number of materials specifically designed for ELT
      • Paperless medium, thus, escapes the size restrictions characteristics of course book
  • 3. Why Use the Internet as Materials Resource
    • Topicality
      • Content of WWW can several years old
      • However, much is updated on a regular basis – monthly, weekly or daily
      • Can get today’s news from several publications without the need to buy
      • New publications are added every day, some unavailable in print
  • 4. Why Use the Internet as Materials Resource
    • Personalisation
      • Coursebooks are limited by the magnitude of audience for which they are written
      • Topics sometimes are irrelevant and difficult to discuss with your class
      • You need alternative topics and texts
      • Internet can greatly simplify the task of finding them
  • 5. Internet –Based Activities
    • What makes a good Internet-based activity?
    • Ask yourself these Qs:
      • What are you hoping students will get out of the activity?
      • Why do you want to do this activity on the Internet rather than through other media?
      • How long do you expect the activity to last: part of a lesson, several lessons?
  • 6. Internet –Based Activities
      • Who are your students going to communicate with: each other, another class etc?
      • Are you planning on using this activity with more than one class and/or level?
    • Look through your course book, pinpoint activities that did not seem to work well with your class, did not challenge them, did not engage their interest
    • Analyze the shortcomings of these activities
    • You will then need to experiment
    • Find the site
    • Design activities – no sense in doing activities that are equally well done offline
  • 8. EXAMPLE
      • Famous quotations
      • Upper-intermediate and above
      • Talking about famous people
      • Worksheet:
        • Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country
        • That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind
        • I cannot believe that God plays dice with the Cosmos
  • 9. EXAMPLE
      • Talking about clothing and fashion
      • Elementary and above
      • Vocabulary connected with clothing and fashion
      • or
      • Worksheet
        • What is your favorite outfit for work/school? What about for the weekend?
        • What do you wear when you go out socially?
        • What do you wear around the house
      • Which of these things would you wear and which wouldn’t you wear?
        • Flared jeans, a checked shirt, a fur coat, a three-piece suit, high-heeled shoes, boots, striped trousers, a mini-skirt, torn jeans, a bohsia t-shirt, a flowery shirt, pantyhose,