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IxDC 中国交互设计体验日-A2_林欣杰_新媒体的科技思考:颠覆展示空间与人的互动关系
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IxDC 中国交互设计体验日-A2_林欣杰_新媒体的科技思考:颠覆展示空间与人的互动关系


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课程目标 …


1、Dimension+ 的案例分享

2010年首届中国交互设计体验日,是以“赢在互动”为主题的大型交互设计会议盛宴。大会包括交互设计演讲、论坛、展览及工作坊。通过互动、交流体验的方式,将“交互设计”的理念在中国设计产业中进行高层次、深度、广泛的推广与传播。 我们希望通过这次大会,聚集国内外交互设计先驱者;展示中国交互设计优秀成果;为交互设计教育与企业搭建一个交流的平台; 促进中国交互设计产业与国际设计前沿的同步发展。

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  • 1. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 2. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 3. ABOUTdimension+ 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 4. AWARDS / HONORS HIGHLIGHTS PRIX Ars Electronica 2008 Honorary Mention 2008 2005, 06, 07, 08, Creative Forces of Hong Kong, Milk Magazine... 2008 Ars Electronica Festival), , (FILE) 2009 Ave Com Festival 2009, Split Film Festival 2008, Split, 2003, 2008, , 404 Festival 2010, ..... 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 5. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 6. ABOUTDimension+ ( ) ( ) 2009Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Special Event, Kitty LabSanrio 50th Anniversary Special Event, Who’s the Next Hello KittyHello Kitty Special Event, Black WonderShanghai World EXPO 2010Pepsi Green FactoryITU World 2006, Opening CeremonyU19 Creative ExhibitionTaiwan Culture and Technology Expo : Dimension GearTaiwan Arts Archive FestivalUrban Invader SeriesPlayaround Workshop: 2008, 2009, 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 7. SOME HIGHLIGHT PROJECTS 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 8. Dimension Gear Dimension Gear go though the time and space, it experiences the relationship between spatial and flowing time. It manipulates our perception of dimension. From familiar to extraordinary, audience are experiencing a special flowing and non-sense dimension between virtual and reality.DIMENSION GEAR Taipei / Culture and Science Expo / 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 9. DIMENSION GEAR Taipei / Culture and Science Expo / 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 10. UVA: LONDON DIGITAL ARTS EXHIBITION Taiwan / 2008 * Consultation, Management and Organize, Interactive Installation Setup and Execution 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 11. ITU World ( ) 2006 1971 dimension+ dimension+ ITU World is the first time to have its exhibition oversea and it picks Hong Kong as its first time. We created 2 interactive performance for its opening and 1 interactive performance for its VIP dinner gala. The interactive performances in the opening are cooperating with the team of Chinese drum musician. We grab the information of the drum: rhythm and position hit to generate the visual outputs in the huge screen of projection behind. The interactive performance for the dinner gala is working with the dancer, the movement of the dancers would trigger different visuals. ITU WORLD Hong Kong / ITU World Opening / 2006中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 12. ITU WORLD Hong Kong / ITU World Opening / 2006中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 13. APM SHOW SUITE Hong Kong / APM Show Suite / 2003-2004中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 14. 2010 Sanrio All Rights Reserved Sanrio 50 : Who’s Next Hello Kitty Sanrio In 2010, we work with Sanrio and All Rights Reserved again, creating the special project for Sanrio 50th Anniversary. Audiences go into a wonderland, and taking different tests and examinations to see whether you would be the Next Hello Kitty Super Star. Different interactive including Dance, Catwalk, QnA, Photo Shooting, etc. Audience will get a Star Coin for each tests/examination, and then would come up with the result. Finally, a certificate will be distributed according to the result.WHO’SKong / Sanrio 50th Anniversary HELLO KITTY Hong THE NEXT Special Project / 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 15. 2010 We work with the sub-Pavilion of China Pavilion: ShanDong Pavilion for their theme exhibition: future home. We created 4 parts of interactive in this project: Interactive Performance with lightings and videos, Interactive Table to present the “inter-object-network” concept for the future home, Future home making and Future home printing Kiosk.SHANGHAI WORLD EXPO Shanghai / China Pavilion-ShanDong Pavilion / 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 16. WHO’SKong / Sanrio 50th Anniversary HELLO KITTY Hong THE NEXT Special Project / 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 17. 2009 Sanrio All Rights Reserved Kitty Lab: Hello Kitty 35 Kitty ID Kitty KTA Kitty DNA Kitty ID Kitty ID Kitty ID In 2009, we worked with Sanrio and All Rights Reserved for the 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty Special Event. The concept of the event is “Kitty Lab” which all the audience would create their own Kitty ID thought out the whole journey in the sim city. Every audiences are holding the KTA: Kitty DNA and build up their Kitty ID thought out the interactive installation and game. Finally, a Kitty ID card will be printed out for the audience and the icon of the ID will also be uploaded to the internet for downloading. KITTY LABHong Kong / 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty Special Project / 2009 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 18. KITTY LABHong Kong / 35th Anniversary of Hello Kitty Special Project / 2009 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 19. HELLO KITTY: Hong Kong, Beijin / Sanrio Annual Project / 2008, 2010中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 20. 2006 U19 2008 U19 U19 09 U19 dimension+ _ u19” ” dimension+ ” ” ITRI Taiwan take a reference on European countries, and bring in the concept U19 to Taiwan, turn it into a competition with local characteristics and have a good feedback. From 2008, U19 use the core concept of “playaround” and develop it as the creative platform for new generation. U19 invites dimension+ in 2009 to transform the awarded concept into a physical and interactive experience for the exhibition. In the exhibition, dimension+ create the digital journey of creation for every single audience: audience would create their own digital song with the “entry pass”: barcode. There are kiosks in every single mainpoints of the event, and the audience would translate the entry time and duration with the barcode on hand into the notes of music. After that, audience would play with the music box that we create with the physical printout of the “digital music notes”. U19 Taipei, Tainan, Kaohsiung / ITRI / 2009中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 21. SIGGRAPHIC ASIA Hong Kong / Cyber Port / 2007中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 22. NOKIA N95 CAMPAIGNHong Kong / Causeway bay and Mongkok MTR station / 2007中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 23. INTERACTIVE MIRROR Hong Kong / innovation centre / 2007中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 24. SMS WISHING TREE Hong Kong / innovation centre / 2007中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 25. SOME HIGHLIGHT PROJECTS 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 26. Bahaus PopArts This is a transforming city. From point-line-shap of Bahaus, shocking colors of PopArts, dizzy feelings of 60s, that’s how popular culture begins. We show this by borrowing elements of culture. We borrow the culture of TV and movies arose the collective memories of recent decades. King of Kowloon Mr.Tang join us and help the museum wears the street arts and root culture of Hong Kong of 80s and 90s again. It disappear; It disappear in the intensive-urbanization and reconstruction of city. There are tons of model and cold sky-high building. There is disappearing of “Hongkongism”. Building dances, transform, until, it becomes a cold machine. It represents duplication, industrial-mechanics. It becomes a factory, and be smashed. “Transcity” recalling the culture of city explicitly, and rethinking our local culture implicitly. TRANCITY, DORBOT LIVE!Hong Kong / Visual Arts Centre of Hong Kong & Museum of Arts Hong Kong / 2009 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 27. TRANCITY, DORBOT LIVE!Hong Kong / Visual Arts Centre of Hong Kong & Museum of Arts Hong Kong / 2009 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 28. virtual reality wiimote physical experience “Moving Mario” Over the years, the development of video games is trying its best to produce the virtual reality experience which getting closer to the reality. By changing the interface, from Atari’s joystick to Analog Vibration of PS2 joystick, then Gun Shape controller for shooting game, and Dance Mania’s floor controller to Wii wiimote, video game design is creating more and more “physical experience” for the players. Players now can actual smash and swing to play the game, but we are still playing the games in a 2D virtual environment: manipulating the character in an unlimited virtual space in a fixed static limited real world. Moving Mario is definitely not reproducing Super Mario Bros in another way. By grabbing partial concept and some of the key elements behind the TV game development, Moving Mario is trying to challenge some of the traditional game elements. Throughout the gaming process, players can rethink the relationship between the player and the game MOVING MARIOHong Kong / Austria / Netherlands / Croatia / Brazil / Ireland / Argentina / 2007 - 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 29. MOVING MARIOHong Kong / Austria / Netherlands / Croatia / Brazil / Ireland / Argentina / 2007 - 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 30. … Strolling and loafing is an art; using one’s own feelings and perspectives to view each corner of the city. The same corner may have different people seeing it using their own different perspectives, and roaming through it with their own different footsteps, to compose the city of their own viewpoints, and to develop an urban sensitivity to observe and be observed. “Flâneur Symphony” turns individual wanderings into music. It records the views and experiences of the city which belongs to the individual. The conversation between Flâneur and city – wandering speed, location, interaction with others, etc. – through the flâneur’s steps are captured and turned to musical notes and rhythms. The audience watches and listens, but may choose to reverse the roles and use his own footsteps, to turn from the watcher to be the watched, and let others observe his city. FLANEUR SYMPHONYHong Kong / Argentina / Taiwan / Hong Kong Culture, Hong Kong Creative / 404 Festival / 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 31. FLANEUR SYMPHONYHong Kong / Argentina / Taiwan / Hong Kong Culture, Hong Kong Creative / 404 Festival / 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 32. . – “His-story” is a progress. When you are wandering in the space, experiencing and enjoying the history, thought our the digital generation, the action of you in the particular time and space will transform into a process of creating history. We are walking the history; We are creating the history. HIS-STORY Taiwan / The Digital Archives Festival / 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 33. (Generative Arts) ( ) (generation) (algorithm) “Calligraphy Space Generation” focus on the few key points of Chinese Calligraphy: space and text. It is talking about the relationship between space and Chinese Calligraphy. Audience would see the text happens on the specific space and the work generate and extending the text in the space. 42 “sonicography”( ) installs four sets of 42” plasma TV; when the audience blows to the microphone, the calligraphic character on the screen, through program processing, will spread out like threads or squirm like a caterpillar. In the other work, the artist holds the electronic device to go along the calligraphic strokes on the screen to record the sounds produced when they were “written”, which all is to imitate the audio creation of the calligraphy. CALLIGRAPHY SPACE GENERATION THE SOUND OF SILENCETaiwan / / 2007中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 34. Arts Technology 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 35. Design Technology 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 36. art [ahrt]the quality, production, expression, or realm, according toaesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or ofmore than ordinary significance.the class of objects subject to aesthetic criteria; works ofart collectively, as paintings, sculptures, or drawings: amuseum of art; an art collection. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 37. technology [tek-nol-uh-jee] the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment, drawing upon such subjects as industrial arts, engineering, applied science, and pure science.中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 38. /Arts/Design Medium Technology 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 39. why technology / new media?中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 40. “Technology not as tool, or as something that is separate fromus, but rather as a “second skin” to use the words of MarshallMcLuchan. ....In the same way, we now consider it impossible to think aboutour world without technology simple because technology hasbecome the language or the unavoidable medium for ourthoughts.We work with technology not because it is original, butprecisely because it is inevitable and commonplace in ourglobal society.” 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 41. “Some day artists will work withcapacitors, resistors andsemiconductors as they work todaywith brushes, violins and junk.” 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 42. how?中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 43. “…Interaction is the most commonactivity between humans. They areinteractive living beings who makeobjects, talk with each other, writetexts and pass these on to others…” Masaki Fujihata, Hierarchies of Communication, ZKM 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 44. Information Visualization 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 45. Nicolas Feltron 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 46. The DumpsterGolan Levin 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 47. The Morphing CityPedro M Cruz 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 48. Visualizing Pressiableblprnt 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 49. Design Arts 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 50. Design ArtsProblem Solving Arts 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 51. Aesthetic 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 52. Interaction Design 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 53. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 54. Metaphor Perspective Fitt’s Law Learning Curve Color Temperature中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 55. Interaction Design 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 56. Designing Interaction ? 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 57. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 58. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 59. Interface 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 60. Legible City Jeffery Shaw中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 61. Virtual Museum Jeffery Shaw中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 62. TextRain Camille Utterback中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 63. sonic column Mok-Jin Yo Ars Electronica Festival, 2005中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 64. sonic column Mok-Jin Yo Ars Electronica Festival, 2005中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 65. Imagin Arts中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 66. Scrapple Golan Levin中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 67. Berline (multitouch)Art + com 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 68. rectable rectable Ars Electronica, PRIX, Digital Music, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 69. London Collage of Fashion Graduation ShowMoving Brands 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 70. MæveTable 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 71. NokiaSimens NetworksMoving Brands 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 72. Minimum InterfaceLeading Edge Design 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 73. Environment 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 74. A Playing of great observer at rest PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 75. Messa Di Voice Golan Levin, Zach Lieberman PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2003中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 76. Audience Random International , Chris O’Shea PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2009中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 77. Audience Julijonas Urbonas PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2009中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 78. Touched Echo Markus Kison PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 79. Optical Tone Tsutomu Mutoh PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 80. Optical Tone Tsutomu Mutoh PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 81. Dune 4.0Daan Roosegaarde 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 82. Kef - Muonmoving brands 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 83. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 84. N-3D DemoAircord 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 85. Nike Air 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 86. Hermes Window DisplayTokujin Toshioka 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 87. HBOChristmas Window Display 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 88. Hilfiger Tommyin-store interactive 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 89. Delicate BoundariesChristine Sugure 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 90. LightrailsStrukt Studio 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 91. Living Lightthe living 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 92. Color Tokyo777 interactive 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 93. NBuilding 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 94. Absolut Quartet Jeff Lieberman, Dan Paluska PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2008中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 95. Cloud Troika中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 96. EGGER_Virtual_Studio 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 97. TransCitykeith lam & dimension+ 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 98. 555 kubrickurban screen 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 99. APPARATI EFFIMERI 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 100. LCF Catwalk 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 101. antiVJ 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 102. Auckland Turn the Auckland Ferry Building into an interactive playground. Our job was to create an installation that would go beyond merely projection on buildings and allow viewers to become performers, by taking their body movements and amplifying them 5 stories tall.We used 3 different types of interaction - body interaction on the two stages, hand interaction above a light table, and phone interaction with the tracking of waving phones. NIGHT LIGHTS New Zealand / Auckland Ferry Building / 2009中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 103. BMW: 20-27 DEC 2010 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 104. Body 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 105. performance 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 106. true / 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 107. euphorie1024 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 108. AR Magacian 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 109. Shadow Monster Philip Worthington中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 110. Delicate Boundaries Christine Sugure中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 111. Tuskuba Series PRIX Ars Electronica, Interactive Arts, 2003中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 112. Kontaktstation audiocommander中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 113. Hussein Chalayan Moritz Wadlemeyer中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 114. 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 115. Royal Chair Moritz Wadlemeyer中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 116. Bio Circuit中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 117. Interacton Design Designing Interaction 中国交互设计体验日 2010
  • 118. Contacthttp://www.the-demos.comhttp://www.d-p.cc 中国交互设计体验日 2010