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Packages in India | kerala for honeymoon | package to kerala | tours for kerala | package for kerala | tour of kerala | scuba diving locations | lacadives dive centre
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Packages in India | kerala for honeymoon | package to kerala | tours for kerala | package for kerala | tour of kerala | scuba diving locations | lacadives dive centre


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Packages in India

Packages in India

Published in: Investor Relations, Travel, Sports

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  • 1. Scuba Diving locations and Lacadives Dive Centre
  • 2. In fact, destinations offering diving spots in India now figure prominently in the itinerary of a growing number of domestic as well as foreign tourists who are lured by the exotic locations of scuba diving centers unrivalled in diversity and natural beauty. Equally attractive are the affordable prices at which the thrills of the sport can be had in the country.
    Scuba Diving locations
  • 3. The relatively warm waters are another welcome change to foreign tourists. The coral reefs and pristine blue lagoons of Lakshadweep are the ideal location to go Scuba diving in India.. Lakshadweep has some of the best diving spots in the world, comparable to the Maldives and the Great Barrier Reefs. "Lacadives", located at the Kadmat Island Resort, is the only diving school of its kind for beginners.
  • 4. Kadmat, an island of the Lakshadweep, south west coast of Kerala, is situated the dive school - Lacadives Dive Centre. Having started it's operations in October '95, the school is young and the island pristine, the underwater world even more so, most of it untouched and the rest, experienced by a little less than 100 divers.
    Lacadives Dive Centre
  • 5. Being aware of the delicate structure of the islands, we have much respect for the environment and expect the same from those who visit it, that being the only criteria for enrolling participants for the course, besides knowing how to swim.
    The diving package is an 8 - 10 day course at the island of Kadmat. For those looking for a holiday to
  • 6. lay back and enjoy the sun on the beach, it's not the right place, but for those interested in an adventurous, hectic and exciting experience, this is it. Starting from scratch, the students are taken into the lagoon, taught the basic uses of mask, snorkel and fins, then progressing into learning about the use of the whole scuba equipment followed by an introductory dive.
  • 7. This is where the fun begins. The course goes on with doing 2 dives a day, everyday, learning the basic techniques and rescue skills underwater, the hand signals used for communication in the silent world and the most important, is the learning of the safety regulations, mandatory for every diver to know it and respect it in order to maintain the safety of the sport.
  • 8. The day finishes with an hour of theory classes talking about the physics of diving and followed by group discussions with the respective dive instructors briefing them on the day's dives, after which everybody enjoys the sunset with hot tea and refreshments, and from then on the holiday mode is switched on.
  • 9. The accommodation provided is very comfortable but extremely basic. A comfortable bed, a clean bathroom and three square meals are guaranteed. Those who enjoy the experience of the starry skies with occasional shooting stars to put them to sleep bring their bedding to the jetty and sleep with the rest as the cool wind lulls them into sweet dreams. There is a common cafeteria and dining place where all meals are served at a fixed time.
  • 10. Contact Us
    Unique Tours & Hospitality Services"BETHESDA" , Harmony Enclave,Near UdayamperoorJn,Kochi. Pin-682307 Kerala, India.Tele/fax : 0484 2307286Mob. 0 9846066688 E-mail: