InspectRx® Vision Tech - Effective Micron Measurement
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InspectRx® Vision Tech - Effective Micron Measurement

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High Speed: 1,960 units/second ...

High Speed: 1,960 units/second
High Accurate: um
Highly Sophisticate & Patented Lighting System
Robot & Innovative Lens Cluster
Multi Colored Camera Systems
Multiple Computers
Patents & Proprietary Algorithm
Automated Productivity Report
Connect Global Sites

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  • 1. InspectRx® Vision System Effective Micron Computer Factory Simulation Ivy Lee @IvyLeeSensoRx Marketing Director @AmericanSensoRx Design & Make Product for Life (MTBF>75 years) Sept, 2014 1
  • 2. 2 Advanced Sensor Tech Partnering In Fantastic SensoRx • SiteSocial • sPhone • Food&Drug Safety Modernization Cloud • M2C • SensoRxClimate • IoT Smart Engineering SpectRx™ FFT-NIR InspectRx® Micron Vision NanoMEMS Analytics 3D Printing Machinex® FilleRx® SensoRx
  • 3. 3 Wearable InspectRx® - SpectRx™ - Environment SensoRx Climate, Your 5 Milliseconds AQI SensoRx InspectRx®: PM 2.5 (um) SpectRx™: Chemical Composition, 25ppm Weight, 0.01% Concentration, 0.1% Sensitivity
  • 4. 4 InspectRx® Mission Frost & Sullivan Machine Vision Inspection Tech Excellence Identify • Dimensions • Colors • Textures • Shapes • Configurations Calculate • Area • Volume • Weight • Accumulation • Price SensoRx Utilize for • Smaller Products • Highly Repetitive Manufacturing Errors • Tooling Irregularity • Combining SpectRx™ FFT-NIR Chemical Analysis • Latest Automated High Speed Manufacturing Tech
  • 5. 5 • High Speed: 1,960 units/second • High Precision: um • Highly Sophisticate & Patented Lighting System • Robot & Innovative Lens Cluster • Multi Colored Camera Systems • Multiple Computers • Patents & Proprietary Algorithm • UI  (Production) Monitor Interface(MI)  Operator/Supervisor/Admin Interface(OI)  Global Program Parameters Interface (PI) • Automated Productivity Report • Electronic Signature & User Hierarchical Encryption • Data Storage & Implement (FDA Compliance Package) • Data Security (Massive, Permanent Electronic Document / Image Classification & Records) • Global Sites Network • Severs SensoRx InspectRx® Tech USA Patent 5,900,634
  • 6. 6 Global Vision System Tech Evaluation by Alcan (Ranked No.1 in Food, Pharm, Cosmetic Packaging) Alcan Ranked No.2 in Tobacco Packaging SensoRx
  • 7. 7 InspectRx® has Highest Ability to Capture Non-Structural Defects Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA) SensoRx
  • 8. InspectRx® has Easiest Set-up Procedures SensoRx 8 Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA)
  • 9. InspectRx® has Fewest System Faults & False Rejection 9 Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA) SensoRx
  • 10. SensoRx InspectRx® Consistently Scored Highest in Each Category 10 Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA)
  • 11. 11 All Rejected Products were Categorized against InspectRx ® Internal Vision System Info SensoRx
  • 12. InspectRx® is the Only System Meets Required 95+% Effectiveness SensoRx 12 Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA)
  • 13. 13 InspectRx® has Superior Technology, Services & System Implementation Vendor A (Germany),B (Japan),C (UK), American SensoRx (USA) SensoRx
  • 14. InspectRx® Innovative Development Exceeds Customer Expectations SensoRx 14
  • 15. InspectRx® APPs SensoRx 15
  • 16. SensoRx • Performs Statistical Product Control • Informs Admins of Productivity Status • Stores All Products in Database Instantly 16 The Only System Worldwide InspectRx® - in Microns, Connect Global Computer Sites • Multiple Computers • Multiple Camera Systems • Highly Sophisticated Lighting System Global Parameters Screens (Program New Product) Depending on User Hierarchical Levels Analyze and measure the distance of micro tubes insides macro tubes with distinctive accuracy in microns
  • 17. SensoRx 17 The Only System Worldwide InspectRx ® - Robot & Compound Lens Cluster, Milliseconds Decision Special Proprietary Compound Lenses Carried by the Vertical Robot Configurations of Internal 8-Step Analysis Analyze internal surface of cylindrical tubes without permitting the camera or the lenses to enter. The data are analyzed and a decision is rendered in milliseconds
  • 18. 18 InspectRx ® – Animal Health Dimensions, Colors, Weight , 2- Minutes / Half Piece Evaluate • Weight • Dimensions Inspect • Skin Discoloration • Improper De-hairing • Any Fire Scourging Protein color as indication to animal feeding, stress and impact on cost SensoRx
  • 19. SensoRx 19 InspectRx®- SpectRx™ Better Foods Pricing, Nutrition InspectRx® Measure • Fat/Protein Percentage • Protein Color Calculate • Area • Thickness • Volume • Weight • Accumulation • Price per weight SpectRx™ FFT-NIR + InspectRx® Special Light Analyze • Fat/Protein/Moisture Contents • Infected Cysts, Parasites & Drug Residue
  • 20. SensoRx 20 InspectRx® - Medical Microelectronics Assemble of Components, Electrode and Deposited Layer Inspect • Correct Assembly of Product Components • Damaged Subcomponent • Color of Cannula Sheath • Cannula Dimension and Colors • Needle Diameters Electrode Probe-tip Dimensional Accuracy Silicon Layer Deposited above Microscopic Carbon-Heart Valves Characters for All Ages Probe-top.
  • 21. SensoRx • Evaluates metal surface impurities • Identifies tooling irregularities that require multiple cameras • Calibrates and verifies gauge clusters • Identifies fuse value and location 21 InspectRx® - Motor Microelectronics Component, Printed Value, Location, Scratch, Impurity Inspect • Circuit component • Printed value • Location • Wafer defect • Bump defect • Micro-level scratch Provides the detection of the correct components in any PCB. It also read the exact numerical values of components value or definition of a fuse box.
  • 22. In order to determine the uniformity of the distribution of the deposited material, the reflectance ratios obtained must clearly differentiate between the material distribution of accepted sample weight and the material distribution of the rejected sample weight. 22 InspectRx® - Material Distribution Dishomogeneity Milliseconds Decision Lens are developed to eliminate image distortion. • It almost maintains a parallel and flat image throughout the entire field of view without displaying any significant variations of image characteristics displayed in the center compared to the edge extremities. • This allows a robust output data of image analysis. SensoRx
  • 23. InspectRx® - Micro or Mirror-Like Symbol SensoRx 23 Micro Alpha-Numeric Recognition Character Recognition and Barcode Reading Recognition of Detailed Art Work Mirror-Like Number Recognition
  • 24. SensoRx 24 InspectRx® - Blister Package Sealing Max: 30 Blisters / Second Inspect • Integrity of shapes • Location Mirror-like blister-foil of a highly reflective surface t normally distorts and blinds the camera. Inspect • Empty Cavity • Foreign Objects Inspect • Broken product • Blowout in plastic Cartridges • Unsealed products
  • 25. InspectRx® - Vial Package Sealing Max: 10 Vials / Second 25 Automatically Identify & Reject • Impurities in Liquid • Impurities on Vial Surface • Nozzle Leak
  • 26. SensoRx 26 InspectRx ®- Cosmetics Hinge Sealing 6 Units / Second InspectRx® utilizes a highly sophisticated algorithms developed specifically to identify many types of hinges for precise placement on various bottles 2 lines sync/ asyn
  • 27. SensoRx InspectRx ® - Exceptional Precision Consumer Product InspectRx® provides the necessary statistical process controls and stores all the data 27 at its peripheral devices for further production analysis High Repeatability Manufacturing Errors Wild Bristles at Neck Long Bristles Empty Tufts Partially Empty Tufts Handle Colors for Children
  • 28. Verification of Julian Date - Lot Number -and Expiration Date that is Mathematically Calculated from the Date of Production plus 3 Years. 28 InspectRx ® - Web Read Barcode, Lot Number and Expire Date SensoRx
  • 29. SensoRx InspectRx ® - Web Read Carton&Label Barcode, Lot Number and Expire Date 29
  • 30. 30 American SensoRx, Inc. USA InspectRx® Vision Technology Micron, Robot & Global Connect Ms. Ivy Lee Online Marketing & Finance Director 31 North Monroe Street Ridgewood, New Jersey, 07450 USA in: WeChat / t: @IvyLeeSensorX Tel: 001 201 447 8999 Fax: 001 201 447 8998 Linkedln Company Page