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Summary results for a traffic study in Shipley's Choice

Summary results for a traffic study in Shipley's Choice



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    Final traffic1.9.12 Final traffic1.9.12 Presentation Transcript

    • Final Analysis of Speeding Study Rustling Oaks/Fox Den Presented to SCHOA January 9, 2012 by Laura Ivey on behalf of community volunteers
    • Recap of Study
      • Anne Arunel County installed traffic tubes on Rustling Oaks Drive in between Fox Den and Red Birch in May, 2011.
      • The traffic tubes counted vehicles and recorded vehicle speeds.
      • The study ran Thursday, May 19 - Wednesday, June 8.
      • Results were delivered to Laura Ivey for analysis.
      • Results were studied by a committee of Shipley’s residents and consultation was done with Mike Lenhart, a Traffic Engineer in Shipley’s Choice.
    • Findings from Traffic Study
      • Total traffic for the survey: approx. 28,000 vehicles
      • Weekly traffic volume is 9,300 vehicles
      • 74% of traffic during the survey were going more than 25 mph.
      • 1,018 vehicles were going 36+ mph (4%).
      • Each week there were approximately 376 vehicles traveling 36+ mph on Rustling Oaks between Red Birch and Fox Den. Speeds were recorded in excess of 55mph.
    • Headlines for Neighborhood
      • Over 21 days, almost 30,000 vehicles drove on Rustling Oaks near Fox Den and Red Birch -- about 9,300 vehicles per week.
      • THREE-FOURTHS of that traffic exceeded the speed limit.
      • Over 1,000 vehicles during the survey were going 36+ mph --almost 400 vehicles a week going 36+ mph on a neighborhood street.
      • Speeds were recorded in excess of 60 mph.
      • The vast majority of the top speeds (36+ mph) were recorded between noon and 6pm, NOT in late night hours .
    • Regarding Traffic -- the 3 Es
      • Engineering
      • Education
      • Enforcement
    • Engineering Ideas
      • Install a speed bump in that area . The data collected does not meet the criteria for installing a speed bump or traffic island. At least 10% of the total traffic must be going 10+ mph over the speed limit. We did not meet the requirement. The county will not install a speed bump or any other type of speed control, even if it was privately funded.
      • Install a stop sign where Red Birch crosses Rustling Oaks, turning it into a 4-way stop. This intersection does not meet the rigorous criteria established for adding a stop sign. The area in question does not meet any requirement for county-funded or privately-funded speed control.
    • Education Ideas
      • Make study results available for SCHOA members
      • Post study results on Shipley’s Facebook page
      • Present study results to Shipley’s Choice PTA and ask for inclusion in monthly newsletter
      • Collect any accident data and report it to SCHOA to add to the results of this study. Example: Accident at Rustling Oaks just north of Fox Den that took out a streetlight pole and small tree in mid-December, 2011.
    • Enforcement Ideas
      • Anne Arundel County has offered to place speed boards near the area in question. Ms. Claudia O’Keefe has been notified that we would like a board. The board only displays the motorist’s speed and does not issue a ticket. The boards are displayed five weekdays at a time.
      • We can request police patrol for high-traffic areas to issue tickets. This only works intermittently, as does the speed boards. We should use these methods sparingly but consistently.
    • Data Tables and Graphs Anne Arundel Traffic Study May 2011 Rustling Oaks between Fox Den and Red Birch
    • Traffic Volume and Speeds Raw number of vehicles How to read:13,530 vehicles were traveling 26-30mph over the 21-day survey. Source: AACo Traffic Study Rustling Oaks and Fox Den May 2011
    • Traffic Volume and Speeds Percentage of Total Traffic How to read:48% of vehicles were traveling 26-30mph over the 21-day survey. Source: AACo Traffic Study Rustling Oaks and Fox Den May 2011
    • Time of Day for Top Speeds