Cohesión y coherencia


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Cohesión y coherencia

  1. 1. COHERENCE• The more cohesive, the more formalized the text, the more information it, as a unit affords the translator.• Acording to Daniel Cassany (1998) the important aspects in a coherent text are: quantity, quality and the structure.
  2. 2. Then as a translator…• Consider first the genre, this will allow you to follow SL or TL practice as close as possible.• Follow the standard forms.• Concider the amount of pre-information: – Unities of time, place, action• Consider the structure of the text: – Thesis, antithesis, introducction, climax, argu ment, etc.
  3. 3. Do not worry…• The structure of a text is marked by certain pointers: – Chapters – Headings – Subheadings – Paragraph lengths
  4. 4. Macro and super structure• Macrostructure: It information s semantic content, ordered in a logical way.• Superstructure: is the organizational pattern or outline used in the text. Form. Cassany (1998)
  5. 5. Example:• In a car accident we found: – The characters (drivers and vehicles) – The circumstances (speed, a highway, etc) – The cause (a bad turn, malfunction, etc) – The consequences (spinning, unexpected change of lain)
  6. 6. If Newspaper Legal sue /jury/insurance queryHeading AuthorsExposure of data by Factsimportance:a) Number of casualties It will be almost like ab) Place chronologic narration.c) Dated) What was the reason Instances, following actions.And so on…
  7. 7. TITLES Should be : •Attractive •Allusive • suggestive•If it is a proper name it should have relation to the original only for identification
  8. 8. Types of titles DESCRIPTIVE TITLES : Describe the topic of the text ALLUSIVE TITLES:They have some kind of referential or figurative relationship with the topic
  9. 9. examples 1) Un siécle de coutisants / an age of courtisants 2) Maltraux s La condition Humaine / storm in shanghai to man Estate/ The Human Condition3) Descriptive : Madame Bovary / Madame Bovary 4) Allusive: Des Meeres und der liebe Wellen /Hero and Leander /The waves of the sean and of love .5) Brokeback Mountain/ secreto en la montaña/En terreno vedado
  10. 10. Spoken language is part ofinterpretation.As Translators are concernedwith surveys, as well as thedialogue of drama and fiction.
  11. 11. COHESION• Is closer in the give and take of dialogue and speech than in any other form of text.• Cohesive factor (intention of the speech): request,, plea, invitation.(Grammatically a statement or a command or a question)• The form of address are determined by factors of kinship, intimacy, class , sex and age.
  12. 12. • Each language has opening gambits semantically reserved for this exchange:• I wish you d come• Me gustaria que vinieras
  13. 13. • Speech has virtually no punctuation, is diffuse and leaves semantic gaps filled by gesture and paralingual features. Manner of speaking, delivery, speech - your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally; "his manner of speaking was quite abrupt"; "I detected a slight accent in his speech”