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Est ban estvca-20130522

  1. 1. Ivar SiimarA get-together with EstVCA.May 22 in Wabaduse Coffee.Thanks for the invite!
  2. 2. A few wordsabout EstBAN
  3. 3. Estonian Business Angels Network,EstBAN is an umbrella organization forbusiness angels seeking investmentopportunities in Estonia and itsneighboring regions.Join us if you want to contribute to thestartup ecosystem with your funds andknow-how and want to experience thesatisfaction from this involvement.
  4. 4. Member poolFounding members:Villem Alango, Riivo Anton, Jaak Ennuste, Hardi Kampus, Marek Kiisa, PeeterKlanberg, Andrei Korobeinik, Guido Kundla, Allan Martinson, Harri Männistö,Indrek Neivelt, Martin Petjärv, Indrek Prants, Almar Proos, Priit Põldoja, RolfRelander, Ivo Remmelg, Rikard Relander, Ivar Siimar, Martin Talts, Herty Tammo,Eero Tohver, Henri Treude, Raivo Vare, Heikki VisnapuuJoined in 2013:Joel Aasmäe, Michael Bevin, Ivar Dembovski, Juan Herrera, Andres Kull, RaitMinumets, Yrjö Ojasaar, Rain Rannu, Arne Veske, Kari Sjöblom, Heikki Rautajoki,Margus Zuravljov, Sven Siimar, Tarmo Rooteman
  5. 5. > Established in December 2012 atpresent we are a group of 40+ angelinvestors> We meet up 3 times per month on prescreening, pitch, training andnetworking events> Decision making is individual> We may invest individually or in asyndicate depending on the interest inthe deal> Our investment range is usuallybetween 20…500 k€, individualinvestments in syndicate start from 5k€★ information technology★ consumer goods & retail★ energy & environment★ financial services★ chemicals and materials★ green technologiesTop areas of interestAbout us
  6. 6. > 40+ members by the end of the year> 100+ deals screened> 10…15 investments> 1 M€ investedinitial targets for 2013
  7. 7. > 40 members on board> 75 StartUps in the pipeline, some outside> 7 pitching events done> 3 investments made> 3-4 syndicates in the negotiation process> First membership application from Lady Angel.> Member of Eban since April. > Close relationship with FIBAN since day 1.> Participated in 13th Eban Annual Congress inVienna - new perspectivesso far..
  8. 8. > Members are extremely busy with daily business> We are competing with family, girlfriends and golf> Lack of experience in StartUp investments andsyndication> Need to market Angels as an important part of theecosystem - paradigm shift> To attract more Angels we need to establish attractiveco-investment schemes with Est/EU institutionsChallenges to work with
  9. 9. Friends, sponsors & supporters
  10. 10. So, what’s beingdiscussed onEuropean level?
  11. 11. The private sector plays a key role in creating new jobsand therefore, there is a need for a strong public-privatepartnership between member states, entrepreneurs andthe investors that back them.It is possible to create a virtuous cycle where privateinvestors put their money in new companies creatingjobs and also paying taxes.In return, member states can reward and incentivizethose investors through asymmetric exits, co-investmentfunds or tax breaks.Source: EBAN Policy Note
  12. 12. 5-point action plan by Eban> Consider Venture-Capital types of loans instead of grants.> Creation of co-investment funds with early stageinvestors.> Tax Breaks for early stage investors.> Investment readiness trainings for entrepreneurs and earlystage investors.> Public awareness on early stage investing.
  13. 13. ... in conclusion
  14. 14. We wanna be a serious player in EstVCA“1 billion” vision 2020.
  15. 15. experiences arebest when shared.
  16. 16. Thank you!Ivar / +372 502