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  • Every participant is a ‚Customer‘Customers have RolesRoles are collections of PrivilegesPrivileges define, which actions are allowed on a specific PIUse Cases define, which actions are performed and what rules applyDifferent Transaction types are implemented as different Use-CasesEvery participant is a customer and can be payer or payee. Role and privileges control capabilities, Use case controls, which actions to be performed.Every customer has a wallet, a wallet has payment instruments that can be of different types (CC, Bank Account, Stored Value Account). Some Pis can be used for Debit for Credit or for both.
  • Axx2inn m wallet-365-mobiliser-democenter-v6.2

    1. 1. Axxiome Mobiliser Demo Center - SAP BAS SAP / Sybase Mobiliser Platform – M.Wallet. Integrated with SAP BaS Beta versionBy
    2. 2. AGENDA Introducing SAP/Sybase Mobiliser Platform. • Mobile Wallet Concept. Understanding the mCommerce Ecosystem. Demo center - System Landscape. Transactions & Operations available. How to start using Mobile Wallet.Beta version
    3. 3. Introducing SAP/Sybase Mobiliser Platform. Mobile Wallet. Concept.An overview of Mobile Commerce by Sybase 365. Is when the mobile phone is used by customers as a Payment Device toTake a look, Sybase 365: Your Day - Mobilize the Possibilities , (3 transfer money from one party tomins). another, to pay for goods and services, Enjoy the Mobile Commerce experience!! to buy airtime top-up and many more similar use cases…… Payment Instruments Mobile Wallet M. Phone + Payment Instruments Customers Credit /Debit Cards Bank Account 1. Consumer Signup. 2.0 Link Bank Accounts. SVA 2.1 Link Credit Cards. Stored Value Account 2.2 Add funds to your SVA
    4. 4. Understanding the mCommerce Ecosystem Payment SAP / Sybase Mobiliser Platform Instruments Currency Identification Authentication Choice Cards C/D Limits and Fees &Payer Restrictions Commissions Authorization Payee Bank Accounts Payment Settlement & Notifications Mobile Processing Clearing Wallet SVA Stored Value Account Commissions Fees Distributors Agents Business Partners Telcos (optional) (optional). MNO / SMS Cash IN/OUT.
    5. 5. Demo Center - System Landscape BaS Core Banking Abstraction Layer Mobiliser Platform BU-TIK Bank CUSTOMERSWeb Merchant
    6. 6. Transactions & Operations available. USR: username. USR: headquarters. PWD. Password. PWD. Alamakota2013. DistributionConsumer Merchant Partner TBD in sign-up processSmartphone Mobiliser Functions Partner Portal. Login Authentication.  Agent Data Consumer Signup, Forgot Password.  Change Password Airtime top-up  Transaction History Bill Pay  Register Customer Send and request money  Search Customer Manage accounts and transactions  Airtime top up • Add and register bank accounts • Cash IN • Block accounts • Cash OUT • Change PIN • Remittances • Manage notifications • Pickup • Add credit cards • View Transactions • Balance inquiries • KYC upgrade • Pre-authorize, authorize, and cancel  Create Agent transactions  Create Sub Agent Load and unload from stored value account (SVA)  Commission Management Search, pull, and view coupons. Not available yet.  Find Agent  Agent Hierarchy  Activate Agent
    7. 7. How to start using Mobile WalletStart using mobile commerce require to have a Mobile Wallet. See the TUTORIALS… - How to Create a Mobile Wallet. - How to Use the Mobile Wallet. - Where you can use your Mobile Wallet. - Send Money. P2P Payments. Domestic Remittances. - To pay goods and services. (in a Merchant Portal). - Airtime top-up. - Request Money. - View Transactions. - Manage Accounts in your Wallet.For more information refer Mobiliser 5.1 manuals.
    8. 8. How to start using Mobile WalletSend us your feedback to . Click picture and DOWNLOAD tutorial…………..