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Беспроводные компоненты

Беспроводные компоненты

Published in Education , Technology , Business
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  • 2.4 GHz – (virtually) world-wide frequency band Sub-1 GHz bands are different in different parts of the world US, Canada use FCC rules EU 433/868 is (mostly) harmonized throughout Europe 426 MHz ARIB in Japan – very strict narrowband requirements, similar regulations in Korea Rest of world has available frequency bands on a country-by-country basis
  • The recommended setting is 4-byte preamble and 4-byte sync word, except for 500 kBaud data rate where the recommended preamble length is 8 bytes. Fixed Packet Length Mode: PKTCTRL0.LENGTH_CONFIG=00 PKTLEN register indicates the packet length
  • We are very proud to introduce the next generation in easy to use development tools, the eZ430-RF2500. Following on the success of the original eZ430-F2013, TI’s best selling development tool in history, the eZ430-RF2500 is based on the high-end MSP430F2274 featuring 32k Flash, 1k RAM, 200ksps 12-bit ADC12, USCI (SPI, UART/LIN, IrDA, I2C), and 3x OpAmps and a CC2500, a 2.4 GHz, 4th Generation Low Power wireless transceiver. 18-pins selected pins on the F2274 are available on the target, 2 LEDs for visual feedback, and a push-button for user interface. Just like the original eZ430, full in-system debug is possible through the 2-wire Spy Bi-Wire interface, however, this features a next generation emulator which features a driverless installation. The entire system ready to go within seconds of being plugged into your PC without the need to install any software. Also, the emulator has been enhanced to allow communication from the F2274 target through USB to a virtual COM port. So it will be possible to have a wireless system collecting data which can transmit it back to your PC which can be displayed in a real application with your debugger closed. SimpliciTI, a full, low power, star network stack will be available for the tool and will support up to 254 wireless nodes, various low power modes, network coordinators, range extenders and end devices. A temperature sensor network demonstration application will come with the tool showing the capability and provide a starting point for you to being your wireless applications. At $49 USD, the eZ430-RF2500 will include one emulator and target board with an enclosure and an additional target board with a battery expansion board for immediate deployment. This is the lowest priced RF development tool on the market and standalone target boards (eZ430-RF2500T) will also be available by launch time. Note: Pictured above are early prototypes. Final hardware will vary in color and include an enclosure.
  • It’s now easy to rev up your application in minutes with the new eZ430-RF2500 , the world’s smallest complete wireless development tool for only $49! The tool provides all hardware and software needed to evaluate the MSP430 or complete an entire F22xx project. The eZ430-RF2500 includes three tiny PCB boards, one emulation board and two detachable wireless target, connected with a 6-pin connector and encased in USB stick case. A tiny battery expansion board and 2 AAA batteries are also included for easy deployment of your wireless system. The MSP430 Tools CD-ROM is also included. . The eZ430-RF2500T target board include an MSP430F2274, a CC2500, a 26MHz oscillator for the radio and a small chip antenna. Additionally two LEDs (red and green) are provided for immediate feedback and a tiny interruptible pushbutton for user interaction. 18 carefully selected pins from the F2274 are accessible on the target on convenient a 0.1” centered though hole header and 4 additional pins are available when paired with the battery expansion board. The needed IAR KickStart Embedded Workbench IDE software and a demonstration project are provided on the included MSP430 Tools CD-ROM. IAR KickStart as well as 100’s of code examples and other support are available for free from TI’s website. The eZ430 uses the same IAR IDE as all other MSP430s so there is nothing new to learn. Complete wireless network stacks such as TI’s SimpliciTI network protocol, also come with the tool and provide developers a complete starting point to develop a working wireless solution out of the box.
  • Because the eZ430 target board can be disconnected from the emulation interface, the complete tool is much more than a demo or evaluation system. An entire MSP430 project equipped with Spy Bi-Wire, including the original eZ430-F2013 and T2012 target boards, can be developed using just the eZ430-rf. Competing basic demo or evaluation systems contain the emulation and target device on a single board preventing a stand alone project implementation. The emulation interface can not be separated from the target device. Only simple demonstrations or limited evaluation are possible. The detachable RF target board can be used as a stand alone system and through its many interfaces and peripherals both analog and digital, it may be used to wirelessly enable any existing design as an off-the-shelf wireless module. It could also be used as an wireless independent data sampling system such as an environmental wireless sensor network or home automation system.


  • 1. MSP430 и LPW – полное решение для беспроводных устройств Октябрь 2008
  • 2. Малопотребляющие Беспроводные Области применения Бытовая техника Промышленность ZigBee
  • 3. Типичные приложения
  • 4. Глобальные частоты NEW: China 779 MHz NEW: Europe 863-870MHz NEW: Japan 950 MHz
  • 5. Обзор семейств
    • Радио трансиверы / Передатчики
      • Внешний микроконтроллер «тянет» приложение и реализует RF протокол
    • Беспроводной сетевой процессор (WNP)
      • Внешний микроконтроллер реализует только приложение
    • RF Системы на кристалле (SoC)
      • ВСЕ в одном решении
    • RF Front End
      • Расширитель дальности действия для трансиверов , WNP и SoC
  • 6. Что есть сегодня
  • 7. Частные и стандартные решения
    • Частные решения
    • На основе IEEE 802.15.4:
      • RF4CE (Remote Control Standard)
      • ZigBee
    • ULP Bluetooth
  • 8. Частные решения
    • HW/SW не соответствует какому либо стандарту
    • Частное ПО T exas Instruments
      • SimpliciTI, ПО для MSP430 и SoC’s
      • RadioDesk, ПО для SoC’s
    • Самые популярные устройства
      • <1GHz
      • 2.4GHz
    CC1101 (RX/TX), CC1150 (TX), CC1110 (SoC), C1111 (SoC, USB) CC1020 (narrowband), CC2500 (RX/TX, CC2550 (TX), CC2510 (SoC), CC2511 (SOC, USB)
  • 9. TI – RF системное решение
    • Разработаны для низкого потребления
    • Vcc = 1.8 В ... 3.6 В
    • Простота подключения через SPI
    • Бесплатные протоколы
    MSP430 MCU + LP-RF ICs = идеально подходят для энергоэкономичных решений
      • Программная поддержка :
    • ” MSP430 Interface to CC1100/CC2500
    • Code Library ”
    • ” MSP430 and CC1100/CC2500
    • Examples and Function Library ”
    • Радио настраивается через 4-проводный SPI , при этом, радио выступает в роли ведомого, микроконтроллер – ведущего устройства
    • 2 цифровых вывода могут использоваться для «побудки» MSP430, вызова прерывания
    Radio MOSI SCLK MISO MSP430 SI SO SCLK CS GDO0 GDO2 Px.x Px.x Px.x
  • 10. Структура пакета
    • Новые RF устройства TI содержат много модулей для обработки пакетов .
      • Разгрузка микроконтроллера
        • RF фильтрует и обрабатывает (CRC) данные
      • Поддерживают новые функции, например WOR (Wake On RF)
  • 11. IEEE 802.15.4
    • Стандарт для низкоскоростных беспроводных сетей (LR-WPAN)
    • 250 кб/с DSSS на 2.4 GHz
      • Высокая надежность и низкое энергопотребление
    • Промышленность и бытовая техника
      • Частное ПО на стандартном чипе (PHY или PHY+MAC)
      • RF4CE, 6LowPAN, ZigBee, SP-100, WHART...
    • TI предлагает полное решение
      • Радиотрансиверы и SoCs, ПО для MSP430 и SoC’s
    • Самые популярные устройства :
      • CC2520 (RX/TX), CC2430/1 (SoC)
  • 12. ZigBee
    • 2.4GHz, 250kbps
    • IEEE 802.15.4 PHY/MAC
    • Mesh Networking
      • Самоорганизация
    • TI предлагает полное решение
      • Трансиверы , WNPs и SoCs
      • ПО и средства разработки
      • Простота , Надежность , Дешевизна и низкое потребление
    • Основные приложения
      • Домашняя автоматизация
      • Промышленная автоматизация
      • Smart Energy (AMI)
    • Популярные устройства
      • CC2520 (RX/TX), CC2430/1 (SoC)
  • 13. RF4CE
    • Стандарт базируется на IEEE 802.15.4 MAC и PHY
      • Консорциум организован Sony, Panasonic, Samsung и Philips
      • TI один из главных определителей спецификации стандарта RF4CE в консорциуме
      • Версия 1.0 будет выпущена в 2H08
    • TI обеспечит полные программную и аппаратную часть
  • 14. Новые устройства
    • CC2591 и CC2590
    • CC2480
    • CC2520
    • CC2510/CC2511, CC1110/CC1111
  • 15. Больше дальность за счет CC259X
    • Простой интерфейс со всеми малопотребляющими RF чипами TI на 2.4 GHz (CC2XXX)
    • Самое интегрированное промышленное решение :
      • LNA, PA, balun, RF matching, inductors, switches
    • Теоретически в 15 раз больше дальность ( прямая видимость )
    • Выходная мощность :
      • CC2591 до +22 dBm ( более 100 мВт )
      • CC2590 до +14 dBm
    • Чувствительность : до 6dB улучшение
    • Размеры : 4x4 мм, корпус QFN-16
    • http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/folders/print/cc2591.html
  • 16. Блок-схема CC2591 Встроены : PA, LNA, switches, balun, inductors, RF matching network
  • 17.
    • Простота интеграции ZigBee в любое приложение
    • Полная функциональность ZigBee, минимум усилий при разработке
    • SPI или UART интерфейс к любому микроконтроллеру
    • Простой API с 10 -ю вызовами команд
    • Координатор , роутер или конечное устройство
    • Надежный и малопотребляющий
    • QFN-48, 7x7 мм
    CC2480 Z-Accel, ZigBee сетевой процессор CC2480
  • 18. CC2520
    • -98dBm чувствительность , +5dBm выходная мощность
    • >400 м при прямой видимости
    • Очень высокая избирательность , высокая надежность
      • 50dB ACR
    • Поддержка MAC и AES-128
    • 1.8 – 3.8 В , -40 – +125 ºC
    • Низкое энергопотребление
    • Малый размер , QFN-28, 5x5 мм
    2 nd Generation IEEE802.15.4 2.4GHz Radio Transceiver
  • 19. CC1110 / CC1111 CC2510 / CC2511
    • True RF System-on-Chip for <1GHz and 2.4GHz
    • Excellent receiver selectivity and blocking
    • 0.5uA with Sleep Timer running on XOSC
    • Fast start-up times
    • Very few external components
    • Small form factor, 6x6mm QFN-36
    • -110dBm sensitivity / +10dBm P OUT (<1GHz)
    • 16mA RX, 15mA TX -6dBm
    • 2.0 – 3.6V supply voltage
    • CC11xx and CC25xx SW compatibility
    • 8kB/16kB/32kB FLASH options
    • 4kB RAM
    • Full Speed USB
    • 8-channel 12-bit ADC
    • AES-128, DMA, I2S
    Отличия Достоинства
  • 20. Обзор протоколов Physical Layer,hardware Higher Layer Protocol Lower Layer Protocol IEEE 802.15.4 ZigBee ZigBee CC251X, CC111X or MSP430 + CC1101 or MSP430 + CC2500 or MSP430 + CC2520 Design freedom SimpliciTI SimpliciTI IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Design freedom Design freedom Application Design freedom IEEE 802.15.4 IEEE 802.15.4 MAC Design freedom Solution IEEE 802.15.4 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 2.4 GHz 433/868/915 MHz RF frequency Совместимость
  • 21.
    • Частный протокол TI для сетей низкопотребляющих устройств
    • Дешевизна : используется 4K / 8K FLASH,
    • < 512 bytes / 1K RAM
    • Гибкость : простая звезда с расширителями
    • и / или точка-точка
    • Простота : Использование основных API
    • Оптимизация : MSP430+CC1101/2500 , CC1110/2510
    • DSSS parts : MSP430+CC2420/CC2520 or CC2430/CC2431
    • Низкое потребление : поддержка спящих устройств
  • 22. Средства разработки
  • 23. eZTools - RF Made Easy
    • Evaluate SimpliciTI today !
    • Star network stack included
    • Includes 2 RF targets & 1 battery expansion board
    • Available now !
    eZ430-RF2500 eZ430-RF2480 (*)
    • Evaluate Z-Accel today !
    • Interfaces an MSP430F2274 to the ZigBee Processor (CC2480)
    • Demonstrates the Simple API command interface to CC2480
    • Includes 3 RF targets & 2 battery expansion boards
    • Available now !
    CC2480 (**) Chip Antenna (backside) MSP430F2274 (backside) (*) formerly eZ430-RFZACC06 (**) formerly CCZACC06 USB Powered Spy Bi-Wire & UART Interface MSP430F2274 CC2500 Chip Antenna
  • 24. eZ430-RF2500 Teardown USB Powered Spy Bi-Wire & UART Interface MCU pins accessible 2x LEDs MSP430F2274 Button CC2500 Chip Antenna Emulation Removable Target Board
  • 25. Detachable Target Board
    • Separate emulator to debug remotely
    • Includes 2xAAA batteries and expansion board for instant deployment
    • Easy interface to external sensors and projects
    • Separate target boards orderable by 2Q 2008
    • Amber /German module supplier is offering CC1101 modules
  • 26. New HW : SmartRF05EB LCD (SPI) USB UART CC2511 JOYSTICK POTMETER Debug interface IO jumpers BUTTONS Jumpers for current measurements LED Flash (SPI) EM Connectors
  • 27. Interface with the MSP430 SmartRF05EB + CCMSP-EM + CCxxxxEM MSP430F2618 32KHz XTAL Slot for high speed XTAL SPI Modes BSL interface JTAG interface EM Connector MSP430 ports
  • 28. Packet Sniffer
  • 29. TI LP-RF 3 rd party support http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/staticcontent.tsp?contentId=29028
    • Low-Power RF Developer Network - Modules Search
    • TI has launched an extensive network of Low-Power RF development partners to help customers speed up their application development. The network consists of recommended companies, RF consultants, and independent design houses that provide a series of hardware module products and design services, including:
    • RF circuit, low-power RF and ZigBee™ design services
    • Low-power RF and ZigBee module solutions and development tools
    • RF certification services and RF circuit manufacturing
  • 30. WWW.TI.COM , check out
    • Low Power RF Selection Guide (MSP430 inside) http://focus.ti.com/lit/ml/slab052a/slab052a.pdf (new version - 2Q08)
    • LPW Newsletter https://focus.ti.com/general/docs/event/accesseventaction.tsp?actionId=173
    • End application selection tool http://focus.ti.com/analog/docs/rfifcomponentshome.tsp?familyId=367&contentType=4&DCMP=TIHomeTracking&HQS=Other+OT+home_p_rf_if#
    • Antenna selection guide
    • http://www.ti.com/litv/pdf/swra161
    • Application Notes http://focus.ti.com/analog/docs/techdocs.tsp?familyId=367&navSection=app_notes&contentType=8
    • Software for CC1100/CC2500 and MSP430 – Examples and Function Library http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/techdocsabstract.tsp?abstractName=swra141
    • ZigBee Workshop http://focus.ti.com/docs/training/catalog/events/event.jhtml?sku=4DW406001
    • SimpliciTI : www.ti.com/simpliciti
  • 31. Спасибо