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  • 1.
  • 2. “Each day brings further evidence that the ways we use energy strengthen our adversaries and threaten our planet."
    – President BarackObama
    2009 Inaugural Address
  • 3. Can the world survive without coal?
    Not today
    Heat and Electricity
    The Essentials of Life
  • 4. Why does China open one new coal fired plant a week?
    China has hundreds of years of coal reserves
    Percentage of Chinese electricity generated by coal
  • 5. 50% of America's electricity is produced by coal fired power plants which burn one billion tons of coal annually
  • 6. By 2030 world energy consumption will increase by 50%
    Worlds Fastest Growing Sources of Electricity
    Annual Increase
    Nuclear Energy 1.3%
    Natural Gas 2.4%
    Hydroelectric 2.5%
    COAL 4.9%
  • 7. From 1980 to 2006 world coal use grew by 67%
    Dependence on coal is increasing on every continent
  • 8. Coal Fired Power Plant
    The billions of tons of coal burned worldwide are destroying the atmosphere with harmful emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur, chlorine, mercury, and other base metals
  • 9. Is renewable energy ready to replace coal?
    Not Today!
  • 10. U.S. Renewable Generation
    Today renewable energy accounts for just 2.5% of American electricity production
  • 11. What are the Department of Energy’s growth projections for wind and solar?
    Today wind and solar generate 1% of American electricity
    By 2030 they are projected to account for only 12%
    The industry is facing billions of dollars in infrastructure costs and an antiquated national power grid
  • 12. Is there any solution to the coal problem?
  • 13. +
    In-Process or
    Waste coal
    Our Patented Engineered Fuel
    Hi-B 60™ shown
  • 14. By blending biomass with in-process or waste coal, harmful emissions are immediately reduced
    The hundreds of coal fired power plants can use our fuel right now without modifications
  • 15. America has 28 states that are heavily dependent on coal with little or no renewable energy solutions
  • 16. Why Are We Located in the Midwest?
    National Coal Deposits
    Within 200 miles of our corporate offices and showcase formulation plant are:
    • The 7 cities with the highest carbon emissions in the country
    • 17. The largest concentration of coal fired plants
    Bedford, Indiana
    (Our corporate offices)
  • 18. New Federal legislation mandates renewable energy for electricity generation
    Peoples Clean Energy’s engineered fuels provides the only immediate solution for the coal industry
    Like raw coal, our engineered fuel briquettes can be easily transported and stored outside
  • 19. Major showcase facilities will be constructed in business friendly southern Indiana
    Permitted and approved plans for the
    corporate offices and fuel formulation plant
    1104 5th Street, Bedford, Indiana 47421
  • 20. President Ivan Harris Knows Coal
  • 21. Meet Our Management Team
    Ivan Harris
    (Industrial Engineer)
    Mary Ann Harris
    Executive Vice President
    (Corporate Operations Specialist)
    Casey Allen
    Operations Manager
    (Combustion Specialist)
    Jeff Adams
    Accounting Manager
    (Certified Public Accountant)
    Samuel Johnson
    Sales Manager
    (Mining Engineer/Coal Expert)
    Donald Govonti
    Research & Development
    (Chemical Engineer)
    Ronald Davis
    Research & Development
    (Chemical Engineer)
    Cory Clidinst
    Personnel Manager
    (Human Resource Specialist)
  • 22. “We must invest in clean coal technologies that we can use at home and share with the world. … we’ll need to find a way to use coal – without adding harmful greenhouse gases to the environment.”
    – Barrack Obama
    January 2009
    For more information please contact
    Jeff Pacey
    Director of Communications