Is love a myth


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What is love?
-for jan.

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Is love a myth

  1. 1. Is love a myth?A powerpoint for jan.
  2. 2. The purpose of this powerpoint.Hello there, my dear Jan. You may bewondering why you are watching this rightnow. Don’t worry, it’ll all be explained later.But for now, just suck it up and enjoy theshow.
  3. 3. TYPES OF LOVEPLATONIC ROMANTIC(FRIENDSHIIP)LOVE LOVEFriendship love is Romantic love is justwhat you and I have♥ like platonic love, butPlatonic, or friendship with sexual elementslove, is when two involved.people have strong *blech*interpersonal ties anda deep connection. Itis a trueromance, minussexuality.
  4. 4. The science of romanceThe feeling of love happens when thebrain produces a heightened amount ofhormones, dopamine, and neutrophins.The chemical rise happens when a personsees someone who is a compatiblepartner, or is appealing to their needs for apartner.
  5. 5. The science of platonic/nessThe same chemical reaction for romanticlove happens with platonic love, butwithout the desire for a sexual relationship.The chemicals do not rise asquickly, which is why a friendship formsslower than a crush.
  6. 6. Types of friendship//loveAgnetic Friendship:When two friends work with each othertowards their goals.Boston Marriage:When two best friends live together.Communal Friendship:When two people are only friends whenone needs another for emotional support.
  7. 7. The definition of a best friend.Someone who doesnt care who you hang outwith, what shit you get yourself into, or what youtalk about. The only person that you trust yourentire life with. The one you tell everything towithout fear of judgment. The one that you havethe best memories with. The one that will alwaysmean the most to you. The only person that youcould spend days and days with and still havesomething to talk about. The only one wherenothing gets awkward. The only one that youlove a lot more than they love you.Above all, the ones trust you want above
  8. 8. Just getting started.Now that you know what love andfriendship is, let’s get into some thoughtsand theories about love. Is love truly amyth? How do you know it is really love?Love can’t be seen with the naked eye orcompletely explained, can it? Seeing ISbelieving, and you can’t see love. Butthat’s why I’ll prove it to you. Just you wait<3
  9. 9. Is love a myth?You can learn to love anybody, even if youstarted out totally hating them. Truelove, is a myth, but real. Very few get toactually experience it. It’s hard tohappen, because people are more shyand aren’t always their complete selvesaround people. None of us are. But whenyou find that perfect friend/partner, youcan just let go and be anyone you want tobe, without having to impress people.
  10. 10. How do you know that it’s love?There are quite a few ways to know if youtruly love somebody. There is lust, whichis just physical attraction. Like when yousee a really cute guy, and you think youlove him, but you just love his face. Love iswhen you can see yourself with thatperson for the rest of your life, someoneyou always are happy to be around. Theymake you feel good, and they love youtoo.
  11. 11. Some of the cutest couples.• Finn and Jake• Larry Stylinson• Niam Horayne (do they have a last name?)• Zayn and himself.• Patrick and Spongebob• Peanut butter and Jelly• Me and youuuu. (We shall have a Boston Marriage)
  12. 12. Things that are lovable
  13. 13. The internet loves you
  14. 14. You love this stuff.
  15. 15. I have a lust for this face
  16. 16. And finally..
  17. 17. The end. Dear Jan,I hope you now know that love is real, and that I love you.Love isn’t a myth, and this is my proof.So lick that, suckaaaa. Love Always, Vanessa.