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Facebook releases its new Insight. have you upgraded yourself to the new insight ?
Facebook has definitely improved its reporting a lot with this new insight which is going to be very helpful for the marketers, specially those who have not outsourced their Facebook Page Management

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New Facebook Insight

  1. 1. New Facebook Insight 6/27/2013 1Ravi Kumar Bansal
  2. 2. Facebook launched its new and improved insight just few days back. Its currently in Beta stage and is accessible to only few people as of now. This is what Facebook has to say: In recent months, we've been gathering feedback about our Page Insights tool. What we heard is that we need to make Page Insights more actionable. It should be clearer to businesses how to use this information to drive the results they care about. Starting today, we're rolling out updates to the Page Insights tool and inviting a select group of Page admins to participate in this preview. These global changes include improvements to the way we organize and report fundamental metrics: Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 2Ravi Kumar Bansal
  3. 3. People Talking About This (PTAT) • We heard from many Page admins that they want more insight into the actions that make up PTAT. For instance, how people's liking their business Page differs from people's interacting with their posts. For this reason, we're breaking out PTAT into elements that will now be reported separately as Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page checkins, and other interactions on a Page. PTAT as a combined metric will still be available for Page admins not participating in the new Insights preview. Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 3Ravi Kumar Bansal
  4. 4. Virality • We also heard that the virality metric in Page Insights is often used as a benchmark for Page post quality. However, this metric doesn't include clicks in its measurement, which are a strong indicator of positive post engagement and a key piece in providing marketers with metrics around overall post quality. So moving forward, we're including clicks in this metric and renaming ‘virality’ to ‘engagement rate’ to be clearer in our definition. Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 4Ravi Kumar Bansal
  5. 5. Page ‘Net Likes’ • The new Facebook Insight gives a much better idea on the Likes Trend. Earlier it was quite tough to infer the ‘Net Likes’ trend. Not only this, it also gives a trend of fan acquisition platform (paid vs organic) Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 5Ravi Kumar Bansal
  6. 6. Page Likes • The insight on Likes Trend would definitely make an agency’s job tougher as now it’s visible where the likes came from along with organic vs paid Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 6Ravi Kumar Bansal
  7. 7. Engagement Time • A long desired feature - This is something which was missing from Facebook since the beginning and all brands always wanted this. So far its been available only through 3rd party paid tools but now marketers would be able to learn when their fans are online and what are the best time to post/advertise Facebook New Insight 6/27/2013 7Ravi Kumar Bansal
  8. 8. If you have any questions / suggestions / feedback then do contact me at: • • • Questions 6/27/2013 8Ravi Kumar Bansal