Umax for integrated utilities


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UMAX is the answer for utilities looking for a powerful and agile business solution. This integrated, standardized, out-of-the-box system was designed, built and certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX, using established utility industry frameworks and proven methodologies.

UMAX combines optimum flexibility with proven functionality and standardly integrates level 3 utility processes. From the process of connecting new retail and business customers, through to the process of collecting the amounts due and interacting with other market parties (such as metering companies, external 3rd parties, etc) UMAX ensures utilities full support.

Moreover, this business solution helps water com-panies to stay in control of the consecutive stages in the different value chains.

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Umax for integrated utilities

  1. 1. Innovative & agilebusiness solutionfor integrated utilities
  2. 2. Smart flexibility. Delivered.
  3. 3. 1UMAX - The utility solutionCertified by Microsoft, delivering smart flexibilityUMAX is the answer for UMAX combines optimum parties (such as meteringutilities looking for a powerful flexibility with proven companies, external 3rd parties,and agile business solution. functionality and standardly etc) UMAX ensures utilities fullThis integrated, standardized, integrates level 3 utility support.out-of-the-box system was processes. From the processdesigned, built and certified of connecting new retail and Moreover, this businessfor Microsoft Dynamics AX, business customers, through solution helps utilities to stayusing established utility to the process of collecting in control of the consecutiveindustry frameworks and the amounts due and stages in the different valueproven methodologies. interacting with other market chains. COMMERCIAL VALUE CHAIN MARKET SELL SERVE & MANAGE BILL COLLECT VALUE CHAIN PHYSICAL & METERING CONNECT OPERATE MAINTAIN VALUE CHAIN SUPPORTING CONTROL & RISK ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT
  4. 4. 2 UMAX stands for and guarantees • Maximized customer revenues • Reduced time & effort spent • Processes built on customer value • Optimized operational margins • Higher productivity via integration • An organization in control
  5. 5. 3Times of transformationRequiring agility and flexibility from integrated utilitiesThese are challenging times Customers call for a closerfor integrated utilities. Besides relationship with their utilityensuring a secure and reliable provider. All this will certainlyenergy supply at the lowest necessitate substantial invest-cost, integrated utilities need ments and change, duringto keep up with the constant economic downturn timesstream of regulatory transfor- in which energy prices andmations and economic service costs must be kept touncertainties. a minimum.In recent years, many utility Customer processes andmarkets have been extensively grid-related processesderegulated. However, certain are inseparably linked tomarkets are still being one another. The properserviced through ‘integrated functioning of the entire utilityutilities’ combining various value chain from generationmarket roles or combining all over individual connection‘traditional’ utility activities points to the collection of theand processes in one utility invoiced amounts due, mustcompany. be guaranteed at all times.At the same time, integrated The role of an integrated utilityutilities have to prepare for is complex and includes manyimportant changes in the processes that are flawlesslyindustry. The existing infra- supported by UMAX. Evenstructure needs upgrading in when switching from aorder to allow the rollout of regulated to a deregulatede.g. smart meters, to facilitate market situation, UMAX willdecentralized production and be able to easily support theto accommodate all future (former) integrated utility in itsdevelopment needs. new market role.
  6. 6. 4 “UMAX has improved the efficiency of our customer services as all information is contained in one system” Maurice Roovers - Intergas Customer service manager
  7. 7. 5UMAX for integrated utilitiesGuaranteeing your future successUMAX grew out of the idea to and interact with B2C and Marketdeliver an innovative, flexible, B2B target groups during the Acquiring new retail & B2B customerfuture-proof and affordable ‘moments of truth’, such asbusiness solution that fully a customer move or a grid Sell Support all stages insupports the customer extension… the selling processrelations management Serve & Manageand physical value chain Moreover, the integrated Interact with customer requestsoptimisation of integrated crm, project & warehouseutilities. Moreover, UMAX was management, billing & Bill Forecast, simulate &created to streamline the collect modules have been invoice consumptionscore customer/grid-related conveniently tailored to Collectbusiness processes, to lower meet all the requirements Manage paymentsthe cost-to-serve and to reduce of integrated utilities & amounts duethe overall cost of ownership of active in the utility sector. Connectthe IT landscape. Additionally, UMAX Link connections & network seamlessly communicatesThe perfect solution for with 3rd party systems such Operateintegrated utilities as sub-contractors, GIS or Manage the network credit agencies and/or otherUMAX has proven itself as the organizations…. Maintain Service the networkperfect solution for managingvarious sequences ofcustomer-related and physicalprocesses taking place in “UMAX enabled us to reducevirtually all integrated utilities. overall costs by 50%”An additional advantage is thatthe system has been designed Jan Hammenecker - VMWto effectively manage the large Manager business systems & communicationsvariety of tasks, campaigns andchannels used to communicate
  8. 8. 6 Staying in control of your company The UMAX control framework Being in control is one thing… The UMAX control The performance indicators staying in control another. framework (UCF) provides can be translated throughout For integrated utilities, it is your key employees with the organization in a important to keep operational actual and real-time transparent and uniform margins as optimal as information on the status of manner, through role-tailored possible. To do so, you need key performance indicators dashboards. By doing so, to have a clear organizational (KPI’s): managers can focus on structure, transparent ‘what really matters’ and can processes & roles and data • Sales indicators: measure performance at all that is secured… It is equally volume sold, number of times based on real-time and important to gain insight in contract renewals… correct actuals. the fluctuating path of the • Operational indicators: actuals and to know what’s status of processes, going on at every level of the workload, open cases… organization at all times, in • Financial indicators: order to react as quickly as operational margins, cash possible when necessary. flow position… “The energy sector is a risk business, and thanks to UMAX, we are in control” Jeroen van Daal – Delta Sales Director
  9. 9. 7Managing clients through customer valueMaximize customer contribution margin & reduce costsNext to managing your competently and effectively. Mobile workforceassets and guaranteeing the UMAX’s integrated principles managementproper functioning of the for lean management andentire distribution network straight through processing To increase productivity,as well as all the individual give utilities the necessary UMAX also offers a mobileconnecting points… you need tools to focus on efficiency. workforce managementto respond quickly & foremost module, informing teams inefficiently to a constant These integrated principles the field - through variousstream of change requests help utilities in: ways of comunication such asfrom your residential and • reducing the risk of smartphone, tablet or PDA -business clients. To support exceptions occurring, about the interventions andintegrated utilities in the • concentrating on the type of works to be executed,execution of these tasks, exceptions only (in the as well as about all theUMAX was founded on the event they occur), relevant customer detailsmethodologies of… • re-orienting people & time such as address, meter • 6 sigma and lean spent on quickly resolving number,… management for efficient exceptions, operational processes • guaranteeing efficient By doing so, this module • first-time right service operations, enables you to have your management • organizing workload in a teams work remotely in • 360° contact circles to transparent way, the field, update their work offer top quality customer • clearly defining roles and schedule instantly when service. tasks as well as escalation an intervention has been paths executed or report back on theBy combining these status and reducing processmethodologies, UMAX … all this to limit overall cost throughput times greatly.enables integrated utilities of servicing and operationalto operate efficiently and costs to a maximum and tokeep ‘cost-to-serve’ under safeguard the operationalcontrol while all customer margins for integratedinteractions are handled utilities.
  10. 10. 8 UMAX - built on Microsoft Dynamics AX A leader of industry platform UMAX is the solution for ers people to anticipate and utilities built on the Microsoft embrace change so that the Dynamics AX 2012 platform, business can thrive. The solu- which is part of Microsoft’s tion features an intuitive and top-of-the-line easy-to-use, easy to learn & use Microsoft integrated and adaptable Office-like user interface and ERP applications that enable role-tailored dashboards. business decision-makers to quickly respond to market Microsoft Dynamics AX is shifts, take advantage of also a scalable solution that new trends, increase their can grow as your business competitive edge and drive expands. Furthermore, business success. through its layered Built on Microsoft structure, MS Dynamics Dynamics AX, UMAX AX is a proven solution for AX offers flexibility and guarantees these large organizations. Within faster implementations for advantages: these organizations it empow- upgrades and updates. • Flexible and modular solution • Low maintenance costs • Scalable application • Future-proof solution • Quick adoption ratio • Low total cost of ownership
  11. 11. 9Certified by MicrosoftA proven, robust and trustworthy solutionUMAX is a solution certified UMAX is a proven, robustfor MS Dynamics AX, meaning and trustworthy solution forit has passed Microsoft’s most utilities and a guarantee forstringent tests - performed future success. All theseby Lionbridge and VeriTest, elements taken togetherindependent software make UMAX the best solutiontesting agencies - and meets for utilities currently availableMicrosoft’s highest standards. on the market.This label assures thatLeveraging on Microsoft technologies Communicate with other applications within your IT landscape and external third party systems guaranteeing the consistent flow of data within UMAX, your business and the market. UMAX seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, offering common tools for document output, bulk upload of data and communicating with internal and external clients. Through Visual Studio, utilities can extend the UMAX solution with extra modules, tailor-made add-ons or offer web services to their customers, guaranteeing flexibility. Through SQL, data is stored in a secure and consistent manner, offering instant reporting and clear-cut business intelligence, enabling utilities to be and stay in control of their business. The cloud solution from Microsoft empowering utilities to store ‘big data’ & to source extra processing power for heavy processes such as: smart meter data and real time billing.
  12. 12. 10 Delta multi-utility company Managing 3 commodities in one solution Profile Solution Not only does Delta supply Delta chose to collaborate energy and infrastructure with Itineris, which supplies services, it also supplies companies active in the utility environmental and digital industry with IT solutions. “System users services such as waste Itineris’ UMAX solution is processing, Internet, based on Microsoft Dynamics can plan their telephony, radio and TV. AX. The Delta employees in work more In Zeeland, its home the sales department are now base, a large proportion supported in all their tasks by efficiently of households use Delta’s the new system. and customer products and services. The company employs over 3000 Advantages follow-up is professionals. • Faster & more efficient improved” working Challenge • Correct information Jeroen van Daal - Delta Since the liberalization of • Greater transparency Sales director energy the Dutch energy market • Automatic reporting energy suppliers have had • Better planning at to work in a more flexible business level and professional way and, • Better customer follow-up above all, in a more customer • Stronger competitive oriented way. The energy position sales department of Delta • Flexible evolution with the used to work with all kinds market of different systems for • Fewer risks for the following up sales, invoicing company and customer management. So they looked for a more streamlined system.
  13. 13. 11What other customers have to sayUMAX, a proven solution supporting all utilitiesJeroen van Daal Koen Meersschaert Jeroen BodeDelta multi-utility company AWW Eneco The Netherlands“Thanks to UMAX we evolved “This software package was “UMAX has allowed us tofrom the management of praised for its flexibility in a achieve three targets at once:premises to the management study and for us this is very reduce the time to market byof customers. We can offer important… In particular, developing new products verythem advice and help them to in order to keep up with the flexibly, cut the cost-to-servesave energy. Moreover, now it numerous legal amendments and, gain a better insight intois easy for us to create reports it’s essential for AWW to opt our sales processes and theon everything we do. Before, for a real utility solution with a settlement of contracts.”this was unthinkable.” proven track record.”“UMAX offers us fast access to dataand efficient first line resolution”Maurice Roovers - IntergasCustomer service manager
  14. 14. 12 Who benefits from the power of UMAX? Discover why they chose UMAX Belgium E.ON A.G. - one of the To turn its promises - as a VMW’s IT infrastructure for world’s largest power and new entrant on the Belgian customer management was gas groups – together with retail energy market - into no longer able to support E.ON IT GmbH recently reality, Eneco Belgium was its rapid evolution, and chose UMAX and Microsoft looking for an efficient IT the mainframe used was Dynamics AX 2012 as the solution to support the unwieldy and expensive to solution to support the future company in managing its maintain. So VMW looked growth of their business. new business activities for a more flexible and more They consider it to be a direct and customer base. After a cost-effective system for and practical alternative to thorough study of the market, automated billing and better SAP-ISU. Eneco chose UMAX. customer follow-up. After a public tender, VMW opted for the UMAX solution for water companies (over SAP).
  15. 15. 13 The NetherlandsThe drinking water producer To better answer the needs Eneco wanted to streamlineAWW decided to change to of the deregulated energy its IT systems and thea process-driven method of market, Intergas wanted to business processesworking in order to improve streamline its administrative built around them, whileits internal operations and business activities. Now, more simultaneously acceleratingservices. Integrated IT than ever, costs, efficiency and the development of newsupport is an absolute must innovation play an important products and services. Thefor achieving this. AWW role. The gas company company wished to adaptchose to implement UMAX chose UMAX for distribution its systems for e-businessessentially because of the companies. applications to improveflexibility it offers. customer service and reduce transaction costs. For that reason they opted for UMAX. UMAX, your best guarantee for future success! • Optimize operational margins via efficient project and service management • Manage clients flexibly & efficiently via UMAX’ integrated crm processes • Manage your performance instantly, through the UMAX control framework
  16. 16. 14 Other UMAX software solutions Supporting all market roles & commodities UMAX is available in four standard configurations. Each configuration is carefully tailored to the needs of a particular role in the utility market and supports different commodities. UMAX for UMAX for Suppliers Integrated All UMAX solutions are B2B - B2C Utilities modular and scalable. The solution grows as your The solution for utility The solution for utilities business grows. Moreover, suppliers operating in active in a regulated market the business solution can be a deregulated market, or executing multiple fully integrated in existing IT supporting all commodities market roles landscapes. The solution for utility The solution for companies companies active in the active in managing the deregulated and regulated distribution net and grid water markets related activities Discover the other UMAX solutions through, our brochures or contact one of our partners. UMAX for UMAX for Water Distribution Companies Companies
  17. 17. 15Registered implementation partnersDelivering the power of UMAX to your doorstep!UMAX is a global, standardized and packaged softwaresolution for utilities. However, as in any other business,utilities have to comply with the (local) regulatory, judicialand fiscal standards and requirements. R E G I S T E R E D PA RT N E RConsequently, UMAX needs to be loaded with knowledgeof local markets and industries. For that reason, UMAX isimplemented by partners who are familiar with and fullyunderstand the utility industry in your region or market.Each of these partners has been thoroughly screened,selected and trained to deliver you the best services (adaptedto your market & industry) combined with the power of astandardized, out-of-the-box and proven software solution -offered by UMAX. Ideal basis for success: Find a UMAX registered • a standardized ‘out-of-the-box’ solution implementation partner • built on a ‘leader of industry’ platform for your region on • configured to the needs of your utility company • adapted to the local market and industry standards
  18. 18. 16 Your notes on UMAX Write your ideas down, here!
  19. 19. Smart flexibility.Delivered.
  20. 20. Want to know more about UMAX?Please contact us.UMAX is a product of Itineris. Itineris is a 100% utility industry focused,business and IT application consulting group with offices in Belgium,The Netherlands and North America.Itineris offers innovative software solutions built on the MicrosoftDynamics AX® platform and related IT services for utilities.Europe North AmericaITINERIS (HEADQUARTERS) ITINERIS (USA & Canada)Xavier De Cocklaan 24 PO Box 6804519831 Deurle Marietta, GA 30068Belgium info@umaxsolutions.comITINERIS (The Netherlands)Bredaseweg 106a Other regions4902 NS Oosterhout Please contact the headquarters,The Netherlands we will bring you in contact with most suitable implementer.Discover moreWeb: www.umaxsolutions.comE-mail: info@umaxsolutions.comTwitter: umax_solutionsYouTube: umaxsolutions